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I am resigning from the Space Engineers community

Discussion in 'General' started by midspace, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. midspace Senior Engineer

    To the Space Engineers community,

    It is with regret that I will be pulling out of the Space Engineers community.

    This decision has been a long while coming. For a while now I haven’t really been that involved as real life concerns have needed my attention and I’ve let other things distract me.

    Frankly I’m surprised I stuck around and got involved as much as I have, as this isn’t normal for me. I’ve never been that sort of person.

    Now, some of you will inevitably ask, why am I leaving?

    To be honest, it’s just time for me to move on. The Space Engineers community, Keen SWH have been great. There have been fun times, and some bad times (that is best left unsaid).

    But like the cliché. It’s not you, it’s me. When Space Engineers was just a video on a Facebook page, it held lots of promise and potential. It had that in spades, at least for me. That’s why I was one of the first buyers, albeit complaining because they were only making it available for a short time at 2 in the morning local time. But 5 years on and thousands of hours spent playing and modding, even with numerous updates that have seen the game become much than that is started with, it’s no longer the shiny new bauble that interested me. It’s lost that lustre. As much as I try to find new ways of enjoying it, it’s just not doing it for me. This means it’s time to move on.

    A lot of you may be wondering what this means to you, and the mods and tools I have created.

    From this moment, I will no longer be supporting any of my published mods on the Steam Community workshop. If they break, then they will remain broken.

    If someone officially wants to take over any of my mods (I would not suggest taking all of them), leave me a message on the Keen Discord. Only on discord (I’m going to be ignoring Steam requests). Most of the mod code is in GitHub already so I can transfer ownership of the repository to you. You’ll have to publish a new mod of course. And I’ll put something into my existing mod so people know to start using yours.

    Simply copying my mod and publishing it under your names does not necessarily make it yours. Please make a request that you wish to take ownership of it. I will treat all serious requests with the appropriate gravitas.

    If you aren’t a nobody in the community (no previously published mods), more than likely you’ll receive my blessing. But I will request that you add your name to the mod. MidSpace is not just my username. It’s my brand and identity. I have used it way longer than I have had a Steam account.

    As for SEToolbox, I will be putting that into maintenance mode. This means I will keep it running for the meantime by fixing bugs. But I won’t be adding any new features or changing anything.

    I would be happy if someone took it up, but there hasn’t been much interest in the past, so I’d understand if no one was jumping up and down to take on a 5 year legacy of work created by someone else.

    Also, thank you to everyone who’s made the community a fun place for me and kept me entertained for years. Thank you to the folks at Keen SWH, both past and present.

    Maybe I’ll drop in sometimes and have a look at how the game is going. We’ll see.


    :pbjt: Peace Out. :carlton:
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  2. xphoenixxx Junior Engineer

    Thanks for all the good times Midspace. Keep in touch wont you :)
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  3. Shaostoul Senior Engineer

    I completely understand. I've been looking at other games to mod (Fallout 76 seems like it could be fun once they release private servers and modding), even am looking at making my own game with anyone willing to join the cause (200+ people on my Discord, some of which are helping out). Fortunately I have an abundance of time and I still enjoy helping people learn to mod Space Engineers. If you ever want to chat, feel free to drop me a line, I'm welcoming to anyone. Maybe we'll mod a game together again some day. You take care and best of luck and wishes with your future endeavors.
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  4. NikolasMarch Junior Engineer

    sad to see you leave, but have fun with whatever keeps your brain occupied next :)
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  5. Hotshot Jimmy Senior Engineer

    Sad but not suprised by your statement. SEToolbox has been there for me and for sure alot of other players when the game itself wouldn't play ball. From me and on behalf of those who use/used the program thank you very much for your dedication and hard work :tu:
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  6. Sarekh Senior Engineer

    Midspace, this is sad news but totally understandable. Thank you so much for all your brilliant work - you will be missed!
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  7. nukeguard Trainee Engineer

    Midspace, thank you for sticking with it so long, loved the toolbox since the beginning when I found SE in Dec 2013
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  8. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Thank you, sir, for the massive amount of hours you've put into this game for OUR benefit... especially SEToolbox. It's saved my ass on more than one occasion.
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  9. Thrak Apprentice Engineer

    Thank you, Midspace.
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  10. Stardriver907 Senior Engineer

    Get lost.

    Just kidding. You are one of the few people that rolled up your sleeves early on and showed everyone, including Keen, some of the true potential in Space Engineers. The next community that gets you is going to be one group of lucky bastards.

    Have fun :D
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  11. Burstar Apprentice Engineer


    If you do find another similar community I for one would like to know which as I value your opinion. No Creepo.

    Thanks for all your hard work Midspace. You will be sorely missed. :(
  12. Farindark Apprentice Engineer


    @midspace Just like to say thanks very much indeed for your incredible long time hard work you put into your tools! I really couldn't have had as much fun as I did without your 'Toolbox" mod. Best of luck to you where you land next! Will be missed for sure by me. Thanks mate! :tu:
  13. Soulthule Apprentice Engineer

    @midspace Thank you for your fantastic mods. I have had a Dedicated Server for almost 5 years and SEToolbox kept me sane through all the growing pains. I don't really mod, I tinker... I am currently and have used a number of your mods on my server. Thank you again for your time and effort. Hope you don't stay a stranger for too long. :(
  14. Cetric Junior Engineer

    SEToolbox will always be connected with your name, thank you for this and what else you did mod-wise. Reactions here show the appreciation in the community, and we certainly can add those who did not have enough patience and left us years or months ago.
    Appreciate also your thinking about continuity and hope to see future followers on your path who hopefully will uphold the quality of your works, with your permission.
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  15. SileniusFF Trainee Engineer

    Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus.
    SEToolbox really is essential tool for any space engineer and it helped me countless times.
    Thanks for all the work and have fun with new games you dive into!
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  16. Carlosmaid Apprentice Engineer

    very sad. Setoolbox and admin helper were and are two great tools very useful to manage the servers. I have been using them for years. In addition, I was also very useful the code in git to learn about modding. I took my first steps programming for SE learning from your code :)

    Take a good holiday, rest your head, dedicate yourself to something else and in a few months you may come back refreshed and excited by the new things that have come out of the game.
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  17. WraithLeader1 Apprentice Engineer

    Thank you, and good bye...
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