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Falling through world - mining caused a rip in "space time"

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by MightyJarJead, Nov 24, 2015.

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  1. MightyJarJead Trainee Engineer

    Running dedicated server, no speed mods, mined a hole, and a small area of the hole (same spot) as I approach it, I sort of bounce back, or get sucked in... then I'm on the other side. I can then fly around on the inside of the planet (another bug, dampers off in the suit you have infinite hydrogen), and looking back to where I came through, I can see terrain, i.e. the spot I came through at! Its like a rip in space time. I flew up to the hole and started mining, thinking I could get back through, and I glitched back.

    Problem here is, I cannot go near the area... and this happens to EVERY spot I mine, it doesn't take long. sometimes I take damage and die going near the spot. Rebooting the server, reconnecting, removing floating objects, nothing seems to work.

    Easy fix right Keen :) maybe this Thursday? You guys are the best! we're counting on you!

    i.e. mining pretty much a no-go on planets with this issue.
  2. Prescott Freyd Senior Engineer


    Thank you for the report. This is an interesting issue, if you could provide a video or even a save file with the world the issue has appeared in that would be great!
  3. Telquel Trainee Engineer

    Noticed this too, when there is ore chunks on ground in tunnel you mine those pieces most likely will cause sometimes very fast movement and will slip you through to ground to the void.
    Currently happened to me when mining horizontaly underground. Or when mining slighly downward underground.

    Also some cases those ore pieces could kill you.

    Tested to make open mine then there is no problem to slip through ground.

    Tested home lan DS without mods. EDIT: In survival mode
  4. Telquel Trainee Engineer

Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.