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Does the ship hacking also work in multiplayer?

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by J-Cataclism, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. J-Cataclism Trainee Engineer

    Hello, guys!
    I haven´t played multiplayer yet, and it´ll take still a long time until I can make it.
    Also this week, for the first time I´ve started to perform a few raiding/capturing attempts against NPC random vessels, now that I´ve finally managed to leave Earth and set shop on the moon (but I also have just reached Mars´ "Europa" as well).
    Then, for the first time I understood what does the "hack" in the control panels mean: dismantle until that level, then repair it to hack the ship!
    Learning from so many failures and a few success numbers, I´ve decided the best way is to carry a few component on the "pocket", then find a way to approach de desired vessel and just install an exterior control panel on it. Once it´s done, hack the vessel thru it, and it´s yours, both for piloting or to be authorized to copy the blueprint.

    Even being very, VERY bad at piloting, I´ve been having more luck while hitting with a fast, small-block ship with no weapons, but a bunch of decoys instead - which I release from the rotors´ heads as soon as the piracy´s target starts to engaging at me -, instead of a very armed vessel that could destroy the target - and the possibility of gain another blueprint.

    That´s where my main question of the title enters: does that also works in multiplayer? I mean, is it mandatory to be available or can you at least uncheck/forbid it as a server admin? Because it makes things a lot harder for the owners to keep their own properties.
    One thing is to make the adversary to NEED to enter the ship using force to reach vital systems to hack, but allowing this from outside drastically changes the forces at work.
    I know there are a lot of different strategies, both for attacking and defending vessels, and I won´t even get in the discussion things like using nanobot/buildAndRepair for that. But, as long as simple and easy hacking is allowed, have you managed to found a really cool way for defending yourselves against hacking?

    I´m very weak and poor in programming, but from what I´ve been reading - for learning - inside many scripts and programmable blocks (I have Meridius IX/Lucas´ mods for extra NPC encounters), there are a lot of possibilities available using automated scripts that get activated once the ownership of the vessel changes.
    Well, couldn´t one set ready a specially wrote programmable block, which would and try to block/revert the situation once it detects the ownership change, so that way your ship could be shielded? I mean, have you guys ever faced a way to adopt counter-hacking measures, besides the known strategy of set a lot of interior/exterior turrets in a ship?
    I wondered some kind of "special effect" like instantaneously welding and enemy engineer who´ve been trying to hack a ship´s hull... :-D



    Ps.: yeah, I´ve noticed a few specific stuff for that as well, like Drone hackers :-D
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019