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I Want To Make a Server Computer.

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by TheSnipz, Nov 18, 2016.

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  1. TheSnipz Trainee Engineer

    I would like to know what type of computer i would need to buy to make a couple servers, for different game(including space engineers). But i only have around 200$ to spend. I need help finding out what computer i would need to run a few servers, at the cheapest price possible.
  2. bigsteve Trainee Engineer

    Basicly, the more memory the better, and cores.
  3. scboy167 Trainee Engineer

    Cores won't help with a Space Engineers server. The game isn't multi-threaded. You need a CPU with good single-core performance.
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  4. System Error Message Trainee Engineer

    go with the CPU that has best single threaded (perhaps overclock/force turbo as well?). More ram is good but its not the only thing. More memory bandwidth is good and so are better cache speeds.
  5. Ronin1973 Master Engineer

    More cores actually help quite a bit. SE is now taking more and more advantage of multiple cores to handle more and more tasks.

    If you're doubting this, just shut down all but one core and then start up your server. It's going to sputter.

    I am currently running a hardware "server" with a live game on it. If you're running it at home, a decent cable modem connection will work fine. You don't need a static IP as players can find the server by name and then create a "favorite" in Space Engineers. The game will find your server even if your IP address changes. You do have to configure your router, open up one or more ports for Steam to access.

    On the human side: you'll need to log into the server and clean the server up about once a day if there's a lot of activity. There's always debris flying around and noobs will always litter your planets with fresh yard sales. Getting rid of debris means more CPU for your players. You can copy the contents of a live game save to archive a backup. But you'll only be archiving progress up to the very last save. If possible, restart the game once a day due to memory leaks (as mentioned) and the game will run a little better after loading things fresh versus being left to sit for days on end.

    A four core chip will work just fine. Turn off the multi-threading as you will be taxing the hell out of at least one core anyways.

    16GB of memory should be fine. 32GB even better. The game currently has a memory leak problem so you will need to restart it once a day or so depending on activity.

    an i5-4690k 3.5gHz (1150 socket type) should be fine. An i7-4790k would be better.

    Overclock the thing. Yes. Make it scream. I've overclocked mine to 4.3gHz and it plays nicely. Liquid cooling is dirt cheap and not that expensive. You just have to plan where the radiator will sit. It's best to buy a case designed for liquid cooling radiators in mind.

    A decent SSD is nice. Faster reboot times, faster game saving.

    Here's what I built in 2015
    AsRock Z97M OC Formula LGA 1150 Motherboard.
    Intel i5 4690k Devil's Canyon
    SamSung 850 EVO 120GB SSD
    LEPA LPWAC240-HF AquaChanger
    Logisys CS6501H 4U Rackmount server case*
    4x4GB Ballistix Tactical 16GB of DDR3 SDRAM

    I had the power supply and case fans on-hand. Silenx fans and a name brand power supply.
    Overclocking with the Asrock utility is pretty straight forward. You can go higher than 4.3gHz but you need to know a bit more about overclocking and/or win the chip lottery (getting lucky with a chip that has the tolerances to withstand a high overclock).

    *I mounted the radiator to the backplane of server by cutting a hole with airplane snips. If you're not comfortable doing this, then buy a case designed for the LEPA.
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  6. JasonG Trainee Engineer

    you cant do it for 200, unless you can have some one sell you just the computer you need for that. But I will suggest you try to buy an old security cam server. If you find one with high value ram your clients will experience next to no lag provided you have at least a 16mb a seconed internet connection. having a fast proccessor with alot of cache( have as many cores as you like, just make sure you at least have two) definately helps. but its the quality that the ram can trasnfer data that really matters most, dont listen to people telling you im wrong, they do not know what they are talking about because they mostly try to render the game visible for them and play it them selves rather than host a game server or dedicated server. and most people do not understand servers because they just have it in mind to play the game not run servers, two way different things. Because when you play the game you have to render it, that is what takes most of the power from your processor and graphics card, but when you run a server you are not veiwing the game, so the server is not dependant of your video card and takes much less power from your processor. What is important is keeping track of whats happening in your server( which is handled by your cpu) the information your processor creates is transfered to your clients after it passes your ram. So for a server you can have a monster processor and graphics card, but if your ram and internet connection are lacking, none of that cpu power will mater. hope this helps, also download api s to help you manage your server, like improved trash removal and stuff like that. hope this helps
  7. Capsuna Apprentice Engineer

    Do you think an intel Xeon E5-1620 v3 would handle SE pretty well? Thinking of getting a server put together aswell.. I am on a 150Mbit/s fiber line as well, which i think should be enough.
  8. System Error Message Trainee Engineer

    it will handle it well, even better if you overclock it a bit and tweak the CPU with throttlestop.
  9. Lord Grey Apprentice Engineer

    For a dedicated server, you need good RAM and Internet connection. I took my old game server and after upgrading to 16 GB Ram, it makes a fine server over DSL. Reboot the program once a day is also crucial as is the trash removal.
    But honestly, I doubt you get the whole equipment for USD200. If you can upgrade an old PC, then maybe, but not if you have to buy everything. Then I would calculating with at least USD700.
  10. JasonG Trainee Engineer

    150mbs is pretty slow, go 300 or higher if your fiberoptic line can handle it.
  11. Capsuna Apprentice Engineer

    It is actually doing really well... the 150Mbit/s line. No need to upgrade anymore. The server pings 90 to europe, 20-30 on the north east coast and around 90 to cali. With 12 people on last night i didn't come close to maxing out the network usage.
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  12. JasonG Trainee Engineer

    right on, good to hear, so did you get your server running?
  13. Capsuna Apprentice Engineer

    ya it works great.. the bottleneck in the software.. Cpu usage low, core not maxxed and sim speed with 30 people is between .5 and .7
    Will have to try and adjust some things, but this is much better than a while ago.
  14. Hailedbean Trainee Engineer

    Everyone running a server is encountering this right now and the guys that dont have this issue wont tell you how to fix it.
  15. Razor512 Trainee Engineer

    Has anyone found config changes that can help with improving the sim speed on older hardware (such as a dedicated server running a second generation core i5 (3.1GHz)

    Low CPU usage, and low sim speed on server, could a moon really be this difficult for the server to handle?
    Hoping to support around 2-3 people.

    Last edited: Dec 18, 2016
  16. striker_lord Apprentice Engineer

    @Razor512 , to help i need some information:
    1. what is the CPU usage of the server machine?
    maybe you can shut down unrelevant background processes if this is realy high.
    2. how many cores show in the taskmanager?
    I am not sure if i5 CPU's are hyperthreaded, but check in the BIOS if hyperthreading is enabled, if so, disable it! (check on a support site from your motherboard vendor where you can find that option).
    3. how much CPU does the SE Proces take?
    if you SE proces takes only 13% (give or take) then it is likely you have too many cores, find any way on how to reduce that (like dissabeling hyperthreading).

    another option is to set the SE server proces to an affiniated CPU (one or 2 should do), this way it will make beter use of the resources because it will not look for an oppurtunity to share the load with other cores.... it simply can't.
    this way the system reserves the CPU processing power for SE on that specific core.

    article on how to do this in windows:

    for the game itself:
    lower the following settings:
    Max floating objects (put that to around 30 with 3 players).
    View distance (15000 ideal, but if performance is an issue, make it 10000)
    NO cargo ships
    NO random encounters
    NO Pirates

    BTW, if anyone has any questions about hosting Dedicated servers, issues, managebillity, performance and the likes, i don't mind if you'd contact me.
    We have been experimenting and tweaking for 3 years now and we have become pretty adapt at it :).
  17. Ronin1973 Master Engineer


    If you want to start a thread in the dedicated server section on how to squeeze every last ounce of performance out of a machine tasked to host a dedicated server, that would be godlike. My major areas of interest are shutting down non-essential services as well as overclocking memory.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.