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Game over man, its game over!

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Dr_Death_Defy, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. Dr_Death_Defy Trainee Engineer

    So I just watched Aliens for the first time in a while and a thought struck me. what about an enemy type very similar to the titular alien? It could move fast, be stealthy, hard to kill and VERY deadly! Let me know what you guys think! I know this idea probably wont be very well received (and I hope i'm wrong) but it has potential I think. I'm not saying it should make the game more action focused, but just keep players on their toes. Make them a bit more wary of an unexplored asteroid, or, maybe even let them spawn on ships! And I know I talked about this idea being spawned as a result of watching Aliens, but having one alien, more akin to the first movie, would be better I think. Make it rare to encounter said alien and if you do kill it, make the respawn time for it REALLY long. If you have any questions as to what exactly i'm imagining just ask. Thanks!
  2. Conradian Moderator

    Aliens: No.

    NPC AI of some kind e.g. Drones/Other humans: Yes.

    That's how I view it, and I hope how the devs view it.
  3. Vermillion Senior Engineer

    Marek Wan Kenobi: "This is not the game you are looking for..."
  4. Tazkar Trainee Engineer

    Personally I don't want random aliens to spawn on my ship or station that I've secured. I don't need the fear of returning home only to be chomped.

    Not a huge fan of aliens in the game anyway due to the concept. About the only aliens I'd accept are potentially ones that live in space(Space sheep so to speak) but even then that's probably well into the sci fi fantasy realm.

    I'd rather have to deal with AI Terran raiders or such but events that you can sort of plan for not just get blindsided because the RNG decided it was time for a nasty to spawn IN your ship.
  5. Black spiky thing Apprentice Engineer

    I want the Borg Collective instead.
  6. Tazkar Trainee Engineer

    We're to primitive in game to warrant their attention, they'd just cruise on by to go assimilate a culture with technology they can make use of to improve themselves.
  7. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    I think the "AI" for bases you ATTACK, instead of really complicated AI that attacks YOU, is more likely to be created by the devs.

    And by "AI" I mostly mean devious bases with autoturrets and missile launchers that aim for you when you try to invade. Building the right ship to do the job, and survive, and get something valuable inside, will be quite a bit of content for almost no AI effort.

    I am particularly hopeful that the devs will make it possible for players to create these scenarios so we can try them out easily in our worlds, without excess disruption.

    Aliens? No. Go play Mass Effect.
  8. TheGrover Trainee Engineer

    Perhaps aliens could exist in game as far as piloting the npc craft, giving you a dynamic challenge should you decide to board one to steal their treasures (ie rifle wieldng aliens defending their craft the same way that you would if it were your ship), but they shouldnt be vicious hunting aliens, but crafty alien engineers instead.

    Maybe they could be implemented at a later date, but there might be a few more gameplay features to code first
  9. Fedor Trainee Engineer

    I think aliens can be only as extinct race wich left automated systems (ships, stations, etc.) where you can find some of unknown tech, but if such feature will be implemented - it will be the last one, because it is game about ingeneering, not about salvaging.
  10. Drunken_doc Apprentice Engineer

    *clicks the like button*
  11. Stonewolf Junior Engineer

    Mates, humans are from earth not from space... we are the aliens :eek

    To movie 'aliens' in the game, no, I played that too many times already.
  12. toxi Apprentice Engineer

    there are so many games out there with EXACTLY that alien.

  13. Ash87 Senior Engineer

    Read the Q&A from the IAMA.

    My opinion: As a mod, yes. As part of the unmodded game, no.
  14. Fidel Battista Apprentice Engineer

    i am struck by the fact that OP just watched "Aliens" for the first time...
  15. McHendrik Apprentice Engineer

    He said "So I just watched Aliens for the first time in a while" so I interpret that to mean it was not the actual first time.
  16. Drunken_doc Apprentice Engineer

    You'd better sit yourself down then, as you'll be devastated by the fact that I've not seen any of the Alien series of fims in their entirety. I start watching them, and then just get bored... there's nothing in the films that grips me at all.
  17. Ozwart Trainee Engineer

    even the marine in aliens werent entertaining enough for you?
    man what it takes......
  18. ArcherV Apprentice Engineer

    +1 for Aliens - but not aliens like the predator/"alien".

    I think their are some other sorts of "aliens" which would be fit with SE perfectly. These "aliens" could replace the current neutral ships.

    Lets list such alien-races/factions:

    1. Terraformer/Xenon (X-Series)
    Their ships are all automatic. They have no physical NPCs onboard. (THE ship is the npc) So if you enter such a ship their will be nearly zero resistance - exceot some automatic turrets.
    The Xenons are neutral-agressiv - they wont raid your homebase - but if you are comeing to close they will attack you.

    2. Cylons (Battlestar Galactica/Caprica)
    Well, I think you know all the cylons.


    They have physical NPCs onboard their ships - some are robots (with weapons) - some are artificial humans. Each ship has one pilot ( -> not automatic).
    The Cylons are an aggresive race which will raid your homebase from time to time. They are multiple cylongroups - youu can have ceasefire/alliance with one of them them (watch cylon and cylon rebellions).
  19. tharkus Junior Engineer

    I dont know if aliens but yes , the game could become more deep and fun if AI be added.
    maybe enemy factions of engineers, or pirate ships attacking you. im not against the idea of aliens, but most people call the
    excuse of realism.. that i dont care.

    anyways i dont understand the people coming just to say "NO" This people should explain more the motives.
  20. Black spiky thing Apprentice Engineer

    Well not THE borg collective, something like it.

    Maybe rogue construction/military AI that attempts to kill the player and steal their bases and resources.
  21. Hawthorn Apprentice Engineer

    I'd support militant space-mold, but not Alien.
    (Tyranids, yes, but alien, nooooo way. I'm far too traumatized by Alien.)
  22. Aurenian Apprentice Engineer

    How about some silicon based aliens with animal intelligence that spawn in some of the asteroids?
  23. Junger_Werwolf Apprentice Engineer

    My opinion it not a bad idea to give this game another sort of lifeform, not the alien it would be too deadly but im thinking of an other lifeform like bugs that live on some asteroids and you have to kill them befor you can harvest the asteroid. So you also have a use for the weapons even if you just play a cooperative multiplayer. I didnt want them to spawn on my ship or my station/asteroid but on the far once, why not? Maybe they can give you some kind of slime or somethig else to give you a special color to paint you ship lets say a metallic paint, something you cant do with the brushtool
  24. xtom Trainee Engineer

    It would certainly make exploring and scavenging abandoned ships nice and scary if there were sometimes an alien creature on board. The unknown dangers of space travel. :)
  25. Marneus Apprentice Engineer

    Yes! definitely!! It would add a great atmosphere to the game and a better purpose for survival games.
  26. propagandawar Apprentice Engineer

    Brain eating amebae's that somehow survived in a gaseous asteroid that hit your ship and then slowly infect you. It's always the damn amebae's that get ya.
  27. Drunken_doc Apprentice Engineer

    Bishop was interesting, along with its previous model. But I've seen the knife trick now, so there's nothing left.

    The marines are nothing but comic relief. And if I want laughs from some sci-fi film, I'll watch... I dunno... Galaxy Quest or something. :)
  28. Frazah Trainee Engineer

    I'll say what I said over on reddit.

    Aliens: Something I'm not behind too much. I'd prefer NPC space pirates or something. But if were were going to get down to it; spider-like parasites that infest asteroids and do small amounts of damage to the player (say 2ftx2ft?). Very low intelligence, not hard to kill, but interesting and high in numbers.

    This way we get a 'Oh crap!!' surprise along with a different kind of alien.

    Buuuuttt like I say, I'd rather have pirates...
  29. Dequire Apprentice Engineer

    While interesting, I don't think this would fit very well in Space Engineers, personally. However, perhaps it could be a special game mode, where you have to repair your ship and escape from the infested station? It'd be after the game is complete, of course.
  30. TDJBMC Trainee Engineer

    The Question is, is there a reason for an NPC enemy . Its a simple question but whats the arguments what do you think.

    The second question is, which form of this enemy would you like to see

    the last word comes from the developers then, if this is possible or not

    but we need concrete short ideas here
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Not open for further replies.
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.