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Economy update: Ships for sale

Discussion in 'General' started by Namdoolb, Sep 8, 2019.

  1. Namdoolb Apprentice Engineer

    I've been enjoying the economy update so far; hoarding my space credits so I can but something suitably large and impressive...

    And I got to thinking - The default ships that the vendors sell are nice & all (it's good to see a few new designs that I haven't seen before mixed together with the official ships that we already have). But it would sure be nice if I could add ships to that selection.

    Is there a way to mark a ship design so that the npc vendors can sell it?

    Other question (not particularly important) how are the SC costs of the ships generated? (I would assume it's a sum of all the components required in their costruction or some variant thereof, but I could be wrong).
  2. SultonMRP Trainee Engineer

    Well one thing it would need to be a mod, you will need to create the ship as a prefab and add it to FactionTypes_Economy.sbc under <GridsForSale> section.