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Feedback on new 1.18 tutorials

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Krougal, Jan 22, 2016.

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  1. Krougal

    Krougal Senior Engineer

    Reproduced from changelog thread (because it's such a cesspool I wouldn't blame you guys if you stop reading it after page 2)

    Oh, also nice work on the new tutorials. Some feedback (nitpicking most of it, you guys did good)

    I still for the life of me can't tell the difference between light and dark grass in #2, maybe it is because it's under windows? I even turned grass on.
    Honestly I wouldn't even know about it if someone hadn't mentioned it in a thread, have never observed it (but then I don't play much on planets).
    Air vent is not being set to depressurize by that timer, it stays yellow.
    Pt can be found on moons, but you need ionic thrusters for moons. Where is the logic?
    Yes, I guess you need to slog it out with H2 thrusters until you refine a shit-ton of plat, ya think ya might wanna mention that to noobs?

    I feel like a dumbass for not knowing P also does switch lock (but then documentation says gear & color picker). Don't look at me like that! I usually keep my gear on auto-lock.
    So the scuttler actually does have 6 wheels...whodathunkit :p
    Very cool little piston crane, too bad we can't use things like that in survival without them imploding :p

    The airlocks were disappointing, coulda put more work into it. Really encouraging the 2 door unpressurized setup? Bleh!
    Even without scripting a lot better can be done.
    It wouldn't hurt to give new players a little more primer on timer blocks and sensors.
  2. Malware

    Malware Master Engineer

    You can use Ion thrusters on moons as opposed to planets, but you don't need them. You can use hydrogen thrusters.

    (ps: I haven't tested out the tutorials yet. Planned to, never got the chance.)
  3. Krougal

    Krougal Senior Engineer

    I doubt you'll learn anything new (I wasn't expecting to either, but I'm a noob next to you) but I try to make an honest attempt to actually test features as they're added.

    The line about the Pt, I was quoting from the tutorial.
    Some (ok, most) of my comments are a little snarky, but hey, you know me ;)
    Reference to scuttler actually having 6 wheels, as anyone who has ever tried to build it knows, they tend to have clipping issues and disappear from projection.
    Pistons *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* say no more.

    Honestly though, I think they were pretty good, short and sweet, to the point. I didn't try to break anything (seen some peoples parking jobs lol) but they seem as idiot proofed as I would consider reasonable (H2 bottles & ice stashed, recall buttons for lifts, etc).
  4. Krougal

    Krougal Senior Engineer

    Oh, another thought. A tutorial on getting from planet to space might be a good idea.
    Probably as the last one since flying into space is kinda long and boring, but maybe covering the basics of building and fueling an H2 rocket. Maybe make a little NASA launch pad type base.
    Explain the differences between the 3 thruster types (or is this done in 1 of the original tuts? been a while so I forget)
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.