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how large can I build?

Discussion in 'General' started by Revellus, Oct 27, 2018.

  1. Revellus Trainee Engineer

    I don't know how to search for an answer to this; so, I'll just ask. I have a few "areas" with buildings on them already and I think I'm starting to see some occasional lag/choppiness. Should I limit my building to a certain size? If I build somewhere else in the world (instead of starting a new world or building next to what I've already built) will that prevent the game from getting laggy? If so, how far away does it have to be to make a difference? Are there any guidelines about how much it is ok to dig/build/change things in ME before some kind of problem start to arise?

    Also, does adding mods contribute to problems? Does it matter if I have 10 mods compared to 3 or 0?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Malware Master Engineer

    There's no simple answer to this. How much can you build? Depends on your hardware. The more memory you have, the better CPU, the better GPU, the more you can build. Does mods contribute to the issue? Yes. How much is not so easy to answer. One mod might have a higher impact than 10 other mods put together. It all depends on what the mods do and how they're coded - and how well they're coded; or how well made the models are - all depending on the type of mods.
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  3. CptTwinkie ME Asst. Producer Staff

    There are only 4 limits that I know of:
    • Structural Integrity: This system limits building based on the strength of blocks. It can be turned off in the world advanced settings.
    • Altitude: Your character breathes air so at some point, you will get high enough that your health starts to decrease from the thin atmosphere.
    • Imagination: at some point, you will run out of ideas. I recommend checking out the workshop for new ideas or just building the same things a second time and improving them.
    • Performance: at some point, you will build too much stuff for your computer to keep up with all of it. This may be a good point in time to start a new world or upgrade your computer. Whichever seems easier.
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