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game very BAD as OFFLINE Game

Discussion in 'Gameplay Help' started by Capt.SkuLL, May 23, 2020.

  1. Capt.SkuLL Trainee Engineer

    We just had a 6 hour Internet outage in our area and i was disappointed to discover a few things in this game.

    Without internet - Cant QUICK LOAD , game stuck with YES OR NO even after clicking YES.
    mouse can move so its not a total freeze.

    Without internet - SAVED Games gone, even when SAVES are in local drive why ?
    Without internet - Skins GONE ... only DLC decorations exist and BLUEPRINTS ...
    With or Without internet - Game keeps checking for MODS Update ( Please make this STOP ! )
    cant we just check mods update ourselves ? its working as it is im not fond of waiting every game load for it to check the internet for mod update

    Without internet - Pressing ESC makes game Check for NEWS and takes a very long time when it cant find a connection.

    First the skins i bought does not work properly and its been a month since i last heard from support ( if that's what they call it ) , then despite all the scientific quotes in the game it turns out its not really that much of a scientific game when gravity is not realistic, speed limitations, earth is the center of the galaxy, and there's that blue planet from afar which im sure is SOOO much bigger than the sun because i saw it intercept with the sun and was behind the sun. now i found out this game is a lagfest when offline. it would have been great if i can play this game online but it wouldn't even let me join any server. so im beat. if this game is 75% required online connection then this is not an offline game with multiplayer feature this is an online game that can somewhat be played offline.

    at least keep my game saves offline for crying out loud i can see it in my C: drive. i apologize in advance for the smarties out there who wouldn't like this comment but im just giving out my personal experience.

    EDIT : internet is back. tried to play the game, on loading screen it crashed and blames my graphics driver. yeah sure. i bet now my saved game was toast.

    EDIT : another interesting discovery, while OFFLINE i created a new game, now im back online and now i can play my original saved game again. but the new game i created while offline disappeared ... really is not an offline game.
    Last edited: May 23, 2020
  2. Malware Master Engineer

    Your saves are there. The problem is; without Steam, the game doesn't have your steam ID, and the steam ID is used for the save folder.

    Just copy the saves over from the one to the other. It'll work.
  3. Capt.SkuLL Trainee Engineer

    oh ty ty ty.. a glitter of hope in the darkness of space.

    how can i do that ? i see in the SAVE folder there are two folders named with numbers. i just copy the entire contents of one folder and past it to the other ?