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How to expand survival mode? Colonisation perhaps...

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Feedback' started by TheGrover, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. TheGrover Trainee Engineer

    Ive seen a couple of posts, suggesting hostile aliens be implemented to make survival mode more of a survival, and some forum users quoted the devs basically ripping the suggestion apart, saying that they aren't making a survival game, they're making an engineering game, so i thought for a bit, and i think theres another way to expand the game, using engineering, not fighting as the solution.

    basically, once youve got yourself set up, you can start to build structures that will act as a basic colony (whether inside or around an asteroid, or totally standalone is up to the engineer's discretion), that will attract potential colonists to the sector. these colonists will expect a certain standard of room (one contained room with a set number of specific furnishings... like a bed), power and stuff like that, some personal effects (such as their room and its contents) and a reasonable communal area (somewhere to get imaginary food and charge their suits, and perhaps a small landing pad to park their little ship). once satisfied and settled, they could provide a number of benefits to make themselves self-sufficient, such as mining for basic resources, storing them on your station, putting the essential uranium into a refinery to be used as fuel for their reactors, saving you the hassle, and leaving you with some more building materials.

    whilst doing this, you need some element of challenge, so i suggest this:

    the stations should be contained, making a shirtsleeve environment (obviously, colonists would prefer that they had gravity as well), and colonists wouldn't accept any living quarters besides pressurised ones, this can be threatened by lack of power (loss of oxygen, which incidentally wouldn't necessarily require oxygen producing plant, but be built into the structure automatically) wandering asteroids (which can be targeted by external turrets or deflected with shields) and rouge ships, should they ever become piloted.

    colonists should have a habit of breaking things, not constantly, but so that you need to return and replace or repair worn out parts from time to time, not boring stuff like armour blocks (since they should be tough enough to take a battering anyway) but the interesting stuff, like grevity generators and other special plant, perhaps you could be directed to those parts by colonists as you pass them... or blaring warning lights on the HUD of the station

    this does bring a few requirements, however:

    computing which areas and volumes of a ship are to be considered pressurised will require some CPU intensive coding to constantly monitor every vessel (large ship and station) for changes that may change its status.

    bringing NPCs into the game will be difficult and potentially resource intensive, and coding AI behaviour will certainly be difficult.

    bringing in extra features like wandering asteroids will again increase the load on older PCs

    I hope ive made my suggestion clear enough to understand :)

    Thanks guys
  2. Captain Snyder Apprentice Engineer

    I only have ONE (Explicit) phrase for you right (Explicit) now.

    I love you for this idea.
  3. TheGrover Trainee Engineer

    Im glad someone likes the idea, hopefully theres more people yet to read! :)
  4. w0ps Apprentice Engineer

    Certainly interesting! I do like the picture.
    Kinda like a city builder :)
  5. crazyrobban Apprentice Engineer

    Fantastic idea actually!
    The AI wouldn't have to be very clever, just panic whenever something goes down.
    Imagine coming back to the colony from mining or whatever, only to find the poor colonist floating around because someone fiddled with the gravity generator! :D
  6. TheGrover Trainee Engineer

    Peehaps by maintaining a communication network you can be alerted by your colony when something goes wrong, requiring you to maintain comms equipment and possibly satalites
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.