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(Fixed Bug) how do i delete thread?

Discussion in 'General' started by Reddley, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Reddley Trainee Engineer

    When a ship has wheels on it or connected to it as a subgrid, the parking break and the space bar break still apply to a ship that's in space or hovering.
  2. GrindyGears Senior Engineer

  3. ViroMan Senior Engineer

    LMAO... wait... you get air brakes!?

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  4. Calaban Junior Engineer

    Ive noticed this as well, BUT the solution to avoid it is something that is best done anyway: when in space, hovering, or in flight, have a hotkey for the cockpit to control wheels on/off.

    This keeps the wheels from turning or spinning, and also negates the "is it up thrust or brake that he wants?" confusion.

    My Jump Buggys use it all the time, works great.
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  5. Dio-Svk Trainee Engineer

    Check if (P) symbol (Gui stuff) is not ON when flying. I experienced that too (spaceship while flying is burnng the wheels) and mostly if disconnected from connectors using default "P key". I never use default "P key" as it will instantly create issues with the grids/ships. You better utilize the ship toolbar. Add all stuff as "extra thing". Connector (switch lock), Landgear (switch lock) and wheels (handbrake).
  6. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    Honestly, I was "park braking" using the toolbar long before I found out there was a park brake hotkey.
  7. Reddley Trainee Engineer

    Yeah like that lol