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Dynamic grids clip into the ground

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by gesp_shad, Oct 3, 2017.

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  1. gesp_shad Apprentice Engineer


    recently, I encounter that highly annoying bug pretty often with my trebuchet as you can see in our siege camp video at 3:40. Dynamic grids tent to clip through the ground, clang hardly, become static and either explode or launch to the moon.
    For me, this usually happens 3/5 times when I build my trebuchet and "tip it over", but now it also happens when it just stands still on the ground and I try to drag it around. Today I noticed, that some of the beams of its "feet" were already half-sunken into the ground. I barely touched it and the show begun. It was whirling around, turned 90° and got pinned to the ground at the outstandig beam on the foot. The overall tension broke the foot again and the clanging trebuchet was catapulted to the farms 100m away.
    I'd like to mention, that I also found the trebuchet like this when I logged in the next day and the server had a restart. Very frustrating.

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  2. Merandix Junior Engineer

    All my wagons in my wagon-building world usually make a little 'jump' on loading. It somehow seems related to me. I usually have to right 3-4 lighter wagons after loading.

    Something that stands out to me is that the heavier the wagon or cart, the more likely it is to remain upright. They likely all jump, but the wider the wheelbase, and the heavier the cart, the more likely it is to remain upright. Not sure if it is related, but at least the launching of your catapults on loading seems related to this jumping behaviour of my wagons.
  3. gesp_shad Apprentice Engineer

    Well, I can confirm the bumpy carts when the world is loaded. But as you can see in the video, small grids tend to glitch into the ground when they get moved.
  4. sonicthe Trainee Engineer

    I've had the "shake" after loading be so great as to cause my rotary farm to actually break apart. Annoying, to say the least!

    I think it has something to do with the order in which textures and physics (like gravity) are loaded, or something to that effect. I know when I load, I can see the surface textures shift something sitting on the ground "up" as they load in underneath it, and I think the opposite effect is what causes the "jump". That is, the object was "higher" when the game saved during exiting, and now, there is "nothing" underneath it to hold it up. Until the surface texture loads, that is, forcing the object back up to where it belongs. Thus, the object "falls" a short distance and is then shoved back "up" and "inertia" makes it rise farther than it needs to, and then it "falls" back down onto the ground.
  5. Erebos89 ME Tester Staff


    thank you for report. We know about this.... For some reason this is happening sometimes, but we want to fix it in the future. But do not worry, I will be asking programmers to look at it after 0.6 release.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.