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Feedback [MPTest June 28th - July 6th]

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by rad_colmic, Jul 4, 2018.

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  1. rad_colmic Trainee Engineer

    firstly I do not do this normally but I am just reporting my findings for people who have not delved into the MPTest.

    I am greatly impressed with the progress Keen has shown with this public testing.

    Some things I have experienced so far are

    • Worlds have not had voxel reset since the 28th (that I have seen) and I was on a world with 28 players with a sim speed today 7/4/2018 and it was holding around .9 sim speed. This is amazing with me, a NA player playing on a Europe server, I did this on purpose to see how high latency effected the game-play as I cannot always choose where the server is hosted. This has been very little of an issue so far.
    • We had a small issue where the save function caused severe lag each time it ran, but that was resolved quite quickly.
    • Laser antennas work, there are still some connection issues at times but it actually works, as opposed to when the server runs hiding mods and laser antennas no longer work as the grid is not in existence if you are not near it. The connection issues/sync issues are minor to me as the idea that it is working is a great step in the correct direction. Furthermore that it is working after so many days with so many players manipulating the terrain and running ships and crashing things.
    • I have had only one issue where my ship rubber banded to a set position rendering it useless.
      Video Here
    • The block limit function is really necessary for long term server function. Keen has shown that these functions are actually possible with this feature
      • Limits could be placed on factions with a larger amount of points for the faction but each member draws from that number
      • Player limits where players have a set number of points each at a lower overall limit.
      • Global limits where the entire server and everything built by a player is shared.
    • The block limits for player, which is what i chose to play the majority of the test with, are decent but I found that having my small ship miner(4 drills), small utility ship, and a very basic small base, used about half of the points I had to spend. To build a third planetary escape vessel may prove hard. Dismantling ships or just removing all the high cost components to a ship may need to happen. This could make things like the shipyard mod very useful where you can "store" a ship when not needed and save points without having to rebuild the ship. Next point also helps if you want to play vanilla.
    • Projectors seem to work. I have not tested this myself but others have stated that they are working.
    • Scripts have not been activated but I do not use them that often and those are another hurdle entirely. For now I am focused on the sim speed and sync issues which I have found greatly reduced
    • No special things have been activated on the servers such as must have beacon or any limit like that. which means you can make many small drones if you have the points, and do not need to add extras.
    • The spawn ships do not seem to cost points until you use a merge block.
    • i was able to easily walk in a ship while moving on planet with thrust override activated.
    Overall the testing has shown a great improvement in the MP experience. I do wish I knew the server hardware used for the testing (it may be stated somewhere if anyone knows please let me know)

    If the point system can be used for all 3 (faction, global, and player) I believe the server experience will be awesome.

    good job Keen on this iteration and just letting you know that this improvement is amazing. I would put this change on the level of the addition of planets if it continues to be as good as it has been for me. I just hope server hardware requirements are not too great and that the server admin experience is improved, that will likely be a later test but cant wait to see more.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.