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Half work

Discussion in 'Balancing' started by NomeTschato, Nov 20, 2015.

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  1. NomeTschato Trainee Engineer

    SE its a nice Game with a wounderful grafic. The Problem is the half work. You install Oyxgen. okay. and who is the dubbel Door with Airpumps and Interlock between the airlocks?
    Now a new Projekt... Planet, its nice, when the Lander not crashed on a Montain, while the sporn point is in the Rocky Montains. Grrrr.
    when you i have a lucky landing(between aprx 20 times), you sitting in the dark while you have not ennugh components in the ship to build a battery,and when the time is less to load the batterie, nice nice. when you came of the idea to use the parts from the lander, than have you a dark night, while the components destroyed by disassembel the lander battery. jippie, thats the greatest joke. in my languages i have many words for so half (dreadfully) work.

    Who are the day/night sensor to switch the light automatically from the station. i thing to me .... you came to my server, and sit on the workbench to switch the light when the day or the night comes, ps this right?. Why do not use open and closer contacts by all sensors and all switchtes? this in the RL the normal way (and please make more as one open and close contact in the sensor) its not so funny to have a wall full of sensors for the automatic function.

    than... why not has the timer block a function for a startup delay and a switch off delay with more open and closers contacts?

    and the last... when 80% the Serveruser Linux used, why he programmed you the server in this expensiv Windows?

    i have over 500 hour played the game, i have make a break from a year while i became frust by playing this game. now, i came, see and I could not believe my eyes. I have the hope, the game was better in the future. please work a little bit more on the gameplay and less new projects.

    so long
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  2. Malware Master Engineer

    Hi. It would seem you need to read up on what Early Access is :) To say that an early access game has half work is like claiming that water is wet.

    As for the airlock: This is an engineering game.
    Make one.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2015
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  3. zDeveloper10 Junior Engineer

    everything is by design half done. the only thing I can think of they deffered for quality was planets; but even then they didn't promise it would be the final version. it's like making a skeleton,and quickly throwing the pieces together so that you have some idea how to straighten out the bones and hang the flesh on later.
  4. Dawnkeeper Apprentice Engineer

    You can trigger a timer block with the sensor ant that can trigger other things.

    This is doable with the in-game programming and watching the output of a solar panel.

    Die gibt es auch im Englischen, man müsste sie nur lernen. :words:
  5. Jas Apprentice Engineer

    btw i think that start scenarios and spawn ships need a revamp, actually there is no "normal" space start in planets worlds
    (like starting whit space ship - or asteroid station/platform - near an asteroid cluster near the moon; in short words game lacks of better and more start options, like a mix of the space easy starts whit planets worlds), and the atmospheric lander lacks a bit in materials imho (ok i know you can cannibalize the lander and get some thousands motrors from big atmos thusters); it's ok for those who want a more hardcore/callenging start but i think should be there a bit better start for planetary spawns expecially for new players, for example it should be good to add some raw Silicon ore (Si) and some bit of iron and nickel ingots to the container to let us to build at start more than just 2 batteries (240 cells) and 6 solar panel, and imo there is a lack of documenation in-game for new players that explain how energy works, like knowing the fact reactors and other discharging batteries waste 20% of the energy when recharging other batteries or the power cell scrap-grinding mechanic, the energy loads priorities, the idle consumption of functional blocks etc, because energy managment is an huge aspect of survival there should be more in-game information about this, like a text panel "lone survivor manual" (but i didnt look at the tutorial scenarios yet, so maybe im just saying something redundant)

    p.s.: ok, i think this post should have his own thread :p
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.