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Earth Pod ONLY?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by ThyCrusader, Mar 1, 2019.

  1. ThyCrusader Trainee Engineer

    <Ship Enabled="true">
    	 <InitialLinearVelocity x="0" y="-95" z="0" />
    	 <InitialAngularVelocity x="0" y="0.5" z="0" />
    If this is enabled, there will be options to spawn on any planet.
    If disabled all the drop pods will be disabled.
    I just want to disable all pods but the earth pod, any thoughts?
  2. Filip Pasko Trainee Engineer

    yea i also wont know answer
  3. Reknot Trainee Engineer

    I also tried everything imaginable.
    Edited the craft with

    <UsePositionForSpawn>true</UsePositionForSpawn> <PlanetSpawnHeightRatio>0.005</PlanetSpawnHeightRatio>

    as stated in

    so far no luck. I _think_ its not possible at this moment unless there's some way to make a respawn hub on a server, and manually spawning the player in the ship. But I don't know.
    I cant even publish my files at the moment, it just fails and makes an empty 0.000 mb post in my history.
  4. Zerggling Trainee Engineer

    I need know how to do this for Our Server, we want make expansion server with start only from earth, so Keens please geve us answer
  5. comfyfutons Trainee Engineer

    It would be quite nice if we could get an answer for this... Please

    Seems the only option we can use are:


    We need to be able to spawn respawn ships by planet or by coordinate... PLEASE!!
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  6. Digi Senior Engineer

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  7. Dazednconfuzed Trainee Engineer

    Im trying to remember what I did for my server as I have it just spawning on certain planets and no moons , I think I did the following:

    <UseForPlanetsWithoutAtmosphere>false</UseForPlanetsWithoutAtmosphere> on the moon drop pod

    <MinimalAirDensity>0.9</MinimalAirDensity> for the earth planet … making sure that the <AirDensity> in each of the other planets was actually less than that

    as for coords etc , I gave up
  8. 50pc_B_Man Trainee Engineer

    What file are these setting in? I don't see them in the Respawnship.sbc.
  9. Dazednconfuzed Trainee Engineer

    The first two <UseForPlanetsWithoutAtmosphere> and <MinimalAirDensity> are both in RespawnShips.sbc

    you also set <MinimalAirDensity> for each planet in PlanetGeneratorDefinitions.sbc
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  10. comfyfutons Trainee Engineer

    While working on this I came to the same conclusion/solution that dazednconfuzed came to.

    I believe the only workaround right now is:
    -Turn off the non amtosphere lander using <ship enabled="false"> in respawn ship file.
    -Set minimum air density flag for atmosphere drop pod to just below earthlike planet's air density in respawn ship file
    -Modify all other planets to be somewhere below the minimum air density you just set in order to eliminate the other planets with atmosphere from qualifying for spawning. You can do this in the planet configuration file
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  11. 50pc_B_Man Trainee Engineer

    Did an update change some of these settings? I have finally gotten around to try and this and while I had no problem with the respawnships.sbc, in the PlanetGeneratorDefinitions.sbc, I could not find <MinimalAirDensity>.

    I did change the values for <Density> under Atmosphere Settings section and that is working fine. for the planets, though it was just confusing with the various sections in that file which include multiple worlds.

    Also, i changed the respwanship.sbc line for <UseForPlanetsWithoutAtmosphere>false</UseForPlanetsWithoutAtmosphere> and I changed the
    <UseForSpace>false</UseForSpace> to False but.......

    I still have the option for space pod and space suit? What gives with that?

    Also, I dont see a density value for the moons titan and europa. Did you guys get that to work on the moons?

    Edit: I added the density value manually to the Titan/Europa section, (<Density>.8</Density>), and it works for Titan and Europa. Now I just need to get rid of the space pod.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019