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Dev Blog Release and Q&A Stream on Tuesday, March 13th

Discussion in 'General' started by Commander Rotal, Mar 12, 2018.

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  1. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Edit: you know what, let me pissed-off-edly sum up the entire stream for you: "No", "We're fixing up what we already have" and "use mods", in that order, for just about every question. Why is this stream even happening?

    Questions for the QnA have been collected here: https://www.reddit.com/r/spaceengin...ions_for_marek_and_the_team_regarding_latest/

    Stay tuned for a badly led live blogging.

    19:01: Five Minutes, 40 Seconds plus however long Xoc needs to set up to go. Chat is starting to go wild. The first people complain about Keen twitching instead of fixing the game. Commander Rotal starts live blogging the stream.
    Friendly neighbourhood moderator @Phoenix84 has been elevated to KeenCommunityNetwork moderator, because seriously, SOMEONE has to.

    19:07: Predictably, the ending countdown has turned into SoonTM.

    19:09: Stream starts properly with Xocliw and Marek.

    19:09: Marek explains his reasons for this stream; he wants to clear things up so that people understand developing an Early Access game. Marek is attacked by Django, Xocliw's cat.

    19:11: Question Time! ( Questions for the QnA have been collected here: https://www.reddit.com/r/spaceengineers/comments/845qx5/questions_for_marek_and_the_team_regarding_latest/ )

    19:12: Question: Is the Major Survival Update still being worked on?
    Answer: Marek doesn't want to promise or reject anything regarding Survival; current priority is to fix and polish what is already in the game. Major changes should be about accessibility; does not want to talk about Survival Changes right now. Marek thinks it was a bad idea to talk about their plans.

    19:13: Question: Is Keen planning to add more exploration?
    Answer: No. (Personal comment: fuck that noise.)

    19:14: Question: Why are Wheels so tasty? (Joke Question)
    Answer: Xoc feels like Wheels are in a good place.

    19:14: Question: How much of that policy of not talking about content is Keen and what is Steam Early Access Guidelines?
    Answer: It's all Keen.
    Marek: One of the biggest challenges in Early Access is meeting players' expectations. He thinks they're not doing great in that regard. (Personal comment: i agree.)

    19:19: Question: Everything is suspect to change; how much of this is actually true?
    Answer: Obviously, not everything can change; people should be prepared for changes that make sense (i.e. they know they can't just remove Thrusters, for example).

    19:19: Django is being a little adorable fuzzball.

    19:20: Question: How about reintroducing removed blocks?
    Answer: Not at this moment. (Personal Comment: there is more fucking of more noises required.)

    19:21: Question: Question about aligning static grids. (I don't know what that question means.)
    Answer: Xoc and Marek too don't really understand the question.

    19:22: Question: Any plans to have permission-overhaul for Servers? (for better Roleplaying without mods)
    Answer: There are changes to Servers comming; Marek doesn't want to reveal too much. Probably not a huge permission-change, though.

    19:23: Question: What is Marek's favorite part of SE?
    Answer: Many things; the stuff that players are creating. He enjoys that they created something that people use to create things.

    19:24: Chat has apparently entered Slow Mode. Cat King Lord Django has left his throne in Xocliw's arms, probably to punish some unbelievers or something.

    19:25: They're now bouncing between Reddit- and Stream-Chat-questions.

    19:26: Question: Fear about SE leaving development before reaching it's full potential.
    Answer: Marek doesn't think you need to fear that; even after release there is potential to develop games. He sees Release as just one stage, not the end. It's about the practical question of keeping the core game in a solid state.

    This is fun but stressful -.-

    19:28: Question: How much of a priority is long-term DS-stability?
    Answer: Marek doesn't want to promise stuff but MP-optimization is one of the top priorities right now.

    19:30: Django has returned. There was much rejoycing.

    19:31: Question: Will you ever add character customization to the game?
    Answer: No plans.

    19:32: Question: When will SE get ME-level game design? (Basically: SE sucks, ME is great, when will SE be great.)
    Answer: Priority is a solid core right now. (Personal Comment: i don't think Marek actually understands that there is hardly any core to the game... not even BUILDING shit. WHERE'S MY TABLE?)

    19:35: Question: How many players on a DS can we expect from a software point of view?
    Answer: No promises. They have a number internally.

    19:36: Question: Stop calling SE a game if it's just supposed to be a Sandbox!
    Answer: Comes down to definition of "game". (Personal Comment: i tend to agree with the, uh, "question". I've always considered SE a Ship Building Program first and a game second, and with Keen's unwillingness to add some gameplay that kind of comment just writes itself. He also makes a comparisson with Lego, but a Lego set isn't a game - it's a TOY. There's a difference.)

    19:38: Question: Should we stop asking for new blocks given that the focus is fixing what is already there?
    Answer: Marek says we shouldn't expect any new huge features, or at least not many of them. Maybe in another "stage".

    19:40: Question: Will there be Mod Support for the Xbox One port / if so, how will it work?
    Answer: Doesn't want to promise anything; Xboc port is challenging.
    General Information about the Xbox version: has been in works for four years. Different approaches, which is why it's taking so long. They now have a direction that seems to work; still takes some time. It is being developed internally and externally.

    19:41: Question: Any plans to add aerodynamic mods or re-entry mods?
    Answer: No plans. Marek thinks they're cool though. (Personal Comment: Another round of Nopes, eh? Hands in the air, anyone surprised?)

    19:43: Question: What is Marek's oppinion on Compound Blocks?
    Answer: He thinks it's a good idea but there are no plans.

    19:44: Question: Please talk about what is important. For example: is better Survival Progression important?
    Answer: No, the "core" is more important. (i think... i think he just means the engine.)

    19:45: Django attacks Marek for his lackluster work morals. Our king is looking out for us.

    19:45: Question: Will you implement plugins for game modes? (I didn't quite catch the question, sorry :/ )
    Answer: Use mods, scum.

    19:45: Question: Do you plan to continue develop the SE-related GoodAI-plugin?
    Answer: GoodAI-focus is different. Eventually the brains should be able to adapt to SE. (Not... really an answer, Marek.)

    19:48: Question: Are there any plans for Cluster Servers to increase player count? (Django Shenanigans temporarily stop the answering.)
    Answer: Good idea but out of the scope for current MP-plans.

    19:49: Question: Would Keen consider going DRM-free post-launch?
    Answer: Already thought about it a couple years ago; they'd split the modding-community. There might be connectivity now between plattforms like GOG and Steam now, so that needs reinvestigation. Not now though.

    19:51: Question: Will SE ever leave Beta?
    Answer: Yes.

    19:51: Question: Will the public ever get the Replay Tool?
    Answer: Marke thinks it'd be super cool and wants to release it, but they have no plans. The tool is very barebones and would need polishing that they can't do right now.

    19:53: Question: Any chance of SE getting VR with Touch Imput?
    Answer: No plans for VR support. There was some experimentation; it was fun but the game isn't optimized enough for VR (as VR needs constant 90 fps for best results). Also, lag can make you feel sick in VR.

    19:55: Marek repeats a portion of the blog about the new Release System; they will focus on Major Updates and not do Thursday Updates anymore. (Personal Comment: Thank fucking goddess for THAT.)

    20:00: Question: Is Keen using automated testing?
    Answer: Yes.

    20:04: Marek goes into over time because of all the questions.

    20:02: Question: Can we expect DS to improve and use more multicore technologies?
    Answer: They're looking into it but not everything is parallelizable.

    20:06: Question: What's the 5 Year Plan for SE? (i think. I didn't quite audibly understand the question.)
    Answer: Philosphical discurse about rewording the question. Honestly i'm kind of loosing him here. Something about parallization again? I'm distracted by the cat.

    20:07: Quick repeat about Xbox-information.

    20:08: Question: Can we get a One-Week-Notice before Major Updates to prepare?
    Answer: Marek thinks it's a good idea but he wants to keep the details of the Major Updates secret to prevent expectations.

    20:10: Question: Any chance of getting servers to save persistent games?
    Answer: The game already saves persisent games. Confusion arises about whether this question regards player inventory.

    20:12: Question: Female Engineers when?
    Answer: Long pause, embarassed silence, no answer, not even a vague one. (Personal Comment: totally confirmed, guys.)

    20:13: Question: Will there be an extention overhaul for space itself? (Nebulae, Galaxies etc)
    Answer: No plans. (Personal Comment: meh, but not surprised at this point.)

    20:14: Question: Technology in SE is way behind where it should be. (Railguns as example.)
    Answer: No plans for more weapons.

    20:17: Question: Will they fix bugged translations?
    Answer: They're mostly leaving that up to the community.

    20:18: Question: I didn't hear the question, sorry :/ (Probably MP-related, considering the answer.)
    Answer: Marek talks about MP being held back by optimization of things the game wasn't originally intended for.

    20:24: Marek doesn't think four years is too long to be in Early Access. They have overstretched the original vision. Marek thinks it's important to remember that SE is still in development while playing it.

    20:26: Commander Rotal passive-aggressively denies the o7 to signify enjoyment of the stream.

    20:27: The stream is now officially over, live blogging has ended.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2018
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  2. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Interesting! Anyone any ideas as to why now? Not that I’m complaining, moar info is always welcome. But there is no big release or anything around the corner, or is there?
  3. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    I know nothing but it is starting to get time for the *whiggle* Survival Revamp. Surely they've got a reason for it, that's about the most fitting one we know of. Do we actually know about any other features still missing, despite the obligatory vomit-on-camera-feature i've been expecting for a while now?
  4. FoolishOwl Apprentice Engineer

    I've wanted to see their development strategy laid out, so I think this is a good sign.
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  5. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    Parachutes: teased March 30, 2017, released August 17, 2017
    Some sort of wheels improvement: teased April 6, 2017, released Feb 2, 2018
    Wind turbines: teased April 13, 2017, ???
    Basic assembler: teased April 20, 2017, ???
    Hydrogen truck engine (and functioning wind turbine): teased 11 May 2017, ???
    Vomit-on-camera: wait, what?

    From the recent update thread discussion, they seem to like improving drone AI and autopilot. New survival experience might incorporate more improved drone AI. The fancy behaviours from the visual scripting were only in the campaign as far as I remember.
  6. halipatsui Senior Engineer


    Ah. Too much shaking and high g-forces causing vomiting to helmet vould be beautiful.
    --- Automerge ---

    I hope we get procedural encounters.
    It would improve survival quite a lot
    --- Automerge ---

    Also what update thread?
  7. TenshouYoku Trainee Engineer

    Welp, It's 2 am for me when the stream started, so no stream for me. :(
    Somebody ask for a mini battery as well as more weapons for me.
  8. FoolishOwl Apprentice Engineer

  9. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    Can someone commit to posting the particularly interesting tidbits, for those of us that can't watch the steam but can read the forums or Twitter. Don't want to have to wait until tonight to hear good news, assuming there is some.
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  10. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    I'll try but i might get distracted by my food, my Cat or my Cat's food.
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  11. Echillion Senior Engineer

    Probably because of Meowcaptain's videos all weekend floating wheels,10 features needed in SE and most importantly his leaking of the details of the upcoming survival update features windturbines and hydrogen engines? perhaps?. basically since friday through the weekend and on monday his videos have been pointing out things to Keen but the poignant one was the windturbines and hydro engines video.

    (Disclaimer: I am not a subscriber of meow captain and only saw the videos in my recommended page and did some cursory digging)
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  12. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    That is indeed a formidable array of reasons to get distracted. Full approval for distraction, full approval for trying. What's for dinner?
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  13. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Sandwhiches and easter biscuits. I have not inquired about the Cat's dinner.
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  14. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    better not to, cats are seclusive in that regard. Sandwiches and easter biscuits on the other hand are a solid foundation. I commend you.
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  15. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Don't, i want to loose some weight :(
  16. FoolishOwl Apprentice Engineer

    We need a sub-forum for "Space Engineers & cats".
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  17. Sarekh Senior Engineer


    I got some recipies!
  18. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    Fantastic updates, thanks!
  19. FoolishOwl Apprentice Engineer

    I have to say, I always feel better about the Keen team when I hear them directly.
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  20. Malware Master Engineer

    For me it's a mixed bag. They do tend to confirm some of my fears too, but I've known for some time that they don't view the game the same way I do...¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  21. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

  22. FoolishOwl Apprentice Engineer

    This is standard in software development: you generate a lot of tests that can be run automatically, each time you significantly update the code. In fact, as I understand, a popular technique is to develop tests *first*, for each function, then write the function that satisfies that test. Marek said they've got some 8000 tests they run the code through. You'd have to automate that to have any hope of getting through it all.

    Where I work, we have an array of servers that continuously run automatic tests; meanwhile, we've got a group of QA testers that run tests by hand, sometimes driven by bug reports, sometimes just exploratory testing. Automatic and manual testing complement each other.
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  23. odizzido Junior Engineer

    My expectations have been lowered to bug fixes and performance optimizations. I guess SE will never be a game.

    What they need to add is a good deathmatch system then with ship weight limits for balance. I think this plays to the current strengths of SE.
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  24. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    No plans are no plans because no plans, even if there are no plans, internally
  25. beelzerob Apprentice Engineer

    Wonderful reporting @Commander Rotal , thank you.

    So, that clears everything up, huh?
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  26. FoolishOwl Apprentice Engineer

    IIRC, there was some back and forth, about who would answer the question, before they just moved on. We can only speculate about why they were indecisive about answering the question. At least there's an implicit acknowledgment that it's an important question to some of us.
  27. PeterHammerman Junior Engineer

    Perfect summary, very disappointed. This was total compromitation and anti PR. SE is going nowhere.
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  28. Logi Apprentice Engineer

    Thank you for the list!

    That was really disappointing. It's such a shame that SE is so tightly confined to Marek's "vision".
  29. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    Looked up that video. Wouldn't call it a leak since it doesn't say *anything* but that we already knew from teasers, and builds on that with speculation. I accept that an anonymous leaker can't be identified, but a leak *must* contain new information.

    A Marek blog quote is:
    Assuming 8 hour work days, 5 day weeks, 1 lead tester + 4 other testers, and 3 weeks gives 600 person-hours, not all of which can be used 100% for testing. 8000 tests => assume 90% of time is productive, and you get one test every 4 minutes on average.
  30. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Hi... we're live to chat about the game... but we can't give you any answers. What was the point again?
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