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End Game?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Stampao, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. Stampao Trainee Engineer

    i can craft stuff, but... why? for what?
    the only usefull is the mining ship.
    so, we need goals ¿there is a planned long-term goal?
    i want an answer by the devellopers, an official answer. anyone know what they say about this?
    ty for answers ;)
  2. Gentry Senior Engineer

    welcome to the sandbox
  3. Memphis Apprentice Engineer

    The official answer to your question is in the game description itself. "Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction and maintenance of space works. Players build space ships and space stations of various sizes and utilization (civil and military), pilot ships and perform asteroid mining." Sandbox means there is no story-line. The game is what you make of it.

    *Edit: Player basically have, will have more, tools to create their own scenarios and goals.
  4. Skeloton Master Engineer

  5. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Link to Ama
    Link to Q&A

    There is some information on game development.

    Basically: The devs are working on making the building portion of the game now. Everything else that comes after will have to wait, until they know what they are going to do.

    There are some monolithic building projects you can undertake, that help with your work like hanger bays, large mother ships, better organized mining platforms, etc.

    In the future we will probably get some machines that require a lot of resources to make like the 3-D printer, and a properly developed gravity drive. Currently you can build jump gate networks as a monolith project, and other things.

    Also, making servers and organizing them amongst factions is a pretty tall order.

    Welcome to the community.
  6. Churpy Trainee Engineer

    I don't mean to sound rude or blunt, but talking about "end game" content in a game that is currently in alpha, really don't go together so well.
  7. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Neither does end game and sandbox.
  8. Churpy Trainee Engineer

    Also true. I always find more for myself to do honestly. I'm a huge fan of sandbox games and I've loved them since I was a kid. I don't see Space Engineers as the type of game to have a solid "progression" of sorts - maybe something loose, or optional..but I really like just being able to do whatever I want. The game sucks more hours already than I would like to admit. I've never gotten bored yet.

    EDIT: I should also add that as an early supporter of Minecraft, these threads would appear so frequently that you wouldn't believe it. And yet, Minecraft remains as it is to this day, no real goals, true sandbox. I hate bringing Minecraft up but I really don't see Space Engineers deviating far from the core concept it has already adopted.
  9. Deadlock989 Apprentice Engineer

    They added an endgame to Minecraft.

    It was horrible.
  10. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Yea that was not good, I agree Deadlock.

    This game will end up with a military enemy of some sort for sure. They cant put the sort of AI minecraft has in it, there all basically just zombies.
    Game has features designed into it for really good AI later on. Just have to wait and see what and when....
  11. thestalkinghead Trainee Engineer

    i think there is a different meaning for "end game" depending on the game and the genre, but i think for sandbox type games the end game is about efficiency and scale, but at the moment there is only one thing where you can increase efficiency and scale and that would be mining, soon it will be about mining and building and later adding defence and attack.

    i think deadlock989 is referring to the dragon at the end of minecraft as the end game, but i wouldn't say that was the end game of minecraft, the end game of minecraft is having an abundance of everything by making auto farms and mob grinders so you can easily do whatever you want without struggle, and there are so many things to get as resources that making a farm or some kind of large scale system to get each item is a massive amount of end game things to do.

    i think the same kind of idea can be applied to space engineers, at the moment large scale/auto miners are big end game goals, soon you will be able to use the resources you get from these miners to go large scale on building ships with the fabricators, and i think in the not so distant future you will start to get attacked by AI so a large scale defence system will be something to aim for and possibly even large scale salvage and repair systems to repair your stations/ships and salvage/break down the ai ships, and with factions coming the PvP will be big for people so building massive fleets is an end game goal, and maybe in the future there will be big AI bases to attack and loot so you would need big battle ships.

    the more things that get added to the game add more types of large scale/efficient projects to work on, as more content is added more end game is added, so basically it will just be a matter of time until there is more end game content.
  12. Churpy Trainee Engineer

    If anything, I would like to see a progressively increasing difficulty of the hostility of the area, imagine like Dwarf Fortress, just surviving as long as possible against whatever is thrown at you. Other than that I wouldn't really want to see anything "end-game" ish. I actually completely forgot about the dragon in Minecraft, as it's so irrelevant, and unnecessary. Not to mention I stopped playing before that was even added.
  13. thestalkinghead Trainee Engineer

    yeah, like at first they send a scout ship with a small gun to slowly attack player built ships and stations and then leave after a while, next time a slightly tougher ship comes along and it slowly progresses to harder and harder ships, and if one of them doesn't return, it makes the next wave even harder than it would have been if you had just let it destroy your stuff.

    maybe there could be some score value to the difficulty if each encounter, maybe if the ship returns it adds 10 points to the next wave difficulty and if it is destroyed it adds 20. there would have to be long gaps in between each attack like maybe an hour or more (preferably with adjustable settings) and maybe a longer gap to start of with.

    i think that would be a constant goal of defence to aim for and it would give both single player and cooperative multiplayer something to do other than build just mining ships and cosmetic stations/ships
  14. Merinsan Apprentice Engineer

    I disagree. I fully expect the developers to have some idea about where they are going, even at this point. However, whether they share that with us or not is a completely separate issue, and is really the prerogative of the developers.
  15. Ceztu Apprentice Engineer

    Instead of and "end game" we work towards, we need more tasks we could/should preform, more problems to overcome.

    I mean, currently in the game there are only two tasks you can really preform for gameplay reasons, which is mining and capturing cargo ships. For which we make mining ships and maybe a tug or a simple capture ship. All other structures and ships people only build mostly for aesthetics, RP, or just fun. But those don't really have a purpose yet. There's no need or gameplay reason to build a million ton battle ship, other than it looks cool.

    When conveyors come and big ship weapons, this list will grow, as you will need a fighter to disarm cargo ships or find a different way to counter their weapons, and all your cargo ships will have a much better, easier use with conveyors helping you to move items.
    So actually the developers are adding things to do, only they aren't doing it like a linear quest like system with a set end. Instead they are both giving us new problems to face and tools to over come them.

    So I understand it feels like there's not much to do in SE now, but that list will grow with each update. Just give it time.
  16. Churpy Trainee Engineer

    The developers have made it very clear that they would like to focus on what they had "initially planned" to be in the game before focusing on anything else..there is an official planned features list and they seem to be pretty open about what is up and coming. To reiterate the developers, they wish to flesh out the base game, the alpha concept, before moving forward and deciding on features to round out the rest of the game.
  17. Fab Apprentice Engineer

    Multiplayer servers will have some kind of RPG, giving you something to do.
  18. Meri Trainee Engineer

    Game didnt even start yet and you already want to end it :D
  19. Rity Apprentice Engineer

    I feel this game should and will be mainly focused on multiplayer behavior, which will make it's on end game content. Factions are a core aspect of the game, as the devs have shown and said. Just choosing to be a manufacturing, mining, trading, or pirating faction and then always working to be the best at it is end game. Plus the RP or just plain interaction between players and factions will be ever expanding and changing.

    I hope Some servers take the good parts of games like Eve (economy and factional organization, as well as general player interaction) and combined it with the building and combat of Space engineers. A good idea would be some ownership of areas of the map by factions, which could fix the current problem with having you things ruined while your offline or away from it. Plus this could give you a goal, expanding your reach for resources.
  20. Stampao Trainee Engineer

    ty Ash87 4 answer my question with i rly need.

    i know what a sand box is, i dont mean about kill the final dragon or something like that. ​
    i just want to know about the diferent goals of the game planned by the developers, just that. ​
    more like the orientation of the develop of the game:​
    is going to be a PVP game with low players?​
    PVP masive with faccions? ​
    PVE game? ​
    they focus con the creative game or on the survival game?

    is a sand box, yes sure and i love it, but the player need a orientation and goals, like maximize the productivity, explore the universe and find things,
    survive an ostile enviroment like the space can be... ​
    if you play survival, once you make your mining ship and upgrade your big ship or station ,protecting it to the asteroids.​
    It is an end game, is an end game because u dont have anything usefull to make. ​
    I know, is an alfa version, i just want to show why we need goals on survival, i dont want it now, just wanna know whats next on the devs plans. ​
    On minecraft (another game i love... :rolleyes: ) you have diferent goals, make a house, make a bed to sleep, have a production of food, make iron tools, make diamond tools...​
    All the things that are usefull for something are a goal on a sand box, but we need problems to solve with diferent ways. ​
    as i read, on this game we are going to have a awesome control of the ship, with code!! (holy hell i cant w8 for it) but we need hard problems to solve if we have an
    awesome resorce to play with.

    PD: srry for my english, im not good on english. i hope you understand what im saying about the "end game".
  21. wankerstein Apprentice Engineer

    To some of us, the term "end game" implies things that have nothing to do with a sandbox game like SE.
  22. verticalspeed Apprentice Engineer

    This thread is silly.

    There is no end game in SE.

    Only ongoing chores and new builds. Always improvements. The work never ends.
  23. Cosmonut Trainee Engineer

    End game, in a sandbox game...

    An unfinished sandbox game in Alpha

  24. cpy Trainee Engineer

    I guess OP never understood function of LEGO sets.
  25. Light_gemini Junior Engineer

    LEGO sets become a big solid block to throw at some friends head after some hours of play. That was the "end game" of it in my case.
  26. tharkus Junior Engineer

    i can see many telling SAMPAO this is a sandbox, sandbox dont have endgame goals....
    seems nobody played MINECRAFT, minecraft IS a sandbox and have goals like going nether, killing the end dragon, etc.
    soo i guess they are wrong.

    my personal answer to SAMPAO : lets give time to devs to develop the game and pray they be enought smart to take advantage of the huge POTENTIAL this game has. and i know they are.

    this game have the potential to become more than , people shooting ships.
  27. FatalPapercut Senior Engineer

    Actually, if you really need an end game goal, i have one for you:

    Step 1, Build something more amazing than the thing you just built.

    Step 2, Repeat step 1.

    Let me know when you get to Step 3.
  28. wankerstein Apprentice Engineer

    Minecraft's "end game" was terrible, and some of us would like SE to be untarnished by such foolishness.
  29. R Lee Ermey Apprentice Engineer

    I concur - there does not have to be an ending. Just a PURPOSE or a motivating factor that makes us need to build/engineer something.

    We need to fulfill a need.

    Basically like quests in MMO's or like a SIM in sim city/ the sims.

    I was intrigued by this "Banished" game which was about survival. Although the AI his terrible the premise is simple and sound. Survive. Build your town to make things better and for the people to survive the elements.

    I think this is a perfect formula for Space Engineers. Making a space station / habitat that is sustainable.

    There is a show called "The 100" that I'm fascinated by. I'd love to see more of how they managed to keep that space station and its population alive for 100 years in space with no contact from the ground.

    Lets try and do that with this game.
  30. BiggLou55 Apprentice Engineer

    End game? Dunno about that... If there was something, I would like to see more of a Kerbal Space Program progression system... There would be an end to your progression once you've unlocked all of the tech trees....

    What do you do once you're bored with your current survival mode? (as suggested in this thread) Think Legos man... Start over and do it differently...

    Will there be Faction based PVP? Yes
    Will there be PvE? Yes (cargo ships are the start)

    Ultimately this game is what you want it to be. Want a cool story and an endgame? Write it up and play it. That is what I love about this game's concept. The individuals and the community can tailor it to how they want to play it.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.