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Doubts about the game-Help

Discussion in 'General' started by alkon, Nov 8, 2013.

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  1. alkon Trainee Engineer

    hello: D

    I am interested in this game, but I have some doubts: P

    How to build in this game?

    Directly you have unlimited resources?

    I can constuir any ship you want, without limits?

    Thanks: D
  2. hrdrok Apprentice Engineer

    Currently game is in creative mode. So yes there is unlimited resources. They are planning on a survival mode that makes you "farm" the resources needed to created ships.

    You currently have no limits on piloting any ship. I will be interested in seeing if they add some form of protection once multi-player goes live from people commandeering any ship they come across. Perhaps a password or set of "keys" to be able to fire it up.
  3. Joe Trainee Engineer

    Imagine you're in a space themed sand box. However your buckets are fairly limited right and are limited to a square bucket, a triangular bucket, and a corner bucket. You have several other tools at your disposal to make the sand box more interesting too such as a cockpit to interact with your sand castles. There are several unimplemented tools too see as well. You can build your ship with a finite limit depending on your computer's specs, and there seems to be an in game limit, but I don't know it. You can download a program to extend that limit though.

    If you can think of a ship to build you can probably build it.

    Go youtube some video of the gameplay.

    I also recommend not using google's translator.
  4. alkon Trainee Engineer

    The truth that this game will look great ^ ^

    I just hope that not only limit to build ships and nothing more.

    If you could build ships as in forge warhammer 40k, would the wafer :woot:

    Big ships with buildings and decorations inside: D

    I read that will bring multiplayer but have not yet said when will come out, that and read.

    Now you can do more than build ships?

    And later that things want to put in this game?
  5. Kamoba Senior Engineer

    There is allot of information on YouTube...

    This game will have the ability to:
    Mine, Build, Fight.

    The game has no set limits for how much you build.
    You are limited by your imagination, capabilities and computer.
    (Very many people complain they crash because of the game, but fact is when you look at their system and what they're building.... It's no surprise...)

    YouTube will show you allot :)
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.