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Education vs indoctrination.......

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by piddlefoot, Apr 2, 2014.

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  1. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

  2. Captain Snyder Apprentice Engineer

    Best not go to Saudi Arabia, I don't need to be labeled as a Terrorist.
  3. Carrion Senior Engineer

    Education in all societies is indoctrination.

    Quick question for those who dont agree. Who invented the concentration camp ( no google)
  4. iron_dinges Apprentice Engineer

    Britain, I think.

    They were used extensively in the Anglo-Boer wars in South Africa in the early 1900s.

    There are probably earlier cases, that's just the earliest one I can think of.
  5. CPTANT Trainee Engineer

    The British did during the second boar war, however the invention of the extermination camp belongs solely to Nazi Germany.

    but on topic:

    Sad to see Saudi Arabia sunk even further into being a totalitarian state. Also odd to read that basically by entering Saudi Arabia I would be a terrorist.
  6. Igneous01 Apprentice Engineer

    The reasons I believe are cultural, many citizens of Saudi Arabia have a very different way of thinking. A few years ago citizens were against women being allowed to drive, now that has slowly changed. There was a good documentary I watched regarding Saudi Arabia and its current leader, and he explained why it was difficult to transition to a democratic state. Mostly to do with the people out right rejecting the idea.
  7. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Uhm... Like proper: "This is a concentration camp to your left" being referred to as Concentration camps? No clue.

    I'd bet it's a pretty old invention, I know there were camps that contained barbarian tribes back during the Roman empire. I think the romans would also house political prisoners in camps near mines, where your life expectancy was pretty much nil.

    A lot of people are saying "The British" though, so I'm probably wrong.

    Education as indoctrination though... It's a question of intent in my mind. All education will have a slant towards one idealogy or another, be it intentional or unintentional. Dealing with bias while you are reading history or really anything in which people are writing their opinions or beliefs about how something is happening is never going to be devoid of the opinions of those presenting their view. That is why while I was in anthropology they said you would always take time to write out your bias before launching into a paper on an ancient subject. Establishing your background would show where you were coming from.

    Some education is indoctrination. Some education is people legitimately trying to be unbiased and failing. Some education is people getting hung up on details that they deem more important, and thereby giving a slanted view of the record.

    Example: American schools and WW2. According to my high school teacher, the US singlehandedly won WW2. According to what I have read and heard since, the US played a pretty big role in providing much needed relief and logistics that allowed the allies to hold up the western front long enough for Russia to make a difference and effectively curb stomp the entirety of the german army into submission through the use of horrendous war crimes.
  8. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Many countries have used concentration camps often during wars or times of trouble and fighting.
    In 376 C.E. the Goths were pushed towards the borders of the Roman Empire by attacks from Huns from the east. The Emperor Valens initially welcomed them as potential army recruits and tax-payers, but changed his policy after it emerged that around 200,000 were coming. He then restricted entry to fit men of military age, constructing enclosed camps patrolled by guards to imprison the unwanted Gothic population. Since very little, if any, food was supplied, the inhabitants died in increasing numbers. The Romans then offered to buy the children as slaves in exchange for dogs for the parents to eat at an exchange rate of one child to one dog. Shortly afterwards the Goths under Fritigern exacted their revenge at the Battle of Adrianople, killing 40,000 Roman troops, including Valens himself.
    The first modern concentration camps were found in the United States in 1838, when the Van Buren administration saw fit to remove the indigenous Cherokee population.
    Camps were used in Cuba under Spain's "Reconcentrado" Policy 1896-97. Shortly after similar concentration camps were used by the British in the Second Boer War in South Africa around 1900. The families of South African men fighting against the British were put in camps to stop them from giving food and help to the fighters. Their houses and farms were burned. At least 30,000 people, mostly children, died in these camps from sickness or hunger.
    Concentration camps became more famous and hated after 1936 when Nazi Germany's leader, Adolf Hitler, thought certain groups of people should be killed (including Jews, Roma people, and homosexuals) and others were politically dangerous (socialists, communists or religious persons who disagreed with the Nazis). People were often sent to these camps to work. After a few years, some camps were set up to kill people. These are now called "extermination camps" or "death camps". People were gassed, shot, or sometimes worked to death. Some of these people were given a trial, but these trials were very unfair.
    The Nazi gas chambers reportedly killed up to 20,000 people a day, towards the end of World War II. Over half of the people who died in the Holocaust, died at such concentration camps, at least 1.1 million people at the camps of Auschwitz alone.
    In Italy or on its occupied territories were also concentration camps which were established by Benito Mussolini (in World War II till 1943). In these concentration camps were imprisoned especially Croats, Slovenes and Jews.
  9. Morbophobie Apprentice Engineer

    Surely without google ... And I have problems remembering vocab - you remember entire links :p
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.