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End Game?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Stampao, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. Zandraak Trainee Engineer

    For me, End game is an infinite univers, colonize, make base ect.
    But actually, no communication on this subject, and they deleted a post (I ask for it...)
  2. Apocalypticjake Trainee Engineer

    I think I get what OP was getting at when expressing his belief in a need for an "end-game" which I think some people may have misunderstood as a literal "do this and you win, game over" type of scenario. No, of course a good sandbox game doesn't have a final victory scenario preset by the game. But the best, like Minecraft, have an ever expanding number of things to do of varying difficulties.
    Minecraft added an "end-game" in the dragon, but it's not like you have to fight it ever, and if you did the game would not end. You don't "win" Minecraft. It's just another challenge available for you to take if you choose to do that, another toy in the sandbox, if you will. It's considered "end-game" content because of the challenge it poses, but you don't have to do it, it doesn't end the game, , it's not necessarily even the most challenging thing you can undertake. If you don't like it just ignore it and your game continues to be exactly the sandbox you choose to enjoy.
    Obviously we all know this game is in alpha. But that doesn't mean "don't offer up ideas and constructive critiques cuz it's not done yet" it's actually the exact opposite. Now is precisely the time to make suggestions, to let the devs and the community know what doesn't seem to be working, or what is extra fun and what's going well.
    Personally, I'm loving this game so far. Just the mechanics in it already will be enough to keep me having fun for quite a while. I can also appreciate that there is a ton of exciting potential still untapped here, and I do think that it will only get better with more challenges to conquer. Not quests or bosses or anything like that but sandbox style challenges, like maintaining ur fuel supplies, protecting yourself from meteors if you have them turned on, and mining in ever more efficient ways. These are actually required for continued survival, but they are fairly basic enough so as to be non prohibitive to most new players.
    And while I do feel the majority of the most fun and meaningful goals and challenges are the ones you set for yourself, that doesn't mean there couldn't be some entirely optional goals to work towards and engineer solutions to if you so choose. More interesting places to explore would probably top my list as I really liked that sense of uncovering new places in Minecraft, our in any game that affords you that opportunity, really. Different sorts of activities that would require different things from your ships, if you wanted to participate in said activities. Maybe a construction ship that let you build faster and with the customizable amount of storage afforded by virtue of its a ship.
    Basically, "end-game" doesn't have to mean "the game ends." It doesn't even mean it's a necessary thing you will have to do. Essentially it's just adding more and more varied toys to the (already awesome even in alpha) sandbox.
  3. TheOuster Trainee Engineer

    For me the game does not need to have a definite ending.

    However, it might have some form of achievements that are so popular these days. E.g. "Finished 10-kiloton large ship in x1 survival", "Refined 100 (or 1000, or 10000) uranium ingots" etc. There could be scenario-based achievements, persistent achievements (counted throughout all your games), faction-based achievements. All visible to others, building your reputation.

    This way you could start certain world with a nice goal in mind, after reaching which you could end your game and start a new one (well, or extend your goals if you like your world).

    Or, for joining some multiplayer servers or factions, you might be required to have certain achievements earned (like "Played 100 hours in survival mode").

    As a side effect, it might make game trolls (griefers) lives a bit harder (imagine peoples reaction when seeing someone with "Rammed 100 unarmed vessels" achievement joining the server).
  4. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    The "End Game" for this game, for me is a very iffy. My thing, is that I am trying to set the server up in a way that will make it so that an "End Game" is surviving unto a point that you become a dominate power in the area. Your End game enemies will be your early game enemies who are marginally more successful than you. As there is no arbitrary valuation of goods separate from the goods in the game, everything you earn is something you'll be using. Your investment can be leveled in an instant by someone better equipped to you, and given the game's state, and change from moment to moment... everything you build up one day can be gone tomorrow just trying to keep up with the status quo.
  5. Neotician Apprentice Engineer

    What is the endgame in life? Death! It's all about what you do in the world on the way there :p
  6. TheEffectTheCause Apprentice Engineer

    Endgame will be for team games, there has to point right
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.