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Dissapointed in survival.

Discussion in 'Survival' started by PlaZmaButter, Mar 14, 2014.

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  1. Kylar_Reed Trainee Engineer

    The future of developement is not set so calm the hell down people.

    Putting developement possibility, engine limits and every other problem aside consider this;

    There is a huge ammount of the community that wants atmoshphere, food, water, oxygen levels, npc enemies and all the things that come with it.
    There is a huge ammount of people who want nothing but a construction game where you build stuff in space as an engineer in a cool environment with a cool physics engine.
    There is a huge ammount of people who want a big PvP game where you build ships and shoot the crap out of othere players and their ships.
    And there is a huge ammount of people who fit everywhere in between.

    If the developers can create all of these features MAKE THEM OPTIONAL in creating your world!
  2. Ozwart Trainee Engineer

    The game is a sandbox by design
    bottomlione that mean: we give you a world with tool you make it alive....

    Imo i really dont see the point of food and water

    Mining is building is nice only things missing is make weapon usefull ,either by competition between player or versus ai.
  3. TehGM Apprentice Engineer

    First word: MODDING
    If they make modding somehow more open, you can count on it having oxygen, food and all that sort of stuff
    2nd word: ALPHA
    This game is in alpha. We don't know if they won't add option/mode with food etc. Yeah, they don't want to, but as they said, community is what they count on. And I am sure they'll add some (maybe optional) challenges to compensate food.
    BESIDES, no food also has it's good side. At the begining, getting materials to build your first docking bay and mining ship takes a lot of effort itself, too much to worry about food (well, maybe it's just me since I chose Asteroids start, but I prefer building stuff on my own than just changing existing - well, except environment, I've found a nice asteroid to build base on
    /showoff on
    ]Shot 1, Shot 2
    /showoff off). And I, as EVE player, honestly can't wait for those servers with somekind of factional warfare. On them I'd prefer to focus on building and fighting instead of getting food.
    My conclusion... it'll be maybe fun if they add it, but only as an option. Or make modding possibility. No food is actually good.
  4. TDJBMC Trainee Engineer

    The only thing this discussion starts about were suggestions to the survival disappointment, awake in that

    i ve taken some things from the speakers before and think about it

    we must Try to get the same wiches of most important points .

    * food
    * frozen water and any organic to make food

    but the form is another discuss it could also be a snickers

    for example an own room for grow plants or a dome,
    maybe a closed C02 area or just farming spawned wrecks… what is your idea?

    what factors are necessary to survive, what could make your space engineer life make harder , what would you say?

    *space medicine for viruses ?

    *more allowed modding?

    *damaging rusty metal surfaces?

    *possible leveling of your tools?

    *anything you must keep running or keep alive is an anti disappointing factor

    let us show here our list of this things, which would be nothing less than the future of our survival mode.

    write your ideas I'm reading all day I'm really interested, but in short concrete points please
  5. Tchey Trainee Engineer

    Hi people,

    Even if i love survival modes in this kind of game, i can believe without any trouble that my engineer is fed when using the medical station, with some kind of blood injection or whatever. No need for "real" food or water. I think "survival", in a space game where my avatar is all the time wearing a space suit, should have nothing to do with being well fed. More about exploration to find ressources, avoiding dangers (hazardous environement, technical failure...) and organization with other players (being war or peace or anything).
  6. Neotician Apprentice Engineer

    The two major disappointments in survival (to me, taking into consideration that this is an Alpha game) is:
    Suit energy: You barely get more than a few minutes of work out of a fully charged suit, it makes no sense and is a pain in the arse.
    "emergency ship" : It represents unlimited resources and is a huge source of exploit, it should be removed or optional, if you die without a way to recharge your suit, too bad, that just means that You failed to survive
  7. Dequire Apprentice Engineer

    So, since this topic is still alive, I figured that I would hop in and quote an image that just seems to show so much of what I feel about topics like these in all early access games that are made about new features.


    Sincerely, Alpha's everywhere. Have some patience.
  8. Neotician Apprentice Engineer

    Read some comments, or gtfo of the topic.
    As i posted in my comment, the one just prior to yours, one of the things complained about is the fact that you can't work for more than a minute or two at the time before you have to go recharge.
    Alpha gives leeway, but it doesn't excuse everything, especially things literally requiring one number to be altered :p
  9. Dequire Apprentice Engineer

    You see, you're still missing the point of an Alpha. An Alpha, is a work in progress. Works in Progress, thusly, have room to be altered. Often times, Alpha's very much like SE will actively seek player opinions. Will it change and shift to suite every single player out there? No. But it doesn't give everyone an excuse to b***h and whine over something that is very, very much experimental, and thus will be ALTERED and CHANGED. Including that required number. Give the dev's some time, or go to Suggestions where your whining will be looked at as you would like it to be. Unless you're just here to b***h for the sake of it.

    My apologies if I seem overly harsh or raw in this response, but I've seen so many of these topics that it makes me sick to my stomach that people act like this is the finished product.
  10. Beezilbub Apprentice Engineer

    Honestly I don't think "This is an alpha!!!" comments are any more constructive than overly hysterical "this game is broke" comments. With these devs especially, it seems like they really want player feedback. Most of the posts in this thread are good discussion about possible directions to take the game in. And you know if something makes you sick to your stomach, you stop eating it man! See what I did there? wink wink, nudge, nudge.

    Now on to food and water. I don't think I would personally like to see that as a feature, but I would totally be ok with it being an option. However it does seem like it would require a LOT more work to implement such a feature. I don't know how robust modding will be but food and water really seems like a perfect fit for a mod. In any case, any game that gives players more options is how I like to see a game go. More options = more awesome.
  11. IKhronus Trainee Engineer


    Cargo Ships.....they take cargo,why not seeds? and why are ppl bitching about survival? that's the reason i bought the game,it's such a good felling to grind stuff to make new stuff,weld the block make the project. I would love for some a.i.! Plus the game as 2 options creative mode and survival, its not like "ohh now that you have survival no more creative mode for you guys." the mode is still there, you can still create stuff, and i can still play survival whit my friends. Love the game lets have some conveyors, more hazardous and A.i.! and by the way besides the blocks, Minecraft is a whole different game, at least this is my opinion on the subject, but everyone is different, if everybody liked blue there would be no room for yellow!
  12. Fixer Apprentice Engineer

    What an interesting five pages of reading: lots of ideas, arguments, and discussions. After reading all that I feel the urge to contribute.

    Comparisons to Minecraft

    Many people are using Minecraft-related terms to describe this game. I believe that is a horrible thing to do to Space Engineers, as it is not Minecraft. Minecraft was originally designed to be a Survival-type simulator. Space Engineers is far more about ship/station building and realistic physics. I would like to see SE differentiate itself more from Minecraft to help alleviate some of these unfair comparisons. Two are simple terminology changes and we should begin the process in the community.

    1) It is not a 'Creative' map, it is "Unlimited". Unlimited resources, instant creation, no resource management required.

    2) It is not a 'Survival' map, it is "Realistic". 'Limited' resources, realistic creation, limited resource management required.

    Features of Core Gameplay

    After reading WHY the game was created, I believe the concepts of food/water/air management are likely to (and should) be added, while aliens and similar 'opponents' from science fiction are unlikely to (and should not) be added to the core game. This is a simulator, made to recreate the process of designing ships and stations in space. To be frank, I think this is the best direction for SE, not because I want it (I personally want AI opponents because I despise PVP), but because it better fits the theme of the game and intentions of its creation. Anything not related to the design and building of spaceships, space stations, and protecting them from environmental damage, intentional saboutage, combat, and/or deterioration should not be in the core game. The meteors are a good example of environmental damage, while griefers are a good example of intentional saboutage. Combat hasn't yet been implemented but requires no explanation. Deterioration should be one of those 'manageable' things that happens over the course of real-time days of playing (so a small degradation to exposed equipment over lots of use or an even longer period of time).

    Filling in the Gaps

    What I am STRONGLY hoping for, is that the game creators make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that mods will not be hard to add into the game. Mods can add in those AI creatures/players/robots/etc, and transform the game into something else for those players who WANT AI to fight against, or want shields, or capital-ship weapons, etc. It is the mods that made Minecraft into a great game (despite their lack of Mod API), not just the actual game itself (which becomes stale after a while): same as with Oblivion, Team Fortress, and all those other game with strong mod support. Even better would be to have KSH host the mods themselves, allowing them to be listed in-game and make them easy to install for players, making it a mix-and-match game, as well as allowing some in-house testing for cheats/hacks/exploits that might harm users.

    You don't like that you respawn in a fresh ship in 'Realistic' Mode? A mod that adds a Hardcore-equivalent map mode can be easily written to prevent that. You want AI enemies to fight in corridors? I am sure a modder can code that in fairly simply. Every 'complaint' one might have with the core game should and could be addressed with the correct mod.


    Let SE become the platform that mod authors can use to transform it into any sort of game we each wish to play, and not demand that the core game be what it is that we want from the start. If the underlying physics and game 'rules' are strong, mod authors can make the experience exponentially better.
  13. ozarkamax Junior Engineer

    it already is really. now when dedicated servers come out mod control will be absolutely needed.
  14. cpy Trainee Engineer

    If space engineers is about creating stuff only, why the hell they put survival mode in it? Why bother making survival mode without surviving (food,oxygen,water), i want to make spacestation environment where i can play with friends and relax in airlock tight station and venturing outside in space suit vacuum getting hungry tired and getting back with tons of mined stuff and building more ships.

    Don't you have creative mode for just building stuff?

    I know this is alpha and i don't usually rage for alpha stuff, but when i read that they did not plan to make survival, then why the hell they called manual mode survival, i bought this game based on surviving in space and building ships while fighting for survival and keeping balance of stuff. But no... damn!

    I bought this game for survival mode and not manual mode... damn it people! If you're making manual mode, don't call it survival. Game is great but, honestly i don't care for harder creative mode, nope, i care about building and surviving.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.