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Fun discovery of the day

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Jarin, Sep 22, 2014.

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  1. Jarin Trainee Engineer

    It's always nice to find a little trick that makes life easier. Today's discovery: using sensors to automatically toggle off welders and grinders if a person is detected in range. I'm always forgetting to turn the dang things off, and then casually fly past at some point and - hello, respawn menu.

    Got any other simple tips that might not be immediately obvious?
  2. Jas Apprentice Engineer

    the most simple and near to be an useless use of sensors: to open and close doors :)
    and obviously hangar/blast doors too
  3. Jikanta Apprentice Engineer

    EctoSage wouldn't kill his friends so much if he did utilized that lol
  4. NathanTheSpaceSurvivor Apprentice Engineer

    Not only him! I remember he welded Arron to death to get Henry welded. GG Sage. Stil it is a good series to watch because as the story goes on updates occur
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  5. bed127 Trainee Engineer

    If you're holding down left click, open the 'G' menu without letting go, then release left click once in the 'G' menu. Then close the 'G' menu, and you'll still be welding/grinding. The moment you pop out of your ship they'll stop. Used to kill myself all the time because I would just toggle them on, jump out to place blocks and die from my own stupidity. Also works with hand tools to make things smoother, and you can release it by tapping left click again.
  6. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    I discovered that you can paint colors on already built blocks in survival mode. Useful for fixing color mistakes, customizing your base decor, and vandalizing other ships.
  7. gimmilfactory Junior Engineer

    Having cube block out and highlighting surface, then pressing shift+P allows you to sample an already placed block's color. This is nice if you go through as man color schemes as I do, and not having a large enough Platte to keep them all.
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  8. ObjectZero Apprentice Engineer

    Pressing "m" for mirror in creative. Speed up the build time by 50% at least. I still have yet to find out if it works in survival.
  9. theodoulos Trainee Engineer

    My discovery: you rotate faster while pressing alt+q,e than just q,e. only in space suit however
  10. Blako Apprentice Engineer

    Bed127, theodoulous nice I didn't know that.
    1. List of controls: F1
    2. When holding mouse with a hand torch press the enter key, release your mouse, and press enter again, to lock your torch ON. Caution, doing this with a grinder causes accidents.
    3. Hold the "enter ship" key when hand drilling to pick up any rock under your cross-hairs.
    4. Left click drill harvests, Right click drill destroys.
    5. Turning connectors off now turns off the magnets! Hallelujah!
    6. Start a small ship with a landing gear and enough steel blocks "upward" that you can get under the ship and weld it's underside.
    7. A Ship turret with no bullets will still serve as a warning laser or can point to floating debris.
    8. Go exterior camera when holding ALT to rotate the exterior camera. Also works with Alt + arrow keys.
    9. In creative hold left click + shift + ctrl to place a wall of blocks.
    10. In creative Ctrl+middle mouse paints a 3x3 and Shift+middle mouse paints a 5x5. (or the opposite?)
    11. In survival one of those combinations paints an area and places a single block provided you have the components.
    12. Ctrl + left click on many of the sliders to type in 45 degrees to a rotor or 6.1 meters to a piston.
    13. Antennas can broadcast gravity fields letting you see and fine tune them.
    14. When jetpack-ing tap X twice to level your eyes to the local gravity.
    15. M to cycle symmetry modes, Left click to select it, N to toggle it on/off.
    Inventory wise:
    1. Click and hold will move items.
    2. Double clicking will move an entire stack to the cargo box on the opposite side of the screen and at the top of the list. It will also correctly add items to an existing stack.
    3. Right click drag will let you type in how many you want to move. Right click drag and a click on the down arrow will leave one item behind as a place holder in your sorted cargo box.
    4. Typing in the name of cargo boxes you're looking for will only show boxes that match that name and allow you access to the quick double click or precise right click methods. Here time-stamp 8:47
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  11. kristakis Junior Engineer

    Same keys in survival but pressing CTRL will attempt to place a block - so either move into the cube so you can't place or "paint" with an item you don't have the first component for.

    CTRL+Click will move 10 items, SHIFT+Click will move 100.
  12. Arcturus Senior Engineer

    Is there any way to move 1 item with a single click?

    If I want a few (i.e. 4) items out of a stack of 100, I right-click move the stack within the same inventory and then press the down arrow 4 times to move 96 items and leave 4 behind. I can then doubleclick/shiftclick the stack of 4.
  13. kristakis Junior Engineer

    Not that I've seen, perhaps a feature request to have alt+click for that. While your at it - ask for ctrl+shift to move 1000 at a time please.
  14. Blako Apprentice Engineer

    I didn't know until yesterday...
  15. kittle Senior Engineer

    Is your hand grinder going slow? ... move it around a bit. The progress bar will move faster.
    helps a lot when hacking NPC ship doors

    Same for welding with the hand welder.
  16. Kuu Lightwing Senior Engineer

    You can now armor your small rocket launchers and even hide them behind the cockpit :D

  17. Comicsluvr Trainee Engineer

    Sensors on the front of a mining drone can be used to auto-drive the drone through an asteroid.

    Sensors on the back of the same drone can be used to auto-dump materials when it returns to the station.
  18. Blako Apprentice Engineer

    Middle mouse button turns turns off all drills/guns except one.
  19. Troa Barton Apprentice Engineer

    If you're tired of chasing after pieces of a ship you're grinding down, merge it to a station block before you begin. Everything will stay right where it is while you grind it down.

    Another trick

    The location you enter a cockpit will be the closest physically possible location you will be when you exit. Useful for setting a welding ship to do its thing jumping out to do something else without getting nuked.

    Another thing not mentioned but likely useful to someone, if you want to select all interior lights for example. Click the top light in the list then scroll down to the bottom, hold shift then click the last one and everything between the two points will be selected.

    Another thing I've found is if you have a thruster constantly pushing down on a vehicle it handles a lot better than using mass blocks.
  20. picklerok Junior Engineer

    Tired of the connector's pull being difficult to break free from? Add an option to turn the connector on/off via the toolbar. When you want to break free, turn the connector off. As soon as you want to connect again, turn it back on. It's less of a nuisance than having to awkwardly rotate your ship to break free.
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  21. MegaMiner Junior Engineer

    sensors on front and back can make it automatically drill through and then stop, as I did with my mining ship (link in sig)
  22. Lupus Irae Apprentice Engineer

    I am confused... I know a change a while ago made missiles not detonate in the missile tubes under high rotation speeds, are you saying those missile tubes are behind armor blocks?
  23. LaForge Apprentice Engineer

    yup.. it's probably the same 'feature' that allowes us to add all thrusters in a row. (as long as they touch eachother)
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  24. Kirona Trainee Engineer

    Right-click-and-drag (instead of normal click-and-drag with the left button) in inventory menus brings up a dialogue to define EXACTLY how many of an item you wish to move, whether it's 1 or 7 objects, or 12.37kg of ore/ingots/uranium.

    While placing blocks in survival, click and hold while up close to your targeted block's location to automatically weld it - without switching your hotbar selection! Also works if you've placed but not completed a block, just click+hold and you switch from placement to welding automatically.
    (must be close enough to weld or this won't work, obviously)
    EDIT: The right-click-and-drag is already mentioned earlier in the thread, but I thought it bore mentioning again since comments after it were still asking how to move specific amounts (e.g. 1) of items.
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  25. goduranus Junior Engineer

    Lots of people miss out on this one:

    Small ship drill and large ship drill actually bore out the same area, which is 5x5 small blocks, so you can space your small ship drills 2 blocks apart and dig more ore with fewer drills. This also means you don't really need large ship drillers as small ships will drill at the same rate for lower cost.
  26. goduranus Junior Engineer

    Another one, you can put timers on your cruise missiles to makes them attack several hours after you set them. When you're no where near the area, or perhaps not even logged in.
  27. moomin Trainee Engineer

    a sensor to power off the forward thrusters on that automatic drill u have tunneling through asteroids? Does that count? :)

    I was soooo happy when those sensors came out, worst one was when my mining rig/drill was 60k away,.. try catching up to that :p (also the moment i decided to not play on a random server anymore :) )
  28. Dreokor Senior Engineer

    While looking at the sound files, I found HUD warnings for "Out of Food" and "Out of Water"
  29. Knsgf Junior Engineer

    These are leftovers from Miner Wars.
  30. ShadowHunter12 Trainee Engineer

    Connectors directly in front of another that are also part of the same ship can still lock together, allowing for a merge block system with working conveyors, or a method to isolate part of a ship's conveyor system on demand.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.