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HUGE Lag on welding/grinding or just closing/opening doors. (Air-tightness)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by jozsefsz, Nov 8, 2016.

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  1. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    Here is my video for that:

    The reason, why I used camera instead of Fraps or another recording software is that the camera shows what I see, while the software may show something completely different.

    This is an old video, but the bug is still there. It has something to do with air-tightness, because it disappears as soon as I disable it in the world settings.

    Also, the video features some smaller bugs, that are actually not game breaking, just ugly or annoying.

    Thank you for your time!
  2. NikolasMarch Junior Engineer

    need more info, pc hardware etc
    looks like you are grinding very fast, this change in build state of the block needs time, and is a known performance hog, which again makes me want to know your pc specs

    opening and closing doors triggers some sort of deeper state change, which is either worse when oxygen airtightness is on is only noticeable when air tightness is on, maybe thats why they added that extra ability to turn airtightness off as that is also a known performance hog. oh and grinding/welding also causes this same deeper state change thing.... turn all air vents to OFF on the grid you are welding/grinding it might help reduce that state change/detection thing...

    that lcd thing, isnt that just a distance 'level of detail thing' (LOD)? ive never been far away from an LCD without other blocks obstructing my view to notice.
  3. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    My specs are:
    R9 280X
    8Gb of RAM
    128Gb SSD (SE save files are here)
    2Tb HDD (SE is here, I guess)
    512Gb HDD (Nothing is here, but I have this as well)
    I dunno about the motherboard tho.
    Win7 Ultimate 64bit
    The game was running on super low, but it doesn't matter, since it has nothing to do with graphics for sure.
    Since the video, the game is running on medium or better because of their hard work on optimalizing shit. I'm very thankful for that, Keen.

    My building/grinding speed is because (as I said) of the max speed in the world settings and the best tools in the vanilla game. This way it won't change model so often, so my game won't Lag so hard.
  4. NikolasMarch Junior Engineer

    dual core cpu with hyperthreading... that might be part of the problem....
    i would also slow your welding and grinder speeds down to 'normal'

    the game has been freezing for me today and yesterday but ive just woken up to another SE update so hopefully its gone.

    not a bad system though :D
  5. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    I know about my CPU, that's what I want to change in the near future.
  6. System Error Message Trainee Engineer

    the game doesnt lag for me and i play on dedicated server that i host. I know what you mean by the lag but there are a few different types of lag. Theres simulation speed (does the game run in slow motion?), desync (teleporting about) and than lag (fps). lag is caused by your own machine not being powerful enough. If you play with planets locally you will need 16 GB of ram, dedicated server requirements are much lower actually for both server and client for planets. i3 sounds like its a lower clocked i3. If you cant overclock than you can trick the turbo into running all the time and i would suggest looking at throttlestop as for intel CPUs you can get more performance by tweaking the turbo and getting it to run at higher clocks.

    Problem looks like it is with CPU or perhaps ram or both or even ram/cache speeds.

    It could also be GPU having to take into account changes (driver update?).
  7. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    What I meant about Lag was shown in the video. It shows pretty much everything. The driver is always updated.
  8. System Error Message Trainee Engineer

    i did watch it. Its definitely lag caused by the game having to update things. It may not exactly be CPU though more CPU and RAM is liked by the game, it could be the bandwidth between the different parts or perhaps CPU. Perhaps you need faster ram or more of it. On planets it needs more GPU and ram than in space.
  9. knovogran Trainee Engineer

    Your base lagging because of it's large volume. If you copy your base (CTRL+C) you can see base bounding box. All changes calculating for this volume. Try cut yur base in smaller pieces (separate individual buildings) and you will see the difference.
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  10. NikolasMarch Junior Engineer

    how many planets/moons are in your game?
  11. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    knovogran - That is one thing I actually know already, but I still don't know why it uses my PC so hard. Also, I don't want my base to cut up, because everything is running from the same small reactor, and honestly, I don't want to check the reactors every 5th hour, because if I am far from the base for a long time, it may run out of power. If I have one reactor, that is capable of keeping everything alive, I don't have to split my uranium into 4 or 5 pieces, so it will last for 4 or 5 times longer, if I'm not wrong. Of course it is more complicated than that, but let's say, everything is also connected with conveyors, which I also don't want to cut.

    NikolasMarch - I have the default Star System with one modded planet (with default materials). The modded planet is so far away, that I've had to turn to minimum my textures settings, because it is so small it gets lost between the stars. This way I can see it better (planets stay rounded, while the stars become ugly). I have to use a jump ring of ~50 Jump Drives. <-- Everything in survival. (500+ hours)
    I have bases or smaller settlements on every planet/moon except the Earth Moon (that is something I want to achieve the old way, like it was in '69). Also, I have lots (1000+) of junk in space and on planets (I like this feature, because it is an outstanding feeling when you randomly find a piece of your shot down fighter, or a derelict cargo ship). I think that's all.
    +1 thing Nikolas: I don't want to set my grinding/welding speed to normal, because the grinding/welding would have more phases, which means it would lag more often. This way it lags 2 times/block instead of 3 or 4.

    Also, i have absolutely no problem with my sim speed, since it is always above 90 on my Icy Moon base, and it is always above 80 on my Alien Planet base, where I have most of the junk, because I am having a war with the pirates. (spawned the largest pirate base, because I've had nothing to shoot at, and I wanted some challenge) Drones, fighters, pieces are all around the battlefield.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2016
  12. Soulthule Apprentice Engineer

    Over the last two updates I have noticed a huge impact on my server and client side with sim speed just hand welding or grinding. I watch the server sim during block transition when grind move from 1.00 to .27. This is a new issue, rarely do I have server sim side issues unless someone is out there with 50 drills on a large ship or as in the last month when cargo ships stopped spawning and get reproducing like rabbits until I had 150 of them.

    Both client and server sim speeds drop with just hand welding and grinding as the blocks make there transformations. It is playable, however horribly lagging with hitching when you use these processes.
  13. NikolasMarch Junior Engineer


    your problem is now answered, you have a lot of everything in the game and sorta low end hardware the game as far as i know isnt mutli core/thread optimised, i bet even my beast of a machine would show signs of struggle with all that in the game.
  14. jozsefsz Apprentice Engineer

    Let me repeat myself:
    The game has nothing to do with objects, thousands of kms away from the base, that's why my sim speed is so high even with thousands of junk far-far away. This means, if I grind/weld on the base without Air-tightness enabled, I have no problems at all. As I pointed out in the title, this has something to do with the Air-tightness, probably, what knovogran said, and I was thinking of as a problem.
    So in overall:
    1. Stop saying "it is because of the junk & stuff", since it does the same when I paste this base ONLY in a test world, with Air-tightness ON.
    2. It is because of Air-tightness, which needs a large rework, because it isn't such a large base. It has to calculate the full base's volume, as knovogran said, so it uses too much of a PC. I'm sure they can reduce it, but this feature wasn't really changed or optimized since it was released.
    3. Stop saying "it is because of the tool speed", because the more phases a block changes, the bigger the lag. This way I can reduce the lag a bit.
    I have 0.90+ sim speed and (by now) 70-80 FPS on that base with all the sh*t on the other planets. Trust me, it has nothing to do with the junk.
    I'm thankful for the helping, but the most reasonable answer was from knovogran, and that is what I was thinking of as well. Keen should make the game only calculate, what is inside, not the full volume of a base. I hope Keen will see it, because it sucks to play without this feature. I want to experience the realistic sounds, but without Air-tightness, I can't. Please Keen, let me know, if you note this problem.

    Thank you, for your help and confirming my suspicion!
    Have a good day!
  15. System Error Message Trainee Engineer

    Actually what they are saying by you have a lot of stuff matters.
    The game has to always calculate everything in the game. That means CPU and RAM bandwidth (which is why virtualisation can sometimes have hickups). So having a fast CPU (single thread wise for dedicated as local uses more cores) and lots of memory bandwidth (multiple channels, higher DDR ratings, etc) helps the game a lot especially with voxels. 2 years ago on the server i played on most were using AMD (AMD hype back than with bulldozer architecture) and they didnt listen to me about their CPUs, i was playing the game with a quad core i7 and whenever someone mined they would lag but i wouldnt even though i was further away from the server than they were. Voxels is a challenge.

    2nd you are welding stuff as part of the planet. The game is currently highly inefficient with voxels. In order to get fps on planets and asteroids i had to turn down voxel settings. Not only is the game inefficient with processing voxels but with save game file sizes too.

    Im not saying its your fault, im saying that its a known fact that keen hasnt optimised the game well yet and some things still need to be fixed.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.