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Has SE gone into easy mode?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dkz1181, Nov 10, 2018.

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  1. Dkz1181 Trainee Engineer

    Its been a while since I last played this and have since noticed that every time I try to vent minding debris it stops about a 1km out from my base as do any dropped components O-O ...

    what happened to dropping something by accident and watching it float off dismay because your inventory was full ?? it was bad enough they took out object damage to stop people crying as they were getting crushed while mining above their head or scratching the paint on their mining ships but that was also part of the fun..

    Now the air tight system is soo out of whack I might as well just play on creative rather then survival because there is almost no way to die except running in front of a turret or smacking my head on a wall because I miss judged my distance ...
  2. Malware Master Engineer

    Stopping debris, that's strange. It should be removed not stopped. Haven't seen this myself, you should report that.

    As for the object damage being removed, I'm afraid you have the wrong reasoning. For the most part, it's for performance reasons. That's the main reasons. However, it's also because people were making weapons based on this - weapons there were no defenses against. That's hardly well balanced, now is it. Not that I care myself as I don't give a rat's ass about multiplayer, but I can understand the point.

    Air tight system being out of whack? Report Everything. I can't say I've seen anything strange but a few bugged decompressions now and again...

    Going into easy mode... has it ever been anything but easy mode? I mean... death means nothing at all in Space Engineers anyway, so it's nothing but a slight annoyance, and there's more than enough resources to prevent any form of scarcity... From my point of view there hasn't been any changes that's had any significant impact on difficulty.
  3. Burstar Apprentice Engineer

    Debris comes to rest too for the same performance reason. It will loiter until the object count gets too high at which point it is deleted in order. As an example, check out the stone being ejected in this video:

    It actually stops too quickly (imo) which can cause clogging when the grid isn't moving fast enough and ejected stone builds up close to the ejector.
  4. May Rears Apprentice Engineer

    When was Vanilla SE ever "hard" mode? You start in a ship will all the facilites you need and the parts to make more and resources on planets are plentiful. Dropping steel plates on an enemy base from 2km above is NOT hardmode.

    It is only with mods or PvP that SE can get anything like difficult.
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  5. Lord Grey Apprentice Engineer

    The problem is that SE misses a progress system like Empirion. There you can craft a survival tool out of nothing and with that you can get the resources to craft a survival constructor (read assembler) to make the most primitive items, like the next bigger constructor for more items and with that you can make the big one for everything. The tier tools are a Joke because I get the second best with one of the oxygen bottles from the start. The Arc Furnance would have been a good start instead of a full refinery. But there need to be more steps and also for the assembler. I don't say we need a tech tree that you have to develop for better equipment, but it could be a solution. Reduction of resources and having them only in specific places so you have to travel around is also something to make it more intresting. I don't say there should be no uran on the earthlike planet, but it shouldn't be dispersed as iron for example. Maybe 4 to 5 patches on the whole planet. And mybe more elements like aluminum, titanium or thungsten for better versions of items, weapons or ammunition.
  6. Dkz1181 Trainee Engineer

    Ive not really played with any mode other then stranded and crashed ship where everything is bare bones and oxygen and power are hard to come by until you get started, add that meteorite strikes, which no longer target your base with pin point accuracy giving you some chance on the surface rather then having to move every thing under ground, plus raids... actually makes for a pretty hard start until you can build your 1st ship.

    As for defence against Object debris weapons, I just used a sherepical grav gen turning it on when you need the defence and off when it wasn't needed, its always worked for me before it was changed
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.