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Discovered multiple bugs

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by ThyCrusader, Nov 19, 2015.

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  1. ThyCrusader Trainee Engineer

    1. I am not able to reproduce it, but there is a strange but rare bug that causes you to take damage with you take a step on a planet, or on a ship which is landed on the ground of a planet. Ships sometimes appear to be shaking, or vibrating, and the ground may appear to vibrate/shake as well.
    An idea is that too much junk may laying around on the planet that makes it shake and causes the player to take fall damage when it is shaking.

    Also walking or running into an other player can cause you to shake to death, it may kill both of you.

    2. When you manually drill inside a cave, you often tend to be pushed around by floating objects(ore's) and they can push you through the cave wall causing you to fall out of the world.
    The physics engine needs to be enhanced as well because floating objects does not stop moving, they keep bouncing around(up and down) all the time.
    It looks like the rubble is literally lagging up and down all the time, and this is what push you through the wall if you get too close.

    I may be mistaken but I've read somewhere that the physics engine is running on one single thread, this is a bad idéa if you get my point. You should increase the amount of threads/cores used for the physics engine.

    3. The setting's "Permanent death" and "Enable oxygen" are ALWAYS on by default every time you restart a dedicated server.
    This is very annoying as you can easily forget about it and next time a player dies he looses ALL ownership's and factions.

    4. If you drop a steel plate on a planet on flat ground it is nearly impossible to pick it up again unless you are able to find a proper angle.

    EDIT: 5. My max floating object's is set to 25, and there is a lot of junk and ore glitching around on the planet, the server doesn't de-spawn them. Also the server doesn't de-spawn a crashed re-spawnship when the owner disconnect.

    I intend to keep bumping this thread until all these issues are resolved.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2015
  2. Telquel Trainee Engineer

    Noticed most of those bugs too.

    Bug #1 appears quite random but it will sooner or later. Sometimes this works when jumping on same spot and suddenly you are dead. Also if you put solar panel for example on ground level and you run over it you took damage when you step on it. Sometimes drill or other tools gives damage too when you walk or run over those.
    Bug #2 that happens quite often which is very annoying. Also if there is very little piece of ore it could and will kill you.
    Bug #3 usually have those on so not noticed that.
    Bug #4 have couple steelplates on ground which cannot lifted didnt find right angle to do that yet.
    Bug #5 max floating is widely know. Afaik there is a mod which can handle this?
    Not sure but spawn ship should despawns when you respawn new starter ship, tho not sure about never noticed this.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.