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I suck at being a pirate! Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Fenris, Jan 28, 2015.

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  1. Fenris Apprentice Engineer

    I've looked on youtube for videos, but the ones I keep finding are pretty old. Old enough that the cargo ships show up as white instead of red and in most cases don't shoot back. If anyone knows of current links I'd appreciate a link :)

    My first problem seems to be getting behind my target. I see the target pop up in the HUD, head towards it, try to stay 1,000 - 1,500m from it as we pass each other, then turn and pursue. And yet half the time it seems as though I still end up in front of it. I'm guessing I just need practice and that I'm just overlooking info or visual clues the game is giving me. Sound about right?

    Secondly I guess I need to settle on a ship type to begin with. I've tried everything from small minimalistic craft with no armor or weapons so I could try dodging and larger craft to absorb damage while I moved in. Neither seemed to work for me, so before I build another craft only to lose it again I'm trying to get an idea of a craft built on the small ship framework (platinum is not abundant right now). I'm thinking small craft with light armor except for the "wings" where I was thinking of putting decoys. I still plan on trying to make the AI miss, but maybe the decoys with a layer of heavy armor will give me the extra seconds I need to line up a missile shot and take out the AI's weapons. does that sound plausible or will the heavy armor make the craft to heavy to maneuver quickly? I know that's pretty basic for most of you .... but I'm tired of getting blown up lol

    And right now ships on the large ship frame work are out. I do know from testing some in creative mode that I don't have nearly enough platinum for the amount of thrusters I'd need to get it to handle half way decently.

    Anyway if anyone has some advice for a newbie pirate I'd appreciate it, thanks.
  2. estile606 Trainee Engineer

    what are you stealing? in my experience so far, some of the weaker ships have such low firepower you can sit on their tail until they run out of ammo.
    so far, a mostly enclosed small with holes for thruster outlets and everything enclosed in heavy armor seems to work. try and take a mining carriage, as the gun is easy to avoid, and you get 2 large thruster will all those thruster components for your troubles
  3. Fenris Apprentice Engineer

    Maybe that's my problem, I was going with light armor and it doesn't seem to hold up long. Or the few with missiles got me. Could just be a case of me trying to over think a simple problem.

    I think I already know the answer to this, but there is no way of turning of antennas in the HUD while keeping everything else is there?
  4. kristakis Junior Engineer

    At this time TAB is your only option.

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  5. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    Decoys, Decoys Decoys.

    If you want to just brute force it, build a ship with heavy armament and decoy pods encased in heavy armor offset from the main body.

    You need landing gear too.

    Mining carriage and business shipments are probably the most juicy targets. Businesses carry just internal turrets which means a ship with some heavy armor and a decoy can basically just sit there and eat all the incoming fire. They come with a big reactor and a ton of solar pannels, so they are a great early coup.

    Mining carriage has a single gat which is easy to outshoot with almost any ship with a simple decoy, and nets you some decent components, or a ship that can easily be turned into a very efficient little miner.

    Some essential piloting tips are:

    Approach to about 1000m drop to a dead stop and watch which way the thing is going - knowing the ship geometry is helps since you know visually which is the ass, which is the front and where all the guns are. Slowly strafe yourself until you're properly pointing at the ass, line up your guns roughly with the first enemy turret and then fly in, that lets you blast the first one very quickly. Most ships only have 1-2 turrets protecting the rear at shorter ranges.

    Once you've knocked the turrets down, you need to ease yourself into a landing while staying in blind spot

    Know the internals of the ship you are taking, esp the quickest way to take out the reactor and main console. The heavier ships like the Mining Hauler and Military transport require that you hack the reactor the get inside and take all the internal turrets plus console.

    This is the ship I use for piracy most of the time. Overwhelming firepower, speed and decent armor around everything important. The gat array is overkill, and it should probably have substantially more armor around the cockpit but I abuse the two decoy arms heavily

  6. Eternal Visitor Trainee Engineer

    For just getting going, a small heavy armor pod is enough to exaust the ammo on a private sail or business shipment without taking meaningful damage, and those ships have lots of parts worth taking. For bigger game, best to just not get hit, fixed or detachable decoy pods are your friends and knowing where to hit to drop the ships power can make for an easy takedown if you have a tow vessel.
  7. DaveUnder Apprentice Engineer

    Play around with dampeners when following your target and trying to get to it.
    Much easyer to manuver sometimes without dampeners as you do not stop automatically etc.
    Very useful when closing up to hook your ship to your target with landing gear.
    Play around try-fail-adjust repeat until success.

    Dave Under
  8. OldGamer67 Apprentice Engineer

    Mining Carriages and Business Shipments (possibly also Private Sails but those seem tougher for some reason) are the easiest targets and don't even require a ship. On Mining Carriages, look for the antenna sticking out and approach from the opposite side, behind the ship. You can grind the reactors down to disable the turret, then grind it down as well. After that it's easy peasy. Takes less than 5 minutes.

    Business Shipments are slightly trickier but still easily doable. Approach from directly in front of the solar panels. Slowly drop down and find the line of conveyor tubes. The turrets can't hit you from that angle. Drift to the back and slip inside. You can grind down the Assembler to get the first turret from underneath and the second is above the flight controls. I've almost got it down to a science.

    For more variety and a greater chance of grabbing ships, I recommend the Endless Cargo Ships mod. There's like 40 ships in it, including the default ones. All built with vanilla blocks. Mix of large and small ships. As far as I know the small ships won't fire even if they're armed.
  9. mahesar Trainee Engineer

    As OldGamer67 said for taking the carriages and shipments.

    Private Sails are easy as well. Approach from the front, dead center. When it is close match speed and drift along either side in line with the side thrusterm which blocks the turret, and under the solar panel. If you care about not losing parts then hack the cargo can, then the armour block next to it. Grind out the beacon, dropping parts in the can as needed, then grind and rebuild the flight seat. Grinding out the interior block on either side will let you grind out the turrets safely.

    Mining Hauler; all you need is a gun, a good stack of ammo and patience. Just approach from the rear and stay outside of the auto turrets and shoot at the center of the rear of the hauler. Eventually you'll break through and take out the large reactor. If you stop as soon as the thrusters go out, you'll save most of the parts. Then just float over and grind out/hack all the turrets, including the 2 inside, then take the controls and it's yours.

    Last time I took a mining carriage, a hauler spawned and came within about 5km of me, so I just rebuilt the carriages turret and used that to take out the reactor. Small ship guns will work as well, they just take longer and burn more ammo.

    I don't bother with the military ships personally so no help there.
  10. Jarin Trainee Engineer

    Mining Carriage, Business Shipment, and Commercial Freighter are all captureable with nothing more than a spacesuit.

    Mining Carriage: Only has guns on the top. Approach from below and grind the two reactors 'till they shut down, then grind the turret.

    Business Shipment: Guns on the top again, but it's a bit more complex because you can't easily shut them down. Approach low from in front and use the sail as a shield, then grind each solar panel down to inactive (careful, the gaps you open up CAN get you shot if you're in the wrong spot). Then slip around from below and grind the reactor to shut things down.

    Commercial Freighter has a much smaller blind-spot, low and in front. The sails need to be blocking the side guns (must be exactly left/right centered) and you need to be below the center gun's angle of depression, so very low. Shift around at the 550m-600m range to figure this out. When no green targeting lasers are visible anymore, then move closer. You can grind the central gun down from below, then dig into the cockpit-side floor near the back to disconnect the anti-personnel turret in the cockpit.
  11. InfiniteDice Trainee Engineer

    I take huge ships in survival with a small ship that has one sniper gun, if you want to stay vanilla then even one small ship with a rocket launcher.

    1) stay out of the ships auto turret range
    2) shoot the ship, as debris falls off, the silly auto turrets target those floaters... this gives away where they are.
    3) shoot at flashes.
    4) try to approach from the safest angle possible, probe for 0 coverage areas where you aren't being lazed with the targeting laser pointer.
    5) fly in close using the target ship to block it's own weapons
    6) use external view mode and alt... to look around to the other side of the ship to find active guns then slip out from cover and shoot them.
    7) once the main turrets are down, latch on with a landing gear and hit the brakes ;)
    8) hack something on the outside where it's safe - look at the blocks of the ship with 'k' and see if there are any internal turrets.
    9) if no internal turrets then proceed to hack everything with a computer
    10) if internal turrets you need to find and turn off all the reactors and possibly batteries. Once the power is gone, hack all remaining blocks with computers.

    a) Don't be in a hurry, take your time and watch your distance.
    b) Your little ship should have a landing gear to stabilize the target.
    c) double thrusters in all directions if possible if you plan to stabilize or tow a larger capture.
    d) Your ship should have a small cargo (linked or not) to carry more ammo for whatever weapon you use. This way you can stop and reload if the fight lasts longer than anticipated.

    Enjoy your new ship/scrap... :)
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  12. TheNirl Trainee Engineer

    Long story short: decoys.

  13. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    This is my most current implementation of the decoy cloud fighter:

    The basic idea is that you fly in at just about turret range, give yourself about a 30 m/s relative speed to the target, a little bit of roll and then release the merge blocks which throws a cloud of 11 armored decoys forward. You can then change your approach angle a little and come in for a landing while the enemy turrets are blasting away.

    Carries 2 rocket launchers and 4 autocannons for stripping off turrets on the facing you want to land on.

    It's really, really ugly, but does the job exceptionally well.

    This is of course not my original idea, I got it from shadowmuppeteer's video:


    I'd like to think my version has a bit more meat to it.
  14. Fenris Apprentice Engineer

    Thanks everyone :)

    Everyone's ideas helped; a couple of decoys, some heavy armor blocks, and a small missile launcher did the trick.

    I guess I was just going about it the wrong way ( I was thinking EVE-online where a small fast ship can get "under" the guns of a larger ship and not be hit), so my designs were being torn apart.

    Off-topic: It would be nice if turrets had tracking speeds.
  15. Arturius1967 Trainee Engineer

    Last night I managed to capture a "Military transporter", after many unlucky attempts ;)


    This time I had luck and one of my rockets destroyed the big reactor so the whole defense turrets was out of energy = easy game :D

    All these ressources !, *happy* it's like Xmas and Easter together :D

    "Private Sail" and "Business Shipment" are easy to capture.
    Just build an small fast fighter, cover all important parts with heavy armor and do few "fly by" maneuvers, until the interior turrets are out of ammo. After this you have just to stop the ship and hack all the important parts.

    This is the fighter I use for the both:


    "Mining Carriage" - approach the ship from the side without antenne and use a ship with a landing gear to stop it.
    Then deactivate the 2 generators and then the turret, you are done ;)

    The other Ships need patience and a bit experience.

    As alraedy someone wrote, stay at distance, try to hit the turrets and slowy go near the ship and capture it with your landing gears.
    Be sure no turrets can hit you, after you leave your ship ;)

    This is the Ship I use for capturing the targets:


    THis is my pirate loot from last weekend :


    I have to say, i also lost several small fighters in few pirate tests ;)

    So just try and try and dont give up ;)

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  16. tcmreaper Trainee Engineer

    we have a small button on every small ship and a button panel on large ships to turn antenna on/off, so when u hop in u turn it on when u hop off then off.
    we only leave the station markers on so we can find back..
  17. Fenris Apprentice Engineer


    Yep, I do the same thing.

    I didn't word my question well as I was thinking more about turning off the AI's antennas in the HUD. Sometimes while approaching with the AI's beacon and antennas showing in the HUD it is almost impossible to see the AI ship. I like seeing the ship at range so I can see where the weapons fire is coming from a somewhat safe distance. And I also like seeing range and closing speed so I find myself toggling the HUD on and off. Not a big deal, was just hoping there was a way to clean up the HUD a bit.
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  18. Arturius1967 Trainee Engineer

    The new camera zoom is great addition for cargo ship piracy ;)

    Today, I was able to capture the big mining hawler, without big losses on my side.

    First time I managed to do this in survival mode :D

  19. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    It is indeed. Working on a sniper ship using a battery of CSD 8.8s as I type this.
  20. Lupus Irae Apprentice Engineer

    Fenris: For reference, the CSD cannon mentioned are in this mod
    The small ship (8.8) HEKC version is what you want. They have a range of.... I am not sure, actually. It is at least 1.5 km. The targeting laser will not show on the target but you can hit it. Some practice with them in sandbox/creative mode will help.
    Note that the shells while fast do have a travel time, you may have to adjust how you lead your target. APCR shells move much faster but trade that and lower cost for lower damage.
    The cannon themselves are however quite long, and you probably want them in front of your cockpit for ease of aiming. My personal (small ship) ship layout is: the cockpit, heavy armor, reactor, heavy armor, then nine 8 HEKC in a 3x3 grid. I will link to a picture when I can.

    You want to stay at least 1 km away from your target. Use the camera zoom feature to line up on a missile or gatling turret (again depending on your velocity.)

    From testing in sandbox/creative mode: Nine (3x3 square) fired at heavy armor four times will penetrate at least six to eight layers. Twenty five of them in a square is frightening, as all of them can still hit inside the boundary of one single large ship armor block.
    The downside is they are not terribly useful against fighters or ships armed only with interior turrets. Fighters are too fast, and against a private sail or business shipment, there is no ship left afterward to salvage.
  21. dgad3 Trainee Engineer

    My favourite strategy for taking a military transporter:

    Approach with a small ship with 1 rocketlauncher from behind, take out the turret sitting in the middle of the back, look out for the other turrets aiming for you, take them out, too. Or just hurry and try to get to the conveyer tubes between the two large thruster at the back. Grind down the conveyor tubes until you reach the large reactor. grind him down untill the entire ship is unpowered. Now you can easily take out the other turrets, also the interior turrets and take control of the ship. Mostly the small ship is lost, but the military transporter is worth it.
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  22. tankmayvin Senior Engineer

    I actually find the military transport is poorly rewarding. All it gives you is lots of ammo and steel plate. The reactor never seems to carry very much uranium. It takes forever to grind because of all the armor.

    Mining hauler carries much more U, has a ton of ammo, and lots of other stuff and can be taken in an identical fashion, you just need to grind blocks instead of the tube.

    In terms of risk-reward the carriage is probably the best, and it's trivial to grind down and only has a single turret.
  23. EngenheiroDoEspaço Trainee Engineer

    Can't agree anymore. But it's a little odd that a civilian ship has more ammo than a military ship.

    Anyway, the Military Transport is one of the best to capture if you want an adventure - try disabling it without grinding any walls (except to disable the booby trap) - only doors - and disabling all turrets (outside/inside). It gets much more fun and complex - and rewarding.
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