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Do you use mods?

Discussion in 'General' started by posthy, Jul 30, 2016.


Do you use mods?

  1. No, I'm satisfied with vanilla stuff

    5 vote(s)
  2. No, they're tempting, but I won't budge

    2 vote(s)
  3. Yes, but I really wish they were parts of the vanilla game

    16 vote(s)
  4. Yes, of course, mods are fine as they are

    7 vote(s)
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  1. posthy Apprentice Engineer

    Feel free to leave a comment if you want to explain your opinion. But please don't try to convince who thinks differently!
  2. Robotnik V Apprentice Engineer

    We need a "other" option. As for the mods that can be downloaded from the Steam workshop, I rarely ever use them. On the other hand I'm modifying the game files increasingly, as keen introduces things I dislike. So basically I'm not satisfied with vanilla stuff, but mods rarely give me what I want.
  3. Thomas Smith Trainee Engineer


    Mods are great yes. They can make the game so much better. I would recommend using them if you have the specs. Adding mods to a game/server can jump the ram usage by 5GB+

    Thomas Smith | PlugPayPlay | official Space Engineers Hosts
  4. Bruce LeedleLeedleLeedleLee Junior Engineer

    I don't like using mods that alter your ship. (Blocks, performance changes, etc.), because then my ships are incompatible with other worlds.
    Planets and skyboxes I really like on the other hand. gives the game a much needed fresh feel
  5. Malware Master Engineer

    I don't use mods because I shouldn't have to, because I don't want to be dependent on a 3rd party, and because my builds then immediately becomes generally incompatible.
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  6. EmperorDragon Apprentice Engineer

    I normally like to mod games but I don't create/use mods in SE at the moment, simply because the game isn't finished yet.
  7. Bruce LeedleLeedleLeedleLee Junior Engineer

    Maybe keen should put some popular mods, that fit the game on a list and let the community vote which should go in vanilla and which should stay out
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  8. ShadedMJ Apprentice Engineer

    I only use mods that if they are suddenly not working, it won't hurt my play at all. Don't get dependent on mods. Keen will change something, then the mod won't work until the mod author can compensate, which might be a while.
  9. SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    Im using mods i think missing, so i will pick 3.Yes, but I really wish they were parts of the vanilla, because i think they are missing in game like:
    Small ship 1x1x1 connectors for fuel + ammo only ( because i hate 3x3 weak spot on my fighter ) and modificated connector for it, so small connectors 1x1x1 can lock on big 3x3x1 ( replacing old big model ), diferent sizes of piston and smaller antena with limited range for big ship ;) for long range we have laser antena, so why not use short version just comunicate few km around your ship. Longer + stronger versions of thrusters.... I did realy like idea when you place multiple thrusters in one direction they will stack and work like one biger thruster. Again, because i hate weak spots on my ship ( + it look beter ) ;) why not have 1-2 thrusters only ( with same size+weight+power ) like when you have 8 next to each other. Smaller hydrogen tanks.
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2016
  10. SilentShadow Apprentice Engineer

    Only mod I have are planets. I'm a little worried about mods unbalancing things if Keen makes future changes.
  11. damoran Junior Engineer

    If I'm playing SE to build a great looking ship and that's it....mods are fine. The more blocks I have the better.

    If I'm doing anything else; survival, multiplayer, all but the simplest of decorative mod blocks can imbalance the game and or ruin the experience.

    And, well, since I usually build ships to later play them in survival or online...that pretty much eliminates mods for me.

    Add to that, they take longer to load, they can introduce bugs, corruption, errors...it relies on users to keep them up to date and working properly with the game...all of that takes a quality game experience and introduces the above mentioned issues and more.

    That said, there are about 20 mods on the workshop right now that should be in vanilla, there's just no arguing that.

    No offense meant to any of the fantastic mod makers many of them should be paid for their work as they are very talented and professional.
  12. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Mods are great. But there's no way of knowing which mods (and settings) are active on a server unless you join that server. So you really can't design anything that depends on mods and use it unless you build/alter your design specifically for that server.

    Being able to search for mods and settings on the server would be fantastic. All of the information is in the config file of every server, so it's not like the information isn't there. The name of the server is already being pulled from there, so any other data can be as well.

    Multi-player is just the red-headed step-child of SE. Yet is the most interactive experience.
  13. ancienthighway Trainee Engineer

    I mainly stay away from mods, but I do use the Rover Cockpit and the Azimuth Mod Pack (open cockpit not requiring O2). When I was running the "stable" branch I was using a couple of scripts but since switching to the dev branch those are out. Before planets, I had a large number of ship blueprints, but with them all being space based and rarely used anyway, I dropped them, too.
  14. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    I use mods ... but only a few and carefully selected ones. Mostly ones I have made myself.

    I also use a speed mod, as 100ms is too slow to get anywhere, and I use the enhanced exploration mod to put more AI vessels and stations into play. I also use RDav's script so I can have fighter suport.

    The mods I made for my own use are some gantry type blocks ( something I think the game REALLY needs ) which is just a block. I use some ion thrusters I made myself and am currently working up a set of hydrogen thrusters and tanks to increase the variety and let me make for use of H2 as a propellant.

    Other than that.....the game doesn;t need much. I have weaned myself off the weapon packs, as tehy are just overpowered and over-ranged compared to stock. No stock/pirate ship can stand up against a barrage of MexPex cannons, as they just utrange the stock, and you sit there and wreck the thing from distance. Not sporting, and not much of a challenge. The mods I do use are easy to keep updated ( well....I am not relying on anyone else! ) or are based on things that add 'action' to the game, but are not essential or gamebreakers if they stopped working. None of my ships would require them as part of their structure.
  15. Radma Kanow Apprentice Engineer

    Mods... of course. Vanilla (sadly) does not provide enough variety and options for my projects. Tho I mostly use convenience mods. Things that add extra features that are absent in original version. Hinges, small ship small lights (navigation lights), large-to-small-grid docking. Apart from that rest of my mods are visual overhauls. Different looks but function all the same. Like landing gears, cockpits, colored thrusters (I wish we had a color slider like lights have), some catwalks. The only rule changing mods I can think of right now is speed increase and antennae range increase. As for speed I have it set to 300 m/s - had it 1k, then 500 but it was still OP so I tuned it down. Current setting is perfect for me. I can travel planet distances much faster while keeping long range space flights still long.

    Overall I'm satisfied with original block variation and could stick with it alone. But my designs include some features I cannot make so I use mods to get myself what vanilla does not have.
  16. Oselotti Junior Engineer

    Other. I'm playing only vanilla but not satisfied. I think it's developers job to develop the game and modding is just an extra fun. Not the actual content.
  17. FlakMagnet Senior Engineer

    modding i about adding extra, not the core mechanics.

    I want more variations on thrusters....so I made some. They don;t have much practical gameply impact.....but they give me options and variety.

    I wanted some blocks to make tubular trellis sections on ships, and not have the unwelded blocks....so I made those. Again...purely cosmetic...but they look nice!

    Other than that, as I play mostly offline I have picked mods that make the place busier.

    I also use a speed mod as without it, getting around to and from planets etc. takes forever! If I havean hour to play, I don;t want to spend 45 minutes of it poodling along out of teh gravity well with nothing much happening or likely to. Speed mod gets the dull bit out of the way. I know why Keen don't up the speed in vanilla, as the physics engine can't keep up with collisions, and impacts online get messed badly...resulting in ships inside ships. Not so much of an issue offline.

    @Oselotti .... I used to play Jetpac for ages on my old Spektrum. That picture really takes me back :)
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  18. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    Usually I only do a handful for each game and that's after I've done a vanilla run (for games with endings)

    For SE I like to have a weapons pack, azimuth pack (love his reactors), titan and sabre engines, the cockpits with the see through glass or planet screen, a few interiors, and then I'll pick n choose after that.
    Found a pack that had like chain link fence walls and piping. Was using the piping on the exterior of a battle cruiser which was making it look awesome.
  19. Akimitsu18 Apprentice Engineer

    I use mods religiously on any game that will allow it. This is especially true for SE, as there are a number of things that I consider to be just plain missing.

    Thankfully, Keen has been continually adding a lot of the blocks that I used to need modded (such as more armor slopes, small ship turrets), but there are still a number of others remaining. Here are the functional mods that I consider required: 1x1 small merge blocks, batteries and connectors come to mind. Also vital are the armored gyroscopes (gyros with 1 mount point are a little silly), additional mount points for the passage block (also silly), conveyor air-vents (one side of a conveyor block having a vent), small hydrogen tank (can't use hydrogen on a fighter without it), large and small armored thrusters for ion and hydrogen (seriously). There are also mods for longer range antennas, and mods that provide more shaped-blocks for windows and blast doors. Each and every one of them I would anticipate eventually being added to the base game before that early access moniker is removed.

    Then there are the mods I consider vital (as in, I'll try my darnedest to find them, and might not continue the build if I can't find a suitable mod), but aren't functional; furniture and food mods like the hydroponics. To me, it's not enough to have a ship that looks like it's functional, it must also look like it can support a crew with berthings, facilities, entertainment and nourishment (I don't roleplay as a robot ;) ).

    Another mod that I consider vital (though I'm not capable of programming) is the Antenna Communication mod, which (I believe) allows you to run scripts and stuff between multiple grids using antennas.

    I Also like non-vital mods like those for speed limits (My SE builds with rotors and pistons don't lose stability at 100m/s anymore, but usually over 200m/s), additional cockpits and weapons, the small ship mega mod pack (jump drives, refineries and assemblers for small ships), the Flat Atmospheric Thruster (great looking prop thrusters). There are a lot more mods I use, as I'm subscribed to over a hundred and usually run 20 or more on every map.

    Edit: Add to the vital functional list above mods that add different sized solar panels, especially really small panels for both small and large ships such as 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2... especially especially if there are angled/sloped panels; this way you can contour your solar array to match the shape of your ship.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2016
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