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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by DrVagax, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. DrVagax Administrator

    Oct 20, 2013
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    Hi there!
    When the forum still was in its diapers this place was a very different place then how it is today, you had people making a account who asked a question followed by never returning as soon they had their answer on said question.
    These days we have outgrown that part and now we have something that you can call a "community" and there are quite a bunch of us who visit this forum daily to participate in discussions, contests and those are just joking around.
    Lately we have been looking around for a place to offer more direct communication to you folks and we got in touch with Discord and so we launched a server on their platform after being convinced that this was the perfect place, what is Discord you ask? Well here is a short overview:
    • A 100% free text and voice based communication platform.
    • Can be accessed through a webpage so you can chat anywhere.
    • Supports 5 platforms! Max OS X, Windows, Linux (Coming soon), Apple iOS and Android.
    • Easy image and file sharing from within the app.
    • Customized push notification.
    • Easy and modern interface.
    • Continuously updated with new features.
    • Complete IP protection and is fitted with a plethora of anti DDoS protection.
    • Designed with gaming in mind from the start, no more voice lag when gaming your favorite games!
    Coming up:
    • Slash commands (/) like a dice command, a command to calculate how much materials you need to build something in Space Engineers and more!
    • In-Game Overlays so you can easily see from within your game who is in the chat/voice room and what is going on in the chat.
    • Discord API which allowed modders to create plugins for Discord so the user has complete control over Discord.
    • Bots! Some of you might know Bob the Bot in our own forum chat but the upcoming Discord bot is going to be so much more advanced, it can even be hooked up to a database!
    • 1:1 Voice calls so you can directly call a certain user without other pesky people opting in your conversation.
    So come in! Don't stand there!
    Share the link with others if you wish.

    The awesome people at Discord have granted us Partnership! Whats that you say? What does that mean? Well let me break it down for you what it means!
    :carlton: VIP Voice servers which guarantees us os lag-free and high performance servers.
    :carlton: Custom invite screen so when you click that Join button you instantly know you are dealing with us! :woot:
    :carlton: Are we getting server issues? We have the hotline straight up to their office so that it will be solved within a nanosecond!
    :carlton: Access to the latest features! Only partners get a taste of the new good stuff once they start rolling out.
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