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Directional Proximity Radar

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by jozsefsz, Jun 30, 2017.

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  1. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    Well, let's be honest: It sucks to hunt for derelict ships. Sometimes you are lucky and you can find 2 ships in 2 hours, but sometimes it takes for ages to find one single ship. Also, it is highly dependent on how big resolution you are playing on. My suggestion? Read it below:

    A Directional Proximity Radar, or DPR, as I call it.
    It would be a one-direction Large Ship/Station block, just like for example a spotlight. It would only work in the direction you are facing it, with a slowly extending cone (for example: 1 meters in diameter increase for each 1000 meters). If a grid gets in its cone, it would simply give you a signal, just like a submarine sonar. The closer it is, the faster it would beat. It would only work with objects withing the world render distance setting. The higher the setting, the further players could get a signal, and since it is not local but world-dependent, it would be the same for everyone on the server.

    You could ask:
    1. What if there are several ships in its cone-range?
    2. Would it detect voxels?
    3. Would it need a display?
    4. What about multi-grids?
    5. What if there are more of these blocks on a grid?
    6. What about people who has no sound in-game for ANY reason?
    7. What are you doing now?

    My answers are:
    1. The DPR would give signs of the closer one, while the further grid would be hidden for the device until it gets to be the closest one in its range.
    2. Hell no! Asteroids are all the same, and if there is a base on an asteroid (= interesting asteroid) the DPR will inform you. For ore finding, there is the Ore Detector block.
    3. Nope. It would only give sound signals, if the block is enabled. If disabled, there would be silence.
    4. Read (1.) again.
    5. Each block should be parented/linked to a cockpit or pilot seat, this would add a meaning to larger crews.
    6. There should be a flickering LED in the cockpit/pilot seat, which would light up every time, when there is a sound signal. This way music listeners, deaf people, and other non-sound players could use this system.
    7. Listening to it for 2 hours in a row on repeat. I love it.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2017
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  2. Volcano Apprentice Engineer

    This is an interesting idea. I like it.:tu:
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  3. Cetric Junior Engineer

    Just listening to a ping all the time? Make that visible on a LCD which gives better orientation - to move to the right or to the left, up or down - in order to align to the source of the ping. I think that's how it is done on those submarines, too.
  4. Ekuah Trainee Engineer

    Maybe switching the crosshair to a different design, if there is a derelict in the line of sight.
    So you don't have to play with sound.
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  5. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    I'm greatly against any too useful graphical help in this case:

    1. The LCD solution would make it way too easy. Imagine, that you would only have to align the graphical source once, to be on the middle of the LCD, and you would only have to go forward with no manual interaction, but when it comes to stopping. I do not want derelict ships to be a regular thing. I don't want them to be THAT easy to be found. With the LCDs it wouldn't be any challenging to follow the signals.

    2. Crosshair changing is somewhat more acceptable, but we already have tons of stuff to watch on our HUD, why adding more? My solution would be a flickering LED in the cockpit, which would light up every time, when there would be a sound signal. This way even deaf people could follow them without any problem. (I am adding this to the main thread. Nice guidance.) :)

    3. What is the problem with adding a new sound-based sort of "mini-game"? Right now, space is silent. It should be silent, I agree with that, but when it comes to flying in one direction for 5 hours only to find a derelict ship, it comes to be depressingly silent. I have no problem with the in-game music, because it is all nice, but after a few hours of flying, you just don't reckognize it and it melts into the endless silence of space. Adding an actually useful sound effect (which is REALLY rare in this game) would be really essential for Space Engineers.

    4. Finding derelict ships with only sound signals would be somewhat really rewarding. The main reason is, that you never know what you will find, but you would actually find something instead of flying aimlessly. The second reason is, that this solution is actually a challenge. You would have to coordinate your ship all the time not to lose the signal, so you wouldn't get bored sooo fast. The third reason is, that if you find anything this way, it would feel so good. You would know it wasn't simply luck, but the piloting skills of yours have helped you as well to reach your target. Currently it is only luck, and when I finally find a ship with completely empty containers, I simply feel like it was just wasted time and I quit the game with a really empty feel in myself. (3/3 happened on my newest survival)
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  6. SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    To some extent, a script can come close. Though a bit too slow to be a true radar it can be a scan of sorts.

    A few scripts exist already.
  7. Merandix Junior Engineer

    I'm not at all in favour of this. Also because it's a terrible idea for those who have issues with hearing.

    I honestly think a radar/stealth form of gameplay would be more fun.
  8. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    need to get that guy.....you know to do that..

    "Captain long range sensors are picking up energy readings.
    they indicate a derelict ship."
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  9. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    I pointed it out, that there are several solutions for that. Read [6.] again and you'll see.
  10. Merandix Junior Engineer

    Still not very friendly, as it would limit them to in-cockpit flying, and exclude 3rd person flying.
  11. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    Let me remind you, that flying remote control drones are limited to first person cameras as well, but gives you an opportunity not to die instantly when checking a hostile base. Something for something.
  12. Merandix Junior Engineer

    Lets agree to disagree on this point, because I feel this could drag on a while, and that detracts from this discussion.

    Just out of curiosity, can I ask why the opposition against graphical solutions?
  13. SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    I don't think it is against a graphical solution. Instead it sounds like there would still be an element of stealth. That require an imperfect detection method.

    Personally, I'd like to see some sort of energy detector similar to how lightning detectors actually exist in real life. The idea being small low power ships are stealthy. But power hungry ships sick out up to 3km or something.
  14. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    I'm not against it completely. I would be okay with the flickering LED, but anything that is more complex, would be too useful. As I stated it in numerous places in this thread, I do not want derelict ships to be way too easy to find. Any graphical radar or arrow would just simply tell you that "GO IN THAT EXACT DIRECTION". That would completely remove the challenge of finding these ships, while I only want it to be a little bit easier instead of impossible. My solution would give it a bit of "hot & cold" challenge and it would also make a large chunk of players to play with the in-game sounds, instead of just listening to music on YouTube or something. Currently, Space Engineers has way too few functional sound signals, which means, space is actually dead silent. And if something is THAT silent, people, like me, are gladly switching on a loooong album and search for derelicts for days that way, which is both boring and nearly impossible. I hope you understand my point of view. This solution would introduce a new minigame and it would also reduce the chance of getting bored in space and simply quitting the game.
  15. Helaton Apprentice Engineer

    I'd be open to this as long as it would only detect large constructions/asteroids and not small ships or small large ships. If people build massive bases, they better be well defended. If you build a Star Destroyer, you're not likely to be hiding very well anyways. The scanner would also need to be expensive or power hungry to work well with limited range (view distance of server settings with being able to adjust range for power conservation like an Antenna/Gravity Generator). Lastly would be the need to be stationary while scanning. If that is the case, then definitely use a graphical interface for it.

    This would protect new players in spawn ships for servers as they would be in relative small crafts. If you want to go big, you are detected much easier. Stations are stationary and this would be a defensive measure against big ships for detection purposes allowing you to trigger like a sensor if it notices anything (spinning red lights etc). However you can still sneak up on a radar if your ship is small enough (covert entry).

    To me, that would be a great game mechanic and gives a few different play style approaches.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.