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Fixing Space Engineers

Discussion in 'General' started by Zaphoddius, Aug 1, 2018.


Choose the ones you agree with.

  1. 1 - Grabbing Function

  2. 2 - Buttons

  3. 3 - Displaying information

  4. 4 - Visitors

  5. 5 - Compound Blocks

  6. 6 - Progression

  7. 7 - Connecting People

  8. 8 - Stuff that spawns purely to kill you with no reason or explaination

  9. The game is already finished, and thats why no ones playing it.

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  1. Zaphoddius Trainee Engineer

    How to make the game, like a proper game.

    We're thinking RELEVANT here. NOT random robot exploding dogs or the equally dumb non exploding, non robot dogs, or the meteorites that spawn inside a planet from 5km away, but out of the sun in the rotating skybox. No one turns these features on because they suck. It insults your experience.

    (1 - Grabbing function)
    One of my fondest memories of playing SE online is flying off to save a guy who was being carried away into eternity by inertia. I couldn't quite scoop him up and I thought how amazing it would be if he could grab on to the ship with his hands and climb around to the door. It's a simple idea that is relevant to the game play. It's unique and adds a whole spectrum of experiences and possibilities to your interactions. Grab on to a ship and pull yourself along. Or grab onto people and pull them in, or push them away (much hilarity to be had there)

    (2 - Buttons) As space people in space, I think the more you can do with control panels the better. Personally I'd like it if we could engineer the interfaces and button layouts ourselves :) for example, a grid where small buttons could be added in a custom layout.

    (3 - Displaying information)
    Every space thing has someone yelling a bit of information they've just read off a screen. This is fundamental to the experience. We need information that is accessible from a point, to give purpose to having a crew, and needing to be active and actually play the game in some way. Some examples:
    - A screen or overlay from a certain control panel that allows you to see the MAP of the ship, as a 2D representation, floor by floor. Damage indication etc.
    - Incoming torpedoes! A radar style interface so someone can see the red thingy moving toward the green thingy.
    You get where I'm going with this. More interfaces that can expand on what we can control.
    - Ore interface can scan more accurately and lock ore positions or see how much it can give you.
    - Ship to ship communications interface panel.
    - Engines control from a special panel can allow for heat control or vent and fluid management to get more out of the engines.
    - Tactical panel can better use the guns and locking systems.

    This all allows people to have something to do on the ship, a CREW = Gameplay + 1000 points

    (4 - Visitors) How happy would you be, if you had a station with a docking port, and some NPC comes, sends you a message to trade or use your facilities, docks, and an NPC astronaut walks in. They sit on the special NPC chair that you have to build for this to work and you can sit opposite and trade on the computer. They could be buying or selling, or need repairs. Maybe there are other NPC blocks that they can use if you have. Bed? Bar? Food dispenser? And they can hang around for a bit and leave. An old skool text box when you talk to them, says random things. (TWITCH INTEGRATION?) Donations can come up on a special panel. That's for number 3..

    (5 - Compound blocks)
    I know this is like built into the engine, but if there was a paid DLC called Compound Blocks, and it just enabled compound blocks. I'd buy it.

    (6 - Progression)
    This is Space Engineers, so lets think. We want to build shit and have it work and look cool. So mission objectives could include performing an amount of trade, or repairs, or building a facility or ship for some contractor.
    Rewards could include - unlocking new assets to make your stuff look cooler like sims (if you cba to make assets, open it up to the community like TF2 did) Credits to buy premade ships straight off the steam workshop. Vanity stuff. Upgrade slots.

    (7 - Connecting people)
    If you could create an IN GAME way of traveling between servers and save games. Like a system map that you can travel with a warp drive or something, and it plops you in your friends server with your ship. SUDDENLY it's space, you're there, everyone else is there, even though you're on your own.

    If SE had these features, I would make all my friends fucking play it with me and I'd record it and make a youtube series. It would be open to a lot more types of fun and I think a lot of new people would join the community. Even if it was added in a simple way.

    I have so many ideas, but I chose the most open, game play enhancing ones that would make SE feel complete.

  2. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    You're new, huh? :)
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  3. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    What about Unicorn blocks? They create liquid water, shields and rainbow-coloured shields...

    Sorry, that was a bit mean but I could not help it. Welcome, friend Zaphodddius to this our forum realm! Let me translate what @Ronin1973 means (I might be horribly wrong but then again...):

    Things like NPCs, progression and compound blocks have been suggested countless times by multiple people. Sometimes worse, sometimes better fleshed out than your ideas. Some of your suggestions are novel, I grant you that. And I admire your dedication to the game to a point where you get to thinking how it could be improved. But... there are severe limitations on what can be done and how it can be done - from the engine to the complexity of AI in a threedimensional gaming environment to the strain things like this would put on the computers of gamers.

    Truth be told, I expect NONE of your suggestions to be appearing in the game at all. That's not saying that I would not like some of them. But we've all had our share of dreaming about what SE could be for each of us. I myself would... naaaa, I've buried those expectations. And maybe, so should you. Because the game will be what it will be when it is ready. People like @Ronin1973 and @Malware and @Whiplash141 and @GrindyGears have put in countless hours and enlarged the orginial scope of this game and it's already difficult enough at it is for the developers to deliver things that still impress us and make us continue to play the game. Those users and the people that have implemented their feedback and their criticism are what makes this game even more unique than it already is. Your input is awesome, because it shows that there are many more that can think of even better things for a game like SE. But please don't be disappointed when it does not get implemented. Because developers have to sleep, too and because game engines have limitations. And maybe even more important: because every game needs a realistic scope.
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  4. sammyvoncheese Apprentice Engineer

    Yes please!
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  5. VigotheDudepathian Trainee Engineer

    I do like all these ideas and as mention need you must be new as all of these have been discussed and there are mods for most of them. And compound blocks will likely never get added. Ever.
  6. NoThanks Apprentice Engineer

    Oh how can I resist jumping on this bandwagon? Welcome to the forums!

    Though I will go ahead and toss out the "grabbing" feature is one I haven't quite seen mentioned in any detail... Like how you can stop a piece of ore from drifting by "touching" it, even if your inventory is full, expand on that concept a bit. However, that sounds an awful lot like a physics effect, and KSH isn't notorious for nailing those down in a reasonable length of time, still I like the idea. Surprised you didn't mention Wires, volumetric water, or increased max speed though.
  7. Roxette Senior Engineer

    Why blocks? why not just replace the wolves with Unicorns ?
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  8. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    shielded unicorns that want to stab you.... I am amazed of how good that sounds
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  9. Roxette Senior Engineer

    I'm thinking importing the existing deer model from Medieval Engineers with a re-skin should be fairly simple >.>
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  10. sammyvoncheese Apprentice Engineer

    oh deer!
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  11. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    They should explode like the original cyber-hounds as well. Exploding unicorns that drop unicorn space suits!
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  12. domingo Trainee Engineer

  13. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    That video... it is so glorious.... I am in love
  14. Bullet_Force Apprentice Engineer

    I'm a PVP player so most of these suggestions seem pretty meh to me but I am always keen for new functional blocks that ad to the gameplay rather then just cosmetics.
  15. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Thank you so much for the compliment. But I can't stand with the rest of these guys in contributing to the game. I think of what @Malware has done, alone, and just want to clarify that I can't take credit for anything. I'm vocal in the forums but can't really think of how I've contributing anything along those lines.

    I have a couple of ideas for overhauling the toolbar system that I'm going to post on the feedback website and probably put a link on this forum. Hopefully it makes the toolbar a little easier to populate, read, and add some very useful information to it. But in no way am I even in the same league.

    But thank you so much for the mention.
  16. Morloc Apprentice Engineer

    "8 - Stuff that spawns purely to kill you with no reason or explaination"

    Without having a more reasonable option of "Provide for challenging and interesting survival features" I'm sort of forced to select #8.

  17. Zaphoddius Trainee Engineer

    I thought that when I posted this, that it's just not gonna happen. I've actually been playing SE since it first appeared on steam, and I posted nearly the same ideas about 3 or 4 years ago. I just heard the latest update interview with Merek saying how he wants to make this a full release game, and he doesn't want to leave it dead in the water but that's what I heard in his voice. To be honest, I'm okay with that, if it's to make SE2 but then that could be all kinds of wrong. This was a last attempt to throw the reality of what this game needs to make it great, in a rough way, I was trying to make it simple so it wouldn't seem out of reach for the developers. The AI thing isn't even AI, it doesn't react to anything, apart from not crashing into your station blocks it just goes to a spot and enables a trading menu. Even in it's most basic form it would be cool.

    But yeah, in reality it ain't gonna happen and I never thought it would. Maybe SE2 if they don't go and make a fantasy game with magic. PLEASE DON'T make a fantasy game with magic, you don't have the artistic ability to make something fantastical in that way. Engineery games suit your art style, kinda serious and not magical or lovely. If they go more sci fi with shields and stuff.. Yeah that could be awesome. I want them to work on the crumple mechanics and make it so like the ship can bend in the middle but that's seems super complicated in my head.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.