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Empyrion.. New Kickstarter project. Looks familiar

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by chrisb, Oct 12, 2014.

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  1. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Looks very familiar this game. Any thoughts..


    Sorry if this is in the wrong section mods..

    Edit: Sorry mods, but thanks for moving it to where it was supposed to be.. I'll search better next time. :crazy:
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  2. mastpayne Senior Engineer

    Doom, Space Engineers, and KOTR cross-pollinated?
  3. AlanEsh Apprentice Engineer

    Interesting; will have to keep an eye on that one.
  4. Mishka Junior Engineer

    Looks interesting, they dont exist on LinkedIn though which seems a bit dodgy for a "professional" company
  5. Cydramech Junior Engineer

    Looks awesome.
  6. Striped_Monkey Junior Engineer

    I think that the point is that it is so similar to SE that it deserves mentioning.

    But i do agree that it looks awesome.
  7. Lancar Senior Engineer


    They seem to have skipped realistic physics in favor of more content. The graphics seems a bit meh, but the concepts are solid.
    Something to keep an eye on, for sure.
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  8. SaturaxCZ Senior Engineer

    + planets, map system, npc, but...

    - its looks like game without realistic game physics and very outdated graphics. So i will wait for SE updates, if i want play game with a less physics there are: star citizen, No mans sky, or Elite, then play empyrion... witch is on the same level like ( star forge, planet explorers,atc... 100+ games i forget about or dont want remember )
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  9. Echillion Senior Engineer

    Hmmm! methinks someones trying to steal SE's thunder and those construction blocks look very familiar I wouldnt be surprised if a lawsuit is issued? That said looks okish and may bare keeping a eye on?
  10. Gweepo Apprentice Engineer

    Makes me think of Kinetic Void, its just a cheap version of Limit Theory, same as this being a cheap version of SE, but with planets...
  11. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    Those player models are so derpy.
  12. PeterHammerman Junior Engineer

    The character, "zombie aliens", blocks, physics and overal graphics are just creepy.
    + for planets, more weapons, sectors, tools, AI, oxygen - thats what I desire in SE
    But I hope this is challenge for devs to make SE more universal and give MMO purpose ;)
    Suggest to take lawsuits on this "Empyrion".
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  13. RedPhoenix Moderator

    You mean:

  14. TheSecretPerson Trainee Engineer

    Eeeeehh... It looks like a more unrealistic space engineers, with planets and more self functional weapons(by which I mean weapons like our gatling gun, while i doubt you could being your own turret in Empyrion). But in my opinion, it's purpose and styles looks different enough from Space Engineers that it probably shouldn't be sued over the similarities.

    It could be good on it's own right, but I think SE will be a much superior space SIM and designing game, while this would make a decent exploration game by comparison.(though I think with what I've heard from the devs, we will see more exploration options in SE anyway too.)
  15. AtlantisThief Apprentice Engineer

    Wow, gamecopies grow fast these days O.o
  16. Lancar Senior Engineer

    Minecraft was based off of the Infiniminer game by Zachtronics.

    Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy....
    I wouldn't bother suing over every instance of it.
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  17. The_Director Junior Engineer

    It looks like it shows promise, but i'm starting to hate these games who don't know what a good texture is. (though i understand if thats all their game engine can handle... sort of...)

  18. Gweepo Apprentice Engineer

  19. galacticon Apprentice Engineer

    Wow, looks incredible.
  20. galacticon Apprentice Engineer

    If space engineers adds exploration or larger environments and planets...oh my goodness, KSH will have struck a goldmine. Truly.
  21. Ortikon Apprentice Engineer

    They don't show a transition from the procedural planet to space. I doubt that it is implemented nor do they know entirely how they will get around such a feat.
    Looks like they have a lot of the core game stuff implemented but in a way it looks like they have amalgamated several different game types and displayed examples of each. How those seamlessly blend is questionable. Either somebody is jumping on the Space Engineers bandwagon as a fan and wants to add all the things it wont have, or somebody is ...jumping on the Space Engineers bandwagon and is pulling the old "The War Z" gig.
    You cant sue for conceptual similarities and I wont judge the poor animation, lighting, models and textures for an example game.
    I just feel like whenever somebody tries to do the "this game but with MORE" they end up without any real direction and it cant chew the massive bite of a production it has just taken.

    Some games pull it off though. I remember Rust being the most unorganized DayZ copycat "with more" and after some popularity it polished off into a nice game.

    edit: When a game hits popularity, people will try to get a similar game out faster and sooner to release than the original and hit that fad while it lasts.
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  22. Spartan322 Apprentice Engineer

    The game is very interesting. Though it looks like it took inspiration from Starforge (it looks kind of like it used the exact voxel engine too) and Space Engineers. The only real difference between Empyrion so far is the monsters are pretty big (compared to most of Starforge so far) and the world is supposedly randomly generated. I find it an interesting concept but hey, if someone can make a Starforge/Space Engineers combo with some extra features on the side and succeed I would happily say nice and try it out. Also the graphics are bad for a pre-alpha trailer (probably just a bunch of tests that looked good enough up to a certain point to show to the public). I hope this guy succeeds but I probably won't pay for it until it gets a full release if this game can make it that far.
  23. Cydramech Junior Engineer

    [SIZE= 13.3333330154419px]
    I mean, I'll burn your ashes in the other realm before you can return to prevent you from living again. :p

    When I said looks awesome, I wasn't referring to the graphics or the aesthetics (they are both rather mediocre, but for anything based around voxel I think EQN gets the graphics right regardless of aesthetics, though SE does get the aesthetics right). I was referring to how it clearly adopts a different perspective of rules.[/SIZE]
  24. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    Graphics and Aesthetics can me easily modified, replaced, made better, especially if they are going to open up to the modding community and considering how early into development they are. The real make or break issue which is becoming all too apparent with Space Engineers is if the engine is capable enough or if you have the programmers talented enough to find solutions to the problems.
  25. Ghostickles Senior Engineer

    I saw this on Steam, lofty goals. Well put together presentation. The art is bad but the points come across. First impression; these guys played SE and it blew their wigs off. [​IMG]
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  26. jcalis1994 Apprentice Engineer

    Well, I wrongfully made a thread just now about it, hopefully it'll just wither away.

    A few things I see with this game; Unity, just no. I have limited experience with Unity, but from what I've seen, it's just very limited specially for this sort of game. The graphics, oh lord, the AI is just...well, aliens are creepy, dumb and basic. Ships have the look and feel of rusty old recovered ships rather than high tech, shooting feels like the old days of Doom. It just looks like a poorly executed sci-fi version of SE without focusing on the engineering part and more on the needs of the astronaut. There was no mention of modding API/modding support, or how complex building will be (you know, programming in-game, sensors, timers, remote control, rotors, pistons, etc.)

    The concept looks a bit promising, the execution doesn't. According to the devs, it'd take 60 minutes to run around a planet, so it makes me wonder how much they had to hinder the engine to be able to execute such a feat smoothly.
  27. Martinineter Senior Engineer

    The gameplay doesn't look so bad, but the graphics are.
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  28. Gooplux6 Apprentice Engineer

    Ehh looks cheap to me, I like the aspects of planets but to be frank we have people on the work shop making planetoids with spherical Gravity so in just going to wait and see if this game makes it anywhere. Though I'd be lying if I said it didn't have promise
  29. bobhendly Apprentice Engineer

    To all the realism buffs: Space engineers isn't super realistic.. But at least we don't dig in asteroids with handheld chainguns
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  30. AliceMcMalice Trainee Engineer

    wow, this looks pretty good
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