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Finished my ship, now what?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by gazeebo, Jun 29, 2014.

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  1. gazeebo Apprentice Engineer

    As the title says, I've just spend exactly 1 month building my large ship with 10 refineries, a small ship miner and a small ship grinder/welder.
    I have everything I need, what should I do next? Start a new game? Build an even bigger ship?
    What would you do?

    Basically, what is there to do/what do you do in survival once you've gotten all bases covered?
  2. Shaostoul Senior Engineer

    Survive armageddon
  3. Crewman87 Apprentice Engineer

    Get creative and build overly complex things to do the simplest of a task? At least until the devs give us objectives or sorts.
  4. Demon_82 Trainee Engineer

    Go online and try not to loose your ship to a random newcomer crashing, that's a big task :p
  5. jb_aero Trainee Engineer

    Make it a large ship miner and large ship grinder/welder.

    Then a robotic arm and matching revolving tool belt so that your large ship can do all those things interchangeably.
  6. malcheus Trainee Engineer

    Build a ship with grinders on the port side, connected to welders on the starbord side, equip it with a moveable grabbing arm to grab NPC ships and push them into the grinders.
    Build the wall of grinders so big that nothing goes to waste and you can completely grind up an entire NPC ship in one go.
    For extra points make it work automatically, and build a more awesome ship using the welders on the starbord side while the grinders are grinding away.
  7. Polenicus Apprentice Engineer

    It's like Minecraft. You can build yourself a dirt hut, gather enough resources for some torches and stone tools, plant a garden and call the game won. Before they added the Nether, the End, etc you'd technically be right, but no one EVER stops playing Minecraft there.


    Because at some point they stop, look at a mountain and say "You know that that mountain needs? A Skull Fortress. Crying lava from the eye sockets. With a secret entrance using pistons. And railway system connecting it to my mine! And booby traps! Oooh! And I'll need to start a server with this world file so I can show my friends!"

    And thus a project is born, and from that purpose.

    So... you need a project. Your factory ship is set to go? I needs a battlecruiser escort. And a station to dock at. No, a bigger station. A drydock, with facilities to strip down and quickly build ships. And some NPC ships as trophies. And build a racetrack connecting ALL the asteroids, and some racers. And EVERYTHING should have gravity drives. And you should invite your friends to see. And open your game to griefers so you can test your defenses...

    The fun of the game is not just surviving, but seeing what you can accomplish within the constraints of the game and the resources it gives you.
  8. laminblake Trainee Engineer

    The real challenge is in MP
    There you have unpredictable adversaries
    Dangerous flying objects that can destroy most stations
    Vile pirates that like to steal uranium for nefarious purposes
    and wonky physics that prevent you from using landing gears
  9. kristakis Junior Engineer

    You have built a ship. Now build a bigger one that is capable of grinding the first one down in a single interaction - extra points if you make it the shape of a shark or pacman. Once that's done, build an even bigger ship that can eat that one. Continue this process until the server crashes or you run out of resources.
  10. Vesicles Trainee Engineer

    Jump into a Survival public dedicated server.
  11. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Yea and hopefully one day next year sometime we might get whole empires as enemies !
    Conquer the galaxy quest !
    New game mode !
    Like homeworld 2 where you can be allied with some factions and enemies of others !
  12. Akio Trainee Engineer

    I hate trying to refit ships with gravity drives that actually go straight, so i have taken to building all of my ships with laterally mounted engine tubes and leaving a big flat panel on the back to build a grav drive when i have enough materials.
  13. Deadlock989 Apprentice Engineer

  14. Thesla Trainee Engineer

    First, you save your game, then you close it, go to the steam store, buy a month of EVE online and play a game where your spaceships actually have a purpose
  15. Aurenian Apprentice Engineer

    Never mind that it will take two months to train up to fly anything interesting ;)
  16. malimber Apprentice Engineer

  17. mredge73 Apprentice Engineer

    Try to build the same ship in a no rules large server PVP survival game.
    Good luck.
  18. PeterHammerman Junior Engineer

    or build Death Star in survival pvp ;)
  19. youcancallmesir Trainee Engineer

    You are sort of correct. By the end of my second month, I could fly any T1 ship up to BS in any race, along with the pirate faction stuff. I could fly most T2 frigates, and was in the middle of deciding whether I wanted a Marauder or a Black Ops BS so I could continue my specialization.

    Anything interesting, you can definitely fly within two months. First thing, use one of your freebie stat re-spends and spec to train combat skills.

    Stay Frosty is open recruitment, if you want to have some PvP fun.
  20. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Shoot your neighbor and steal his stuff.

    And in the process loose your ship.

    Now start over again.
  21. JayCo2013 Apprentice Engineer

    Capture the mine layer and convert it into a ship which can actually perform that duty and lay said mines out in space to form a free floating net of mines ready to kill anyone who come close enough.
  22. piddlefoot Senior Engineer

    Go take a dump !
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.