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Dissapointed in survival.

Discussion in 'Survival' started by PlaZmaButter, Mar 14, 2014.

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  1. PlaZmaButter Apprentice Engineer

    I've built my fair share of ships. Some were good, some were bad.
    I got kind of bored of ramming and shooting and building with my friends so I let the game sit and collect dust for a while until something new was added.
    And when I saw the survival update I flipped.
    I mean I was giggling like an idiot.
    As I read down the post by Marek I saw something that completely crushed my soul. I don't think I'll be playing this game much.
    "Survival" Is really just "Limited Building"
    You're tethered to your ship because the rechargeable double-A in your suit doesn't last very long. We can have astronauts out in the vacuum for longer than that TODAY.
    And we don't have to worry about anything but the terrors of low suit energy.
    No oxygen, no food, no water.
  2. Valdemar |FIN| Junior Engineer

    Yes, it is limited building. And that's the fun part.
  3. DemonFiren Apprentice Engineer

    Just what were you expecting from what still is an alpha?
  4. PlaZmaButter Apprentice Engineer

    Demon, they stated that that's the direction they're going.
    Actual Survival isn't planned.
  5. maxb0mb Trainee Engineer

    I can see the disappointment, but really there is more than that. I think that without any AI enemies to battle survival was meant for a sort of PvP thing. One of the main start options for survival is the 2 platform option which is odviously meant for a team battle. You can mine resources then battle.
  6. Humanrevolution Trainee Engineer

    I perfectly understand no food or water. I never imagined it would be in the game unless this was some hardcore roleplaying game, which ofc it's not. I imagine oxygen to be a part of the Energy mechanic. Honestly, my only major criticism thus far is, as you said, that energy doesn't last very long and the time it does needs to be upped to, say, an hour or more of real time before you need to recharge. I would probably say anywhere between 90 minutes and 3 hours is good.
  7. Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    Yea, no food is good. I really don't want to be faffing about with hydroponics when I could be working on a space station.

    At most, I'd accept increasing the role of ice/water for respawn and healing mechanics.
  8. dantiger Trainee Engineer

    I would like water and food actually, I like survival games. but instead of just adding that stuff to the survival mode, maybe what the game need is a hardcore survival mode, where machines that are not maintained may fail and you need to worry with food and water to survive and build faster.

    and maybe a more detailed survival option instead of just "1x 3x 10x", you should be able to set the production time, energy consumption and inventory capacity separately
  9. Fidel Battista Apprentice Engineer

    I think my real life need for food and water is enough, ty :D
  10. Spets Master Engineer

    Survival is a challenge
  11. DJB Systems Trainee Engineer

    Survival is amazing, sick of seeing people pumping out unfeasibly large ships. Survival mode makes you appreciate the value of each and every block.
  12. PB-DK Trainee Engineer

    i would love to have the option for food, water and oxygen in my survival games :)
  13. Crazy Joe Trainee Engineer

    Which is exactly why they called it 'Manual mode' in the first place. Because it was about building things manually, not about surviving. The community members were the ones using the term, not the developers. The only reason it's called 'Survival' now is because the developers caved to popular usage of a term to describe the other game mode, even if it wasn't what they intended to use in the first place.

    Also, this is literally only just the first stage of the game mode they've released. Multiplayer was dodgy when it was first released as well. Considering the developers' track record so far, there's no where to go but up. We just need to be patient.
  14. damoran Junior Engineer

    The suit is providing the oxygen (somehow) for you with power...hence the power requirement...

    And this is not enough?...I'm sorry, I don't really understand you disappointment. You guys wanted a mode where you built block by block with gathered resources and there was death and respawn...they give you that. Now you want food, water oxygen?....this game is about space engineering at it's core not an astronought deep space survival simulator.
  15. OrangeAaron Apprentice Engineer

    Yeah, well it seems it is just going to be a version of Minecraft. Call it SpaceEngineerCraft if you will.
  16. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    I'd suspect the suit uses a rebreather. Probably a compact electrolyzer that splits the carbon from the oxygen.
    An internal tank for water is also feasible, resupplied from the medbay along with suit power. Assuming food comes as a paste, that too.

    Then of course, there's the idiocy involved in having the player feed himself. It doesn't seem to occur to the people who suggest these things on how it should work. The player doesn't have a face, or even a head; Just a helmet.
    Food is a layered suggestion requiring both pressurized ships, character head design and dozens of new animations to go with it, probably vocal sounds to match, new machines, tools and blocks with deformation mechanics.
    Then of course there's the fact that time is not accelerated in SE. If you want to grow food, you'll have to wait several weeks/months in-game to grow, and finally, where are you going to get the seeds? You can't mine them out of the ground.
  17. Bobbyjoeangus Trainee Engineer

    You're disappointed about the FIRST update of survival in an ALPHA GAME!?!? It will be improved on, and sorry that an alpha game doesn't live up to your triple A game status. Be realistic.
  18. Helldrill Trainee Engineer

    Well Said!
  19. Valdemar |FIN| Junior Engineer

    In short: food, water, and oxygen are not implemented and the health is just basic 100% to 0% number because 1. They would be difficult to implement. 2. And they are not the main aspects of this engineering game. And the devs never said they were going to be.
  20. Humanrevolution Trainee Engineer

    Cept that it's in space. With different mechanics. And it's own historical premise. With asteroids. And no random green space bushes that explode. And no need for food. And with machine guns. And missile launchers. Did I mention that it's in space with spaceships and space-building things?

    I mean other than that it's totally like minecraft, no, yeah man, totes.
  21. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    I think the survival turned out pretty darn awesome, but that's just my opinion. :cool:

    Died first time today, silly AFK death too. well 3 days of surviving was a good start.

    If we get food and water. Can we also get septic tanks, toilets, toilet paper and diapers of course. Well we will probably need trash cans as well. Recycling systems. Oh wait, didn't Doc have delorean running on trash. Yeah 'Mr. Fusion' great new energy source too! Ok im not serious about any of that. I'm not really against or for drinking and eating. Well I'm against eating, if its my sandwich and your eating it. definitely against then. :rolleyes:

    Ok I said too much, so I'm going back the futu... ehem surviving...
  22. Merinsan Apprentice Engineer

    Those machine guns and missile launchers are useless, because there are no random green space bushes that explode.
  23. radam Senior Engineer

    Play 2 platforms with an opposing group?
  24. Humanrevolution Trainee Engineer

    Yall can play competitive.
  25. ZeroProximity Trainee Engineer

    But not all of us want to play against other people, i personally have played other pvp only(mostly) games, like Rust, Dayz, Eve Online, and other assorted pvp games. I cant stand it, it just quickly devolves into childish dickery causing me not to have fun and for them to get their rocks off being "better" than me at the game, id personally like too see something equivalent to AI or at least alternative challenge than just other people. something that unites players, not something that divides them
  26. Merinsan Apprentice Engineer

    I suspect the reason not many people are getting this is precisely this. A lot of people seem to think PvP is the be all and end all of games. Yes, it is good in some environments, but not everyone wants it. I prefer to play a game where I work together with people to achieve something, ie PvE. I like to measure my success in terms of how long I live without dying, not with a kill/death ratio.
  27. Aven Valkyr Trainee Engineer

    after all the raging I did concerning how poorly optimized this game is, I am actually having a LOT of fun in survival. I like the whole "working towards a goal" idea, and keeps the megabuilds down to a minimum. Now instead of bitching that we don't have water and food requirements, why don't you let the devs do whats more important, such as OPTIMIZING this game. If the community starts getting all pissy about this one minor little thing that they want, and that minor little thing, then the MAIN issues of this game will never get addressed. Get realistic. This game needs a lot more work done to its core mechanics rather than adding a bunch of useless fluff. Here are some things that need to be added and for you to think about before you poo-poo the survival aspect:

    #1) the game needs to be OPTIMIZED.
    #2) Multiplayer server battles,
    #3) Large ship weapons, internal turrets
    #4) Glitches need to be ironed out
    #5) Many of the components that are used need to be brought to life (such as conveyors)
    #6) Some items can't even be built yet (look at assault rifles and ammo)
    #7) Dedicated multiplayer
    #8) Password protected ships/antihacking equipment
    #9) AI for survival

    and the list goes on....
  28. Merinsan Apprentice Engineer

    I agree with point 5,6,9.
    Point 3, I don't care about, but I agree should be done.
    Point 2 is just a player issue.
    The rest probably belong in Beta. I'd like optimization, but this is never done in the alpha stage, unless it is crippling the testing process. Alpha is all about completing features. Beta is about polishing it.
  29. Stoner Apprentice Engineer

    I don't care about needing food/water/oxygen. As others have stated, this is a game about building. The powered suit provides a pseudo-dependency to substitute for food/water/oxygen.

    HOWEVER, from a gameplay perspective, the depletion of energy requires adjustment. Uranium in reactors needs to deplete more slowly. Suits should stay powered longer (an hour at least), and refining should require half the time is does now. Otherwise, the game just dra-a-a-a-a-gs..... Lots of hurry up and wait.

    Some folks in the thread mentioned that this is an ALPHA build and to be patient and not to mention these suggestions, because the devs will make changes. To those I respond: if the players don't mention these suggestions in threads such as this how will Keen and the Devs learn that the game needs changing?
  30. Tiba666 Trainee Engineer

    only think i dislike in survival is you get a new ship on each death you have + if server host leave the game no inventory safe atm :/
    the asteroide we living have like 400 spacecraft around it and just slowly get disassablet each time
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.