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how do you build/design in space engineers? more a question poll then anything

Discussion in 'Survival' started by deane, Oct 2, 2014.

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  1. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    Thus far in survival I've been building for practical needs. Meteors smashed up the rescue ship before I understood how they worked (and I crashed it a little escaping them), so I wasted a bunch of resources fixing it, then finally built a basic drill craft. I'm in the process of building a new base ship that will be much more capable. I didn't want to build another flying battleship, so I started with the design of one of the alien saucers, the large scout, from the original X-COM. Once I built the flooring, I started looking at where various components would fit most effectively, which helped me refine the overall shape of the ship. The sheer size of the refinery meant that the "back" of the ship would be a bit taller than the front. The field of view from the cockpit indicated that the front of the ship needed to split. I love the run down look of the Millennium Falcon, so I made no attempt to neatly pack away conveyor tubes and the like. The finished design will be a bit cramped inside, but fine for one person.

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  2. Catastrophy Trainee Engineer

    Trial and Error.
    I try to build functional ships mostly. My latest survival is themed around hollowing out an Asteroid and build a base with multiple floors in it. Currently it is a bit on hold because the lights went crap with the latest update and I have a dark skybox with dark shadows.

    So far I have:
    -repurposed the rescue craft for drilling and fitted in an arc furnace and moved refinery and assemblers to a forward platform.
    -designed and constructed a small "Janus utility craft" with a pair of welders and grinders each at the front and back of the craft (two cockpits)
    -designed and constructed a small miner

    I planned to attach a gravity generator to the driller craft but realized late that small craft can't take on gravity generators. I use external ones now on the platform.
    The drills seem to be more unstable than the big ones and my idea of using gravity to suck up flying ore rocks with the drills isn't perfect. I blame the lighting, too.

    Just for the sake of it, I put up a rotor, attached a big thruster to a lever like attachment and watched it go round. I may include a passenger seat so I can go circles until I feel sick of my rocket propelled merry-go-round.
    Next step is checking its potential damage output.

    Medium term goals include:
    -checking gravity guns
    -finding an interesting way to drop excess stone
    -trying out stuff with explosives and warheads

    I know it would be a lot faster in creative but I never used that mode in Minecraft either, though I'm willing to "cheat" in stuff I might design in creative.
  3. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    I've been meaning to get an ejector set up on a mining craft so that I can stick stone in there while I'm mining and just jettison it into space.
  4. kittle Senior Engineer

    I would not call this "interesting" but I find it effective.

    I build a few conveyor tubes (3-6) out from my base and then build a small cargo container on the end.

    Fill the cargo container with stone, and then grind it off.
    Push the resulting mini-asteroid out into space.
    Replace the cargo container with parts from your inventory.

    Repeat as needed.
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Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.