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Empyrion.. New Kickstarter project. Looks familiar

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by chrisb, Oct 12, 2014.

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  1. NathanTheSpaceSurvivor Apprentice Engineer


    SE has a copyright put on it by KeenSWH, so I assume that we should sue them , because they mostly copied us. Look at how everything is almost the same. Blocks, engines, terrain, drilling method, weapon concept. This was clearly a "OMG IMMA COPY SE AND GET MOAR SALEZ TO BE MOR AWESOMEZ!1!!11" that will end with a "OMG WHY DID I GETE SUED BY KEEEN!!1!1!11!"

    The game is horrible in itself anyway. They put loads of poorly made stuff, instead of the few but almost pefect things that SE has, SE still being in alpha.

    P.S. SE is short for space engineers
  2. Blako Apprentice Engineer

    I waited for a seamless transition from space to dirt, but it didn't appear. Going from a runway to orbit in kerbal and watching the horizon transition from a line to a curve is just lovely. Anyways there are some interesting ideas like making different resources spread apart such that you can not get to them all with just a "spacesuit". I would like in-atmosphere flight + space flight + a player carved underground runway but that is a lot to ask. There is a game called spintires where they got the physics right then later did graphics.
  3. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Yes, some interesting comments. I like it and indeed have backed it on KS, but I don't think it will reach its target (shame really). I back a few games early, just the ones I like the look of. This game is one of those, possibly simply because of SE, but still.

    However there is a good point in the posts... Are we beginning to accept really low graphic quality for these types of game. I always go for game-play over graphics anyway.
    It could be a slippery road, if game dev's stop even trying to get decent graphics up. I'm thinking this is really pre alpha stage and things will improve. They don't look too bad at the moment.

    StarForge was mentioned, I have that too. It was so promising to start with, then seemed to drop really, I was quite disappointed, had high hopes for it.

    I hope this Empyrion gets made, but its not the end of the world if it doesn't, but the more to choose from the better, for me anyway.

    I'm playing Evochron Mercenary at the moment, that has seamless space to planet landing, however the planets are not that great (PG), but you can build/mine on them. Really enjoying Evochron again, I didn't touch it much when it first appeared, was busy making terrain setup's for our group in the Arma series.
    However, Evochron is well worth a look for anyone that doesn't have it. Although it is a little older now 2 maybe 3 yrs old, not sure.

    No Mans Sky, also mentioned. Again they are supposed to be having seamless space to planet landings and their planets do look very good. But they don't put much out to see. The first video was really great, but will that be the finished result, suppose we will have to just wait and see.

    But yes, this Empyrion is very similar to SE, but there is enough difference to be 'different'. Its basic at the moment and we can only hope it gets better, those of us that have backed or would or buy it, that is.

    Although its not looking promising on KS at the moment, they are still far from their, quite modest, target.

    We will see..
  4. NathanTheSpaceSurvivor Apprentice Engineer

    The game isn't that bad, we were not complaining on it being bad, but rather, they copied us, which makes me mad. Every good game must get copied by someone. Why this? This game is just a ripoff from SE. Take a second look at the trailer video. At how you drill, fly things. It's almost the same. Which means, we got copied once again.

    This means.....

    Launch the lawsuits, like we got to do anything else. We can't hack the site and take it down, so let's just sue the game.

    edit: grammar mistakes
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  5. MagesticMoo Trainee Engineer

    Uhm what about all those other space simulation games that went before SE.. i guess you cannot copyright an idea. i want to see empyrion do well, its being developed under unity a much more stable gfx engine than a basic in house one. sorry keen but you know im right. unity has the support of 1000's of game developers who bug report and fix little glitches. how many engine devs your team have? i think if SE was developed under unity half the problems now wouldnt be here. plus the room for expansion to planetary assault, colonization could of happened. with VRage i dont think so. Maybe one day but not Space engineers.
  6. Striped_Monkey Junior Engineer

    I can almost promise you that they took the idea of a voxel based build system off of minecraft granted, minecraft did not invent it but they did make it popular.
  7. PyreStarite Junior Engineer

    Oh good, looks like I don't need to make a new thread to help these guys get support because the thread already exists. gj
  8. Virakotxa Apprentice Engineer

    Seriously, this is the perfect contest entry for the Nvidia-SpaceEngineers contest... It's a perfect mockup of the best mission you could envision for SE, adding a tutorial in the shape of gameplay. It was sort of the idea I had, minus the aliens. It's not sue-material... If anything it's valid inspiration for Keen.
  9. PyreStarite Junior Engineer

    Agreed. If anything for you guys calling to file a law suit it's as ridiculous as terraria trying to sue starbound for "crampin on it's style"
    What about Cube World and Trove?
    Stonehearth and Timberanstone?
    AND EVERY OTHER FPS (caps for dramatic effect)

    Just because a game is a little bit similar doesn't mean it isn't it's own unique game.
  10. Obsidian_eclipse Apprentice Engineer

    Urgh not those always on rear only thrusters!

    As for planets, its been pointed out there was no transition shown and you can guarantee that it was probably a differently loaded environment.
  11. Forgemasterhd Junior Engineer

    I disagree witht he call for lawsuits and agree that Keen should look for inspiration in here to do things.

    That said, not really interested. It is promising way too much, imo, to live up to what it might be.
  12. buggsy Trainee Engineer

    *raises glass to the rise of sandboxes*

  13. a2457 Senior Engineer

    hmmm that game looks like if it was made based on the feedback of this community.
    has most of the things wanted here.

    graphics.. oh come on, who cares ?
    minecraft has a bad looking one.
    dwarf fortress has.. (does it has any graphics at all????)

    but the concept seems to be more closer to what peeps would like within SE.
    that is, a map, planets, properly mannable turrents, npc-s, growing food and keeping an eye on oxygen.
    what is missing is programming, and phisyx (working one, please), and as many kind of moving blocks as possible (allso, please, working ones. not flappy wonky broken junk).
  14. Mr Engineer Apprentice Engineer

    Looks very interesting. A little healthy competition on the horizon. Thanks for the share
  15. Wizlawz Master Engineer

    it is everything i thought and hoped SE would be.
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  16. Iamus Apprentice Engineer

    Before SE, there was Star Made. Granted, I never really liked Star Made, but they had the whole, exploration and making your ship, before SE was a thing. I doubt Star Made was the first. And Star Made has nothing to sue SE over. If they did, they'd also have more grounds than keen to sue these guys as well.
  17. kristakis Junior Engineer

    After playing a heap of Minecraft, Star Made was awesome. If I could have the mechanics of Star Made with the graphics of Space Engineers I would be very happy. I thought the disk worlds were the best compromise for making planets too - gave you a day/night cycle and gravity and didn't need a huge amount of data to handle it.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 21, 2015
  18. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Looks as though the project is still moving along well, Eleon Studios have teamed up with partners now to hopefully bring us the game this year sometime, complete with seamless planetary landings. I have my fingers crossed for them.
  19. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    So just going to drop this here for anyone that hasn't seen it:


    Now you know where a good chunk of the veteran SE modders went.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2015
  20. Textor Junior Engineer

    Have we had an issue with them leaving? Also, is there any actual evidence these guys left SE modding in favor of Empyrion?
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2015
  21. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Modders come and go in many titles that allow their games to be modded.

    However I hope that some mod makers do get involved in this game. I backed in KS but unfortunately that didn't go anywhere, but they have continued and hopefully we may see a very early access some time this year.

    I think this may go a little beyond where SE is at present, with planets especially. But that of course won't stop me playing SE, certainly not for the time being anyway. ;)
  22. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    I know for fact that Paladin is one of them.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, 2015
  23. Krutchen Apprentice Engineer

    Man, I keep on hearing about Empyrion, and idunno man, it seems like they're just trying to appeal to spergy kids that make random suggestions without putting much though, planning, or development time into it.

    It seems like everything that's been shot down for a damn good reasons on the Space Engineers suggestion forum is making its way into Empyrion, and that's just not the best plan when it comes to development.
    ie Promising Shields (see: plot armour and life saving fluff), Planets, Life support, etc, without having the basic mechanics really fleshed out before trying to implement these.
    There's a reason a lot of space sims don't have planetary landing and combat. With a universe as expansive as what they propose, That can get really dull really quick, and extremely repetitive when you only have a pool of 20 or so creatures. After a while, Planet life stops being engaging, because they're just simplistic mobs that run at you and get mowed down, By your assault rifle that sounds oddly similar to the pulse rifle from Aliens Versus Predator 2.

    And before anyone starts going on about how wrong I am about creature pools -
    It took me less than 30 minutes to find a good chunk of the character models within their video on the unity asset store. The only one I didn't find was the player model, and that's because I was bored.


    Armoured golem - @53s

    Ship Turrets - @1m44s

    Talon Guardian - @3m5s

    Total Horror (Modified to have arms & a second mouth on the torso) - @3m24s

    That being said, and prefab "placeholders" aside, it Empyrion could still be a fun game to play around in, but I don't think it would be much of a challenger to Space Engineers at the moment when it comes to space sandbox type stuff. I think i'll keep my eye on this project, But i'm not going to hold my breath for anything amazing that the keen devs couldn't pump out in a month.
    Here's to hoping this isn't going to be another one of those unity "quick cash" games that are polluting steam greenlight.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 12, 2015
  24. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    As you said those assets are placeholders because it's not even fully into pre-alpha yet because unlike Keen they're actually taking the time to get the core mechanics right, some of those mechanics are Keen rejects because Keen know they can't do them right. Hell the "round" armor blocks were in the cubeblocks for what almost a year now and those "things" they're trying to call round is what we get, come on.

    Don't know maybe it's just because I'm one of the original modders around here still remember ladders being taken out because they couldn't get the animation right, come on now really.
  25. Volfram Senior Engineer

    Events and behavior of certain individuals in the most recent Update thread(including a user called ThePaladinToo who has blatantly and repeatedly violated the "no advertising" rule to pitch "his" game) have led me to suspect the Empyrion: Galactic Survival developers are actively encouraging their community to "raid" our forums.

    Empyrion looked interesting when I first saw it, but even if it had presented some sort of update within the last 4 months, I would still now be advising people to STAY AWAY. I can't condone this kind of dirty marketing.
  26. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    I'm part of the community for both games and (have been with the SE community a long time) can honestly say that the community from Empyrion has never been asked to do any type of marketing. They have/had a refer a friend for a free alpha copy program that they were doing but that's it.
  27. The_Director Junior Engineer

    Looks like the game is using unity 5, perhaps it will beat SE...
  28. chrisb Senior Engineer

    Have they confirmed that ?

    I've not been over to the forums for a little while. Its great to have two games like this around anyway.
  29. The_Director Junior Engineer

    Ya it's confirmed by the devs
  30. DDP-158 Master Engineer

    Their devs confirmed that they're gonna beat our devs? Looks like it's time to pull out my switchblade and dancing shoes. We're gonna have ourselves a 50's style greaser dance off.
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