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Disappearing Planets on DS

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by doncdxx, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. doncdxx Apprentice Engineer

    Now I know that sometimes an f5 will make an invisible planet come back in single. This is different.

    I've been running a server with 125 planets arranged into a 3 armed spiral galaxy shape. 60-ish full sized and the rest moon sized. The planets are the 6 defaults + 11 custom (customs linked to in my sig).

    Just about every time the server has to restart several planets go missing. With 125 planets, it's not really possible to do a count of all them on every startup before he first autosave. But over the course of 2-3 restarts, I tend to lose about 75% of the planets and it's always random.

    I believe the problem has happened in single player also because a version of my map has lost planets there too, though I didn't notice until several days later when goofing around in SE toolbox.
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  2. R-TEAM Junior Engineer

    IMHO it is the agressive LOD behavor - the special is, THIS is only on servers ...
    On the deafault star system (earth/mars/alien planet + 3 Moons) from earth, you see ONLY Moon + Mars ...
    The Mars Moon is "to little" (LOD removed ....) and the Alien Planet, his moon , and even more distant planets/moon all removed ....
    If you would fly to the Mars, then the Earth moon would be romeved, the Mars Moon apear ... and on Mars, you would see Mars moon, Earth (without Moon) and Alien planet (without Moon) ..

    This is not only a questionable behavor (an "server only" behavor that is never documented or can be adjustet ..) - i realy like that planets(moons) are ALWAYS drawn, to see/find it on Sky ...
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  3. viper312005 Trainee Engineer

    This feature has been on servers for months now...he mentioned that the planets were missing in SEtoolbox, I myself have experienced this missing planet bug. No idea what is causing it. Its not cuz its not rendered, you can go into space master/entities/planets, and it'll show you all planets in the world and i'm missing Mars but its moon is still there and the grids that were in place are just floating in space. This IS a legit bug.
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  4. CrazyEd Trainee Engineer

    We too have had a planet dissapear (twice - I re spawned it after the first time, it vanished again) This left the inhabitants stuck in space with their bases and rovers (which was somewhat amusing to me)
    This is not a case of "dissapearing" asteroids, which re-appear after relogging. This planet is gone
  5. Forjo Apprentice Engineer

    Confirmed on the SSDISTIK DS. I've had to create a new alien moon (Titan) twice.

  6. Potter Apprentice Engineer

    Can also confirm, my server ate Mars. It's just just desynced, it's gone. Not even in the folder for the save.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.