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I.S.V. Bentley Sharpe Engineer's log #2

Discussion in 'General' started by Lockerd, Nov 8, 2013.

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  1. Lockerd Apprentice Engineer

    Incorporated Salvage Vessel: Bentley Sharpe

    Engineer Class: Rank 10

    Name: Banacore, Marcus

    Journal Entry 2

    Date C:2084 R:20

    Well...Captain wants us to keep doing these reports, he says it'll build character and let us remember things better. I don't see it but oh well, he signs my paychecks.

    Ok well we finally got into this damn cluster ring, and the first thing I have to say about it is this, I am so glad that I am an engineer and not a carto-pilot, those guys have it bad having to fly around for days alone in a cramped pod.

    well those poor suckers don't get to derail the sh*tstorm of crap that's been happening around here since we were assigned this damn salvage. So first off would be the captains little friend, this "military liaison" or so he calls himself, he has a lacky....seriously a man follows this military guy around to do menial tasks for him. If I'd known that was a perk of being in the corps I would have gone for that instead of this crappy salvage crew. so yea let's move on and continue to the weirdest crap I'd ever come across in this job, THE Longest Stretch of hull scrapings all iradiated with Fel Radiation, indicating our target. this alone makes our job a whole crapton easier.....yet makes me and Tom nervous, the military isn't close to stretched thin to have us go into this craphole to find an obvious trai let alone hire us, hell they've been known to draft paperboys before they hire anyone for anything outside of PR stunts.

    but here's where crap really gets interesting, that ship we were supposed to find? the Micro-Carrier with those old Faraday reactors? well its still lost. but we found an old superstructure scaffold with the original Belarus class frame still intact, right next to A FREAKING ABANDONED ROCK STATION!!! HOW did they get something that big built here without raising alrams? let alone find a way through to it without being caught, and let's not talk about why it is all gussied up and prepared for a role as a staging ground, with cargo bays, fighter bays, large ship docking, cargo docking, passenger docking, the whole shebang. whoever built this thing is very very talented and had a great team.

    now the bad thing about all this, we can only speculate what's inside from its outside setup. Captain says we get to explore this place once the "Liaison" gives the go ahead....however there is a HUGE upside to all of this, WE get to salvage the station, this is all ours.

    well tomorrow is a new day.
  2. Lockerd Apprentice Engineer

    seriously this is the second entry and yet no one comments?

    I need to know the thoughts of people, and if I should keep doing these.
  3. Kamoba Senior Engineer

    *a file is sent to your inbox containing a voice message, the mans voice is deep, and going by his lack of full words and bad pronunciation, you can only assume he is a commoner at best.*

    Engineer Lockerd, yer first update were a gud'un mate, I be lookin' forward to ya next update...
    Okay 'puter, sen' message.
    Did it work?
    Sen' ya piece o'...
    *a computer voice confirms the time and date of the message to finish.*
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.