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Horses for The Engineering Kings!

Discussion in 'General' started by DJ_BAIZIL, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. DJ_BAIZIL Apprentice Engineer

    ADD HORSES!!!11
    Ok, now seriously.
    I know, that this will be hard to make, but just imagine what you could do with it...
    You can build a carriage, attach it to the horse with two small ropes, and then you will use it to transport wood, ore, dead bodies(New suggestion about using others' bodies as material for building campfires and thing like you saw in "the forest" is in the progress, don't worry), or even your friends!
    Maybe few horses for one carriage... Awesome!
    Or you can just make a crown out of gold, put in on your head, and when bad guys will come to your castle, You will open the gates and they will see you:
    Shining crown, horse you are sitting on and you - taking big badass smelter's hammer out...
    "I am the KING MOTHERFU..."
    Ok, I think that's enough for the idea description.
    Players - say what you think about that.
    Developers - do what you wanna do with your game.
    P.S. Sorry For the grammar.
    P.P.S. Wildlife would be awesome too!

    Dear moderators, please, when you will create suggestions section, can you move this topic there? Thank you. :3
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  2. waterlimon Senior Engineer

    Horses are redundant when you got a steam powered wooden giant spider that can carry you and your castle anywhere you want to go at the speed of light (104 m/s)
  3. TodesRitter Moderator

    its little bit to early my friend...
  4. Nickvr68 Junior Engineer

    As they came out, with a thunderous chorus,
    Descended from the mountain, the horses of Chuck Noris,
    All 64 of them, puling a sleigh,
    Ready for battle, with destruction it reigned.

    Great idea, I want to have a carriage on rails pulled by 64 horses, like they did before we had trains.
  5. doomsdayfighter Trainee Engineer

    +1 for horses. Those beasts are as important as your tools to build castles! Heck, just only letting you ride on them is a sufficient reason to implement them ^^
  6. Howitz Junior Engineer

    don't forget to put artificial mass blocks on the clogs of your horses, and a gravity generator on its back.
  7. Rantage Trainee Engineer

    I really like the idea of having horses in the game, more from a source of power standpoint than a Mount-and-Blade combat one.

    I would hope (obviously the devil's in the details as well as the source code) that such an ability would allow for similar creatures of burden such as mules, oxen and camels.

    But I would hate for Keen to focus on horses if it meant sacrificing effort on more engineering-focused features such as fluid dynamics (both for water and, say, pouring boiling oil on attackers), water wheels, aqueducts, pulleys, levers, gears, etc.
  8. Textor Junior Engineer

    Did you see...?

    Did a gorram horse just hit my spaceship!?
  9. Stiletto Apprentice Engineer



    ... Anyway, I'm expecting that I get a "DIY horse kit" included in the building options. So I can gallop through the lands and explore. Maintenance pitstops required, naturally.
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  10. EZ Pickins Trainee Engineer

    I just want to be able to pull a wagon load of logs from the forest to the build site...horse, mule, oxen...any will do :)
  11. Leadfootslim Senior Engineer

    If there's a survival aspect, horses are gonna have to be a big thing. Water wheels and all will be fantastic, but unless (read: until) we go full steampunk, smaller devices are gonna need some muscle power to move.
  12. JuggernautiiX Trainee Engineer

    horse/s ?

    maybe ... the trusted servant Patsy as a special gift ? :D

  13. Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    I voted yes but I'm not gonna demand it right now but in the future.
  14. TheDeinonychus Trainee Engineer

    Considering they've said already that you will have to find ways to transport materials (no carrying a few tons of iron ore in your backpack, like in Space Engineers), that means there will have to be a way to transport it long distances.

    In the interview by LSG, they mentioned building large pulleys and cranes to transport materials up to the higher portions of your castle. While that may be good for vertical transport, you've still got to get wood from the forests, ores and stone from the mines, and possibly even crops and food from the farms.

    And with this being a medieval themed game, that usually means horses. Or at least some sort of beast of burden.

    Now, I can't really say on how you would acquire horses. Maybe you tame them from the wild like in Minecraft. Or you'd have to purchase them from a procedurally generated village somewhere? The idea of including a stable in your castle where you could breed better horses is an interesting idea also.

    But either way, I can see them mainly being used to pull carts, rather than riding them. This also means that you can have a weight limit for each horse. In effect, how much 'horse power' they have. The heavier your cart, the more horses you need to pull it. And since the carts (like apparently most things in the game) will be player-designed, you can build carts to hold specific materials. Like a really long one for whole trees. Or a short, tall one for ores and stone. Build one with a bigger yoke so you can hitch more horses for heavier loads, or just more speed.

    This also opens up the possibility of using horses to power other machines. Back historically, they often used horses to pull ropes that ran through pulleys for lifting goods. There were even examples where they had horses run in massive drums (like hamster wheels) to operate huge cranes.

    And the AI for horses doesn't need to be very complex. They don't need to wander around too much on their own, or have detailed behaviors that change from time to time. They simply need to move under the player's direction. Either with the player controlling them directly, maybe while riding them or from a seat on a cart, or simply follow behind the player at a set speed and distance.
  15. aboredteen1 Junior Engineer

    you know space whales are infinitely more powerful than horses
  16. Textor Junior Engineer

    Now I want to see a gravity-propelled horse battle a space whale.
  17. Kregon Trainee Engineer

    I totaly agree on idea to have horses for riding and trasport purposes!
    But we will need to wait and see. This game will be odd to play whitout some mount, traversing huge distances on foot will be boring!
  18. calxllum Apprentice Engineer

    I would also like to see horses in the game. Mostly so instead of making them drag stuff around, they can turn a wheel for me that powers wheels to propel my cart forward in the most rudimentary way possible!
  19. MaXimo Trainee Engineer

    Why riding horses when you could put flying fireball thrower dragons in!!!

    Ok now seriously, I think that for a medieval themed game it's a must to have them implemented them where basically the spine of every transport system back then, I think that now that we have some sort of rudimental AI making animals in is a short step... well more likely "short"
  20. Ubiqanon Trainee Engineer

    I think this is probably putting the, er, um, cart before the horse, or maybe vice versa?

    Lets see, the largest world that we have so far is what, maybe 1km x 1km or maybe 2x2. Heck, thats just barely big enough for a pasture for a couple of horses.

    I/m thinking maybe we need world spaces large enough for a horse to actually be useful or necessary.

    I dunno, this feels so much like stating the obvious... It's like saying you want yolk in your egg, or marrow in your bones, or jelly with your peanut butter (& baseball bat.)

    But I guess someone had to post it so...

    Usually dogs, not horses. They used them in the kitchen to run spits, and were used in the mines because they were small enough to fit. The turn wheel for a horse would have to be around 15-16 feet in diameter. Too big.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.