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Fast(er) building in early survival?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Vykromod, Mar 8, 2018.

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  1. Vykromod Trainee Engineer

    Good day,

    I've recently picked up this game. Being a survival sandbox maniac, I've went on to try this mode first after grasping the basics.

    The plan was simple. Land on a planet, mine some basic resources to set up a base with a space rocket port, then build a cruiser in the orbit to go out exploring. But here's a catch - having played Factorio, I've expected a similar level of "expansion and progress" to be available here but... it doesn't seem that simple.

    While mining is not that much of a problem, I cannot get around the problem of limited building power without dumping huge amount of resources into it. Building a large ship is out of question, as this is far more expensive than it is possible to afford at the start.

    So I went ahead and have built a small welding ship... aaand I got royally disappointed.

    Having already built a mining drone, I've expected ship-mounted welders to have a similar larger area of effect than handheld tools, but no, it appears ship welders are nearly point blank. With them only working at almost a kissing range, you need to do a significant amount of manual maneuvering in order for them to kick in and start welding. Combined with the fact that even a tiny ship is far more unwieldy than moving on foot, it's seems utterly impractical - it's actually faster to weld with a handheld tool than the ship welders.

    If I understood correctly the large ship version actually has some significant area of effect, but I can't afford to build a large ship yet. I've actually tried using large welders on small ship with use of connectors (as a sort of a "plug and play" attachment) but that fails, as I quickly learned that even though connectors do conduct power, they need to be already powered to work - adding a huge, heavy battery to an already heavy attachment is not feasible.

    Do you have any suggestions to this? Having to weld everything manually with handheld welder is a torture and I don't want to install mods as a workaround.
  2. Kidnoslo Trainee Engineer

    We've been having quite a discussion about this. The Devs did a change in the radius (they say) because one or more noobies complained about getting zapped after forgetting to turn the welders off. Before this change it was much easier and advantageous to use a welding ship. I got caught right after I had started a huge Drill, processing, double jump ship that I use for exploring and setting up new bases in Lone Survivor. Then the update came out and I couldn't use my 3D welder or my welding ship so I'v spent this last week welding by hand. Needless to say I was pretty pissed off!. The ship has 225 drills and I certainly din't want to grind them all down.
    I did manage to figure out a way to weld platforms with my ship but it is very tricky, time consuming and even more frustrating. I too resorted to doing it by hand and it was faster even with having to gather more inventory.
    Getting fried by your welding ship (I did several times) is a right of passage as far as I'm concerned and I find it hard to believe that a couple of complaints caused the change. In my humble and uneducated opinion the Devs have been struggling with crashes during welding (I've had several in the past) and I wonder if this is their way of trying to solve that problem. The funny thing is, it happened to me again while welding by hand tonight!
    I've been thinking a lot about their problem and there a re a number of fairly simple ways of addressing the noobies complaint without affecting the performance of the game. Explain to the noobies that the welders are very powerful and care should be taken to avoid the welding tip by at least two blocks. They could make it so the welders turn off when you leave the cockpit and make an override switch for remote control operation. Incorporate a sensor in the welders to protect player if they cross the forbidden zone.

    I love this game even with all the problems and I consider myself a bit of a nooby also. I only have 3101 hours! I truly believe the Devs will put it back to the way it was before the update if enough people complain about the change. I hope I'm wrong about the real reason for the change. I would rather put up with the crashes and enjoy the game than the way it is now.
  3. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    they massively reduced its wielding area because kids were plugging forks into outlets... standing in the lethal wielder zone and getting zapped.
    as well as a single thought that player made torpedo PMW player made weapons. were too powerful and wielders played a part in creating them.
    so they massively reduced its area...much to basically everyone's dislike
    i know you said you don't want mods but atm they could be the one thing that could save you time.
    if you ever change your mind.
    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=927381544 <- just started using this one very power hungry but useful it can work though blocks.
    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=857053359 <- i use this alot its like a set and forget building block when you give it the parts it needs.
    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=655922051 very advanced
  4. mdram Apprentice Engineer

    dont stay on a planet long
    once you get to space, materials are easy to get

    should take 2-3 hours ingame to leave the planet

    once you land
    create a simple platform with vargo container
    grind starter ship down put materials in cargo
    build as little as you need
    add 2 hydrogen tanks, large h2 thruster for lift, and your out

    once in space, land on a roid, start building
  5. odizzido Junior Engineer

    I haven't tried but you should be able to build a large grid welder on a small grid ship using a small grid rotor with a large grid head.
  6. Erzherzoghans Trainee Engineer

    I usually do not use ship based welders and just go by hand or use one of the mods that Forcedminer suggested. I play at realistic settings with .5x grind and weld settings.

    I would likely go with 2 ships for welding. 1 would be a compact welder with only one welder and a very small loadout and can fit into tight places. This would be used for welding parts in tight to reach places and if you need a lot of parts to weld for that block. The quest then becomes is it more useful to do it manually or not and that may be determined on what settings you are using. The other ship would be either still a small ship but it would be best if it was on a large ship would be a bulk Welder with a lot of welders so it makes it a lot faster to weld one section of a ship or base whether it is a flat section or if from a blueprint.
  7. Vykromod Trainee Engineer

    Are you kidding me? What kind of idiot developer agrees to such changes?! It's like people complain about getting cut by a knife, so the government makes all knives dull beyond usability. Seriously, this is stupid.

    I myself got killed a couple of times by the welder when starting out, but I'd have to be not right in the head to complain about that. There's an easy lifehack for manually controlled ships - bind your mouse 1 to welders as a weapon (so they only go when you hold the button) and DON'T leave them on.

    In any case, thank you, I've already changed my mind - turns out playing this without some mods is freaking impossible. Apart from the mods you've posted I've also got myself Twin Welders - these have a reasonable AOE around them, so they're not actually useless... unlike that vanilla garbage.
  8. gordon861 Apprentice Engineer

    I used to use a welding ship but I pretty much weld by hand right at the start now until I can build a 'Build and Repair' module (commonly called BOB) to do the work for me.

    The Build and Repair system is available off the Workshop, it uses nanobots to do the welding for you. It needs to be plumbed into your ship/base so that it can access the parts but it makes building large amounts of blocks a lot more doable, even with a limited inventory.
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  9. Forcedminer Senior Engineer


    It's so useful. with so many settings.
    it wields if it has the parts, wields if an object has the parts, grinds if you define a ship color to grind [useful for getting rid of spawn ship], can be set to collect loose objects on players,wolf or dropped items. like dropped ores

    it has made me so lazy. i just wedge one onto my factory early enough set the assembler to build what i need make the block i want...then buzz off and do something else.

    it could be a bit more flashy when the nanobots are travelling but to be honest its a pretty perfect mod. the settings are a bit daunting at first but i love it.

  10. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    I tried the Nanobot Build and Repair System mod, but it ended up wandering off looking for John Connor.
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  11. Mollymawk Trainee Engineer

    Did they really nerf the small welders because of the kill zone? That is retarded. Did no one think to use a sensor to turn the welders off if a body is detected.
  12. Forcedminer Senior Engineer

    I strongly believe that was a rather pathetic excuse the main one being player made torpedo style weapons packing kinetic impact damage.

    if that was the case then....I've died from using jetpacks on a planet and i didn't pack an extra hydrogen bottle...gravity eats up too much hydrogen too much its op plz nerf plz. PLZ NERF OMG FIX THIS GAME NOW LIKE THIS IMPOSSIBLE INSTANT :p
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  13. Calaban Junior Engineer

    It is true that creations like the Death Lotus may have caused printed grid spam hate- and welder range shackles arrived as a result to shut them down.

    Because you know how the Internet works: Show some impressionable kid something cool, and he will immediately run off and trash multiplayers servers with it- inanely believing in his soul that THIS is how the game engine should be played with from now on and forever
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.