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[Dedicated Server, Survival] Client loses ability to place new blocks and complete existing ones

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by kgober, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. JJayzX Trainee Engineer

    Same, we just started getting this again on my DS.
  2. Mygira Trainee Engineer

    This bug has been reportet several times, but hey, polishing the game is more important than fixing bugs :/
  3. Zhiila Tester Staff

    We are currently testing a fix for this but even if it passes, it won't be released sooner than next major update.
  4. draculaentsteint Trainee Engineer

    any idea when this update is due to arrive? i really like the game but we stopped playing it because of this bug. already got a huge part of a asteroid-station built and now we just can't play it anymore...
  5. Zhiila Tester Staff

    No idea, there is no release date yet, not even internal (or at least I don't know it).