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DS has increased latency for all players once a layer loads in

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by Lord_Zero Dela viriel, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Lord_Zero Dela viriel Trainee Engineer

    As I mention above, the server seems to increase latency when someone loads in to the world example: Ping is 160 normally but at the moment someone joins in ping increases to 200-300 on average, anyone know what are the steps that I need to do to diagnose this? she's running 9 mods at the moment
  2. mojomann71 Junior Engineer

    If it is just that small amount of a ping change that is not really a lot in the big scheme of things. It should not be bogging anyone down that much.
  3. Lord_Zero Dela viriel Trainee Engineer

    but it is, main server owner is closer to where the server is being hosted an he would start rubberbanding as I join up or anyone else joins in, an where talking about a stable 160 ping suddenly skyrocketing towards 300 at max
  4. mojomann71 Junior Engineer

    300 ping should not cause severe issues. Of course the closer to 0 the better but with a max of 300 ping any lag should be very minimal.
  5. Lord_Zero Dela viriel Trainee Engineer

    So in that regard your saying the rubber banding that is felt by everyone is normal?
  6. mojomann71 Junior Engineer

    What I am saying is 1 ping represents a delay of 0.001 seconds, and 1000 ping represents a delay of 1 whole second. Therefore a ping of 300 is just a delay of 0.300 of one second. So if your normal ping is 160 (0.160 of one second) an increase of 140 ping is not going to be that noticeable. The rubber banding could be caused by another variable.

    So at a ping of 450 or higher then that would be where you really would see effects of lag.
    Low available PC memory (RAM), lower GPU RAM or GPU processor speed or a lower PC processor speed can also be a culprit in what you are seeing.

    If your disk is heavily fragmented, where the computer has to go all over your disk to read and write the information can also play a part in poor performance. Running a simple disk defrag can do wonders on performance of all your programs.

    So long story short, 300 ping is not bad at all. I would say you may need to dig a bit deeper into the problem.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019
  7. Burstar Apprentice Engineer

    300ms ping is playable and should not be responsible for symptoms severe enough to be called 'rubber banding'. If you are experiencing rubber banding on character log in, it's likely due to heavy load demands as the data for the area around that player gets streamed to them. High concentrations of grids/block counts, and/or high voxel deformation amounts can cause this.

    Things that can be done if this is the problem (not necessarily in this order):

    Voxel map reset (google how, can be done per planet/asteroid)
    Grid / trash clean ups
    Stricter grid/pcu limits
    Server rules requiring grid dispersal (an entire factions fleet could be low pcu count but cause this if they're all parked at their main base)
    Educating players on the stress complex redundant conveyor junction networks cause to servers.

    tl;dr try to reduce the amount a player has to stream in at one time.