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Engines and Movement (Turn Rate bound to Velocity?)

Discussion in 'General' started by Yaeko, Jan 23, 2014.

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  1. Yaeko Trainee Engineer

    Why am i unable to turn a Ship on its position?

    What you can NOT do:
    - turn a Ship around its X/Y/Z Axis (while not moving forward)

    I also noticed:
    - the faster i am Moving, the faster the Ship wil turn around its Axis. (X/Y/Z)

    This is somewhat "ugly" to play with.
    Normally it should be possible to strafe/turn your ship without moving forward. (since the Force of the Thrusters does not change - even if i fly 999999999999 km/s)
    Turn-Rate should NOT be bound to my velocity!
    The ship is used for the Tests:
    it has enough Thrusters/Engines... but... yeah... it sits there like a stone (until i start flying forward)
    PS: English is not my native language, but hopefully you can understand what i mean.
  2. Admiral Yuki Apprentice Engineer

    The problem is that you do not have enough gyros for the mass of your ship.

    I have no problem turning in place on any axis on my fighters. I use 1-4 for my ships, and I do not build over 50,000kg for small ships.

    Speed does not effect gyro turning, unless you do not have enough of them.
  3. Leon026 Apprentice Engineer

    Seems like a 80,000kg+ ship with 2 gyros - turning is going to be sloooooooowwwww with that, you'll need at least 6 methinks.
  4. Yaeko Trainee Engineer

    Thank you!
    that was the reason.
    but... Why do Gyros change my turningspeed? (i think gyros are normally used to get the Position of a plane in the air?)
  5. KriegsMeister Apprentice Engineer

    because video game magic.

    for most ppl it is easier to think about how many number of turning blocks are needed to turn a large ship versus having to learn rotational dynamics and placing thrusters in correct positions in relation to the center of mass of a ship in order to make it rotate on an axis.

    Gyros are easier
  6. Skeloton Master Engineer

    it is a lot easier. I mean KSP is fun and all but sometimes people just wanna kick back and make and/or break ****.
  7. Diewoe Apprentice Engineer

    Gyro's are used on the ISS to turn or rotate it if needed. They are also used on Satellites, rockets and the shuttle. The Hubble telescope used Gyros to change where it is pointing. Gyros used in the atmosphere would only work to keep a rocket or aircraft stable ( think of the spin of a bullet ) They do not have to power to OVER power air resistance at speed but in space they have no issues. the more Gyros you have the more control you can put on your object. The Mysterious effect that gyros cause is called precession. In General case percession works like this, If you have a spinning object and rotate it on its axis the gyro will try and rotate on its axis at right angles. This then can be used to turn or spin your ship/object.

    It's not "game" magic its physics.

    here is a a test you can do to understand better how gyros work. Get a bike tire and hold both sides of the axle. Now spin the tire really fast. You will feel a torque trying to turn you. Now if you stand on something that can rotate by turning the tire you can spin yourself.

  8. lucadena Apprentice Engineer

    999999999999 km/s = 3.3 million times the speed of light D:
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.