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Help with dedicated server areas

Discussion in 'Groups & Dedicated Servers' started by philippevm, Nov 21, 2014.

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  1. philippevm Trainee Engineer

    Hello, my name is Philippe Vanzin, i'm a brazilian. Yesterday I was setting up online one dedicated server of space engineers.

    I need help with one thing, how i set some areas to PVE and the rest of map to PVP?

    And have some tutorial to set beacons XYZ and areas name's?

    Sorry for my bad english, and thanks :)
  2. voicesdark Senior Engineer

    The easiest way to do it involves using both creative mode within Space Engineers and Midspace's SE Toolbox which you can get from the Modding section of the forums.

    1) Design a small satellite array Consisting of some solar panels, batteries, a beacon, and a couple of flashing red warning lights so people don't hit the satellite arrays (it happens more than you would think.

    2) Name the Beacons on Each Satellite Array. For Example +Y, -Y, +X, -X, +Z, -Z, Center. Or you can also name them by sector names for example Sector 1 (PVP/PVE), and so on.

    3) Once you have all of the satellite arrays built save your progress and reload the world in survival just to make sure your arrays are getting the proper power, etc. If they are then continue to the next step, if not then reload the world again in creative and add more solar panels, etc. and retest in survival until all satellite arrays are self sufficient.

    4) Launch SE Toolbox. Once launched open the world in SE Toolbox and you'll beable to see each of your satellite arrays by the Beacon names you gave them. Select the Array you want to move and then add the distance from center where you want the array to be placed using the X,Y,Z, input fields.


    On the dedicated server that I play on I'm the one that originally came up with the layout for the current world we're playing on and here's how I set it up and why it's so different from most.

    3 of the sectors have asteroid fields, two of the fields only have 6-10 asteroids and the main field has close to 30 including some of the smaller asteroids. In another sector we have a huge ship factory station with an oversized "Regula" asteroid from the workshop with several asteroids around it as well. and in another section we have one of the planetary sized asteroids also from the workshop that's almost 800m in diameter and everyone has confirmed that playing anywhere in the server is like playing on a single player world. We also have the sectors 10,000m apart from each other and the overall world size is set to 50km. We could have pushed the world size to 100km, but didn't see the need to as of yet until we exceed a comfortable population size on the server.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.