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How to Make NPC Stations Necessary and Tech Enhancements:

Discussion in 'General' started by RkyMtnDude, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. RkyMtnDude Apprentice Engineer

    NPC Stations, How to make them Necessary and more Integral to Game-Play

    Here are some half-baked ideas to lend towards Stations being more critical to game-play. Amassing and Spending Credits now would make much more sense. You would visit an NPC Station in order purchase/enjoy these benefits. They would not be faction shared. Nothing would be Cheap! Some Serious, some may seem silly.

    • Standard Tech Tree Unlocks: Makes it possible to use space credits for a handful of early game vanilla tech tree unlocks. Just 1 or 2 techs. IE: Build Control Seat
    • Tiered Tech Unlocks: Tiered Blocks such as Thruster, Batteries, Solar Panels, and Ship Tools. Don't re-skin the blocks. Just stats change.
    • Open Miniaturization Tech Tree: Opens a branch of the Tech Tree. This will allow smaller capacity H2 Tanks, Smaller sized Antennas, and Module tech for Refineries and Assemblers. Tiered Hand Weapons and Tools access.
    • Advanced Tech:
      • PCU/Block Limits: Tier this as well. Assume Server limit per player is 10k. Early game should not allow a max grid of 10K. Once you attain Highest Tier then your max PCU is 10K.
      • Primary Med Bay: Allows player to have a ONE place that is always selectable to spawn to like the orig Medbays were. other than nearest one. Make it 10x as expensive to build, Same size as a Jump Drive, static grid only, only player who made it can use it, and with a high power draw like a safe zone. Make it constantly emit a short-range antenna signal: 2.5km unless powered off. (Anti-Grief) No timer starts. Supply it mass amounts of medkits to keep online. Point? I just want a Home. LOL
    • Ship Tending Services:
      • Ship Wash. Clean those pesky dirty camera lenses and Cockpit glass periodically.
      • Armor Repair Only Steel Plates used and welded at a Premium Convenience Rate.
      • Salvage of Ships Cut-rate credits given then despawns. May Affect Rep or be refused.
    • Gambling: Seriously, I have credits burning a hole in my suit. However, make it limited low stakes gambling. NO huge bets/returns.
      • Cards, Dice, Some Random Space Game: A Special Table for PVP gameplay = Good Times!
    • Mail/Messages: In the form of a Data Pad with added setting types left behind ins a special MAIL/Messaging block. Pads are Recipient Only and Public Access. Limit retention duration and qty of Datapads allowed to be stored per player to account for spamming.
    • Special Broadcasted Events: (RARE) Antenna Broadcasts Message/Need at 50-100K distance.
        • IE: IMBF: Request 100K Iron Ingots. (20mins remaining)
      • Race Against Time: First player to supply needed resource collects.
      • Defense: First Player within the Safe Zone with a Ship based weapon collects. (Actual Drone Blockade/Attack Optional)
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  2. SirConnery Apprentice Engineer

    Really liking some of the ideas proposed. I'm going to highlight the ones I agree with.
    Just to say briefly I don't agree with placing basic technologies (the ones we already have) behind tech purchases.
    This Is something I can get behind but in a different way. I would rather not put the tiered tech behind it, but rather have tier 2 (and higher) require new components that can only be bought with credits.
    I like the idea of really expensive small versions of assembelers etc. for small grids. Having small expensive and less powerful versions of large grids would be fine too. Again, having to buy special components with credits would be my preferred method.
    Ship wash sounds really like a fun idea. Have a new temporary skin (like an hour or so) that's clean and glossy.

    Basic armor repairs sounds nice. How I see it is:
    Fixing steel plates could be available in most stations. Have specialized stations offering full armor repair/welding would be nice. They really need to weld all parts instead of just the steel plates though. Just have rare parts like superconductors be really costly to weld.
      Nice and easy to implement. Just have a slot machine you can roll by a press of a button costing a few credits. I would honestly like huge bets that you can gamble as well, but maybe that should be a mod instead.

    This is a good idea. I mean, yes, I know, it takes work to implement. But out of all the things listed this most definitely needs to be in the game.
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  3. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    I like the miniaturization angle. We've always needed two sizes of antennas. Having to lash a giant mast to communicate 100 meters seems a bit much for walkie-talkie levels of communication.
    I'd also like to see smaller (less efficient) hydrogen storage options.
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  4. Spaceman Spiff Senior Engineer

    Isn't that the truth! I know I've stuck a rotor frame and small antenna on a large-grid ship just to reduce it's size, but that was before I realized that a beacon would serve the same purpose as the antenna when using an ore detector. I became "one" with the block.