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I know why keen has not released new DX11 models

Discussion in 'General' started by tango06, Nov 2, 2015.


What should the modelers be focused on?

  1. Sabiroids (Spiders/Bugs)

  2. Updating Old Models


  4. Other new models/features

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    The sun orbits the sandbox, so the day-night cycle will be the same in every planet. The Minecraft solution would work as-is(unless I'm missing something).

    On topic, I hope the low-poly models stay for a while, I need to amass some wealth for a new GPU...
  2. Merandix Junior Engineer

    You're forgetting that two people could be on opposite sides of a planet :p For one, it would be day, for the other, it would be night.

    Minecraft sleep system won't work for SE because of that.
  3. RustyXXL Apprentice Engineer

    Easy solution: Multiple suns...no night for anyone...^^
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  4. Thermonuklear Junior Engineer

    Heh, that's the one. I was originally in the mindset this wouldn't work and now I remember why :D
  5. Aracus Senior Engineer

    My objection was originaly to the point of synching issues. Of course there are other issues with a sphere than a flat world :p
  6. Malware Master Engineer

    You forgot an important voting choice.

    Whatever suits Keen's development plans.

    Patience, my young padawan :p
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  7. grant.ivy Apprentice Engineer

    I was thinking of this, was going to post this, now I don't have to. The current SE models could use more detail. I know they had the GRAV Generator model done, but they never put it in game, hmmm. :)
  8. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    I honestly never found any of the models to be inadequate for the game's needs. All the models are identifiable and functional.
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  9. chrisb Senior Engineer

    I'd just like to be able to colour my command seat again. :(

    Also what happened to the 'like' bar. It vanished. I hate it when they mess around with the board.

    Regards what they should be focused on, whichever they decide, I wouldn't know.
  10. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    check the "new features" notice. ;)
  11. Carrion Senior Engineer


    actually at the time the beacon was included yes we did as it was impossible to navigate or find anything once away from the cluster of asteroids and when survival was started with larger worlds people were complaining about getting lost all the time. so they added a functional block very quickly

    ya know back in the day and all that jazz

    also to teh Op. actually you know nothing. your just speculating wildly over an issue that is a non starter. less speculating more playing with what we have is in order me thinks
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  12. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    The beacon was really essential as a navigational tool pre GPS. There was a huge gap between release of infinite worlds and the GPS system.

    Randomly seeded infinite worlds require you to travel much further than the old manually seeded world centers. Combined with infinite distances and getting lost/not being able to return to distant asteroids, and you could easily find yourself screwed without resorting to SEtoolbox if you didn't make heavy use of beacon "lighthouses" to guide your around.

    The beacon is still an essential tool for recovering adrift ships and signaling players/yourself. So yes, we both needed the old beacon model, and we also needed the new one given the updates with DX11.
  13. chrisb Senior Engineer

    I would if I could find it. :D :confused:
  14. Nacon Junior Engineer

    Generally, models and art contents come much later in game development. Mostly done in Beta stage. As far I'm aware, we're still in Alpha stage, all models currently are just placeholders for game mechanic and tech functionally.

    Development can get really costy if they keep changing things and forced to change the art that works with the mechanic/tech changes. Remember how many times they changed the standard cockpit model? That's a fine example of that.
  15. tango06 Trainee Engineer


    Yeah, I was thinking just after I posted the thread, should've said "think" instead of "know" but sadly i cannot change the thread title :(
  16. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    Will better models improve game-play? For the most part no... unless there's a particular model that's a frame-killer.

    You don't polish the chrome while you're still turning wrenches in the engine.
  17. Dragon-Raptor Apprentice Engineer

    In some respects - and I know I'm going to be in the minority in this opinion - I'd prefer the current, low poly models to stay a while longer. Obviously give them a clean up of any redundent/wasted polys, but for the most part, I like them as they are.

    I do like the updated Spotlights and Gyros. They remained in the style of the originals, while now becoming something I'm not so eager to hide away in the depths of my ships. But I did not like that concept grav-gen model at all. That was too radical a change in my eyes, plus the poly count...
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  18. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    I'm more worried about the functionality of said blocks, not the models.

    Gyros in particular really need more than 1 mounting point.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.