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If you could optimize one thing is Space Engineers, what would it be.

Discussion in 'General' started by LostElement, Jan 15, 2015.

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  1. LostElement Apprentice Engineer

    As the title says, what would you do?


    I'd personally would optimize the Lights, My bases usually have no lights for performance reasons. Which ends up on having my base being hard to navigate around.
  2. Wintersend Senior Engineer

    I would optimize weapons fire so my computer doesn't just about freeze when I or someone near me starts shooting.
  3. Tyriosh Apprentice Engineer

    In totally fix rotors/pistons, the idea is cool, but cause of being wobbly etc. Theyre pretty much impractical for me.
  4. Skeloton Master Engineer

    Maybe the poly count on blocks if at all possible.

    Rotors and pistons are more fixes than optimizations.

    MP definitely even if I don't use it often.
  5. Captain_Brian Apprentice Engineer

    • Netcode.
    • Anything related with sim speed in multiplayer.
    When I play with friends online, anyone that tries to walk around a moving spaceship ends up lagging horribly and clips out into open space. Everybody has to strap into chairs until the ship comes to a complete stop.

    Also, we all have to pile into the same spaceship, because anyone who is not the host ends up slowing down their sim speed when trying to fly in formation with anyone else at high speeds. The host will end up flying to a cargo ship within a minute, and everyone else will take 10x as long to get there. It's killed our enjoyment of this game in multiplayer.
  6. Geneticus Senior Engineer

    Scriptable, modular, scaleable UI overhaul. In other words, optimize the Player Interactive Experience.
  7. Commander Rotal Master Engineer

    Do we count bug fixes like corruption? If so: Corruption Issues.

    If we're talking about less specific issues: optimize the stuff that isn't seen on screen. It's hideous how much performance gets eaten up by conveyer tubes and cubes and other high polygon stuff that isn't even visible 99 percent of the time.
  8. Killacyte Senior Engineer

    Sim speed. Game slowdown is a constant annoyance. It translates into such a pure waste of time.
  9. gadgetkk Trainee Engineer

    • UI
    • Net code
    The UI is not very friendly, I would recommend the functions of the UI separated and maybe windows instead of taking up the full screen. I hate to make the correlation, but the world of warcraft interface is wonderful. The ability to open multiple windows with different functions and still 'play' is great. For instance the refineries and the assemblers should not show on the same list. I only have 3 refineries and 3 assemblers at the moment, and it's already obnoxious searching for things being made by the assemblers. so have those as 2 separate lists would be great.

    The net code is wonky, I have no doubt the Devs are aware of this and it's just a matter time before they improve it. So that doesn't worry me to much.

  10. Ulfsark Master Engineer

    Sim-speed, especially online, and CPU-core threading....
  11. Wizwonk Trainee Engineer

    Sim speed/physics AKA MP Optimizations

    Multi-player is where I would like to spend most of my time ever since the procedural update.

    This post sums up part of the issues:
  12. DavidChenware Trainee Engineer

    Multiplayer speed issues 100%, whether or not this is on the Dedicated server side
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  13. StuffYouFear Apprentice Engineer

    Muilty threading for servers. I think that would net us the largest boost to simspeeds.
    Slightly less important but still annoying, the world size download, there has to be a better way to go about this.
    And to the lest extent, work shop mods that wont download.
  14. Thedevistator Senior Engineer

    Either asteroids or armor and interior blocks.
  15. kristakis Junior Engineer

    UI first - it needs to be moddable or at least scalable
    MP netcode next - I should be able to move around my ship while it's moving more than 10 m/s without clipping into things and dying
    Pistons and Rotors - There's no much potential here but in MP these are just duplicates of the explosive warhead block
  16. Gooplux6 Apprentice Engineer

    1 word, NETcode. i feel if an amazing netcode was made, many other problems like pistons and rotors would fix themselves.
  17. Bobylein Apprentice Engineer

    Simspeed is very different from client to client and can be 0.3 by one and still 1 by another player. It has nothing to do with the server performance, that said:
    It's because of the simple but stupid network system SE uses, every player seems to calculate every thing in the game world and then it gets synchronized, that alone is not that big of a problem but it gets really ridiculous if you fly 3x the speed as one of your friends while the game says you both fly 104ms. Ships are calculated by the client flying them and if the client got a slow computer everything will be slower on that ship.
    I hope you see the problem regarding any fair pvp but it also makes cheating a breeze.
    Clients don't need the entire map at start, it would be ebough if they get only tge space near them synchronized and the server should have the authority over physics calculations.
    Then you could properly optimize the net code and interpolation to make a stable, non glitchy game experience in multiplayer.
    But until keen decides to scrap and remake the net code we will need to live with the laggy and glitchy multiplayer, just look at the arma series, this network model won't work.

    Also read the post Wizwonk mentioned, it explains why the physics even fails in single player.

    That said, I still enjoy playing multiplayer on rp servers but pvp is unbearable and I really love pvp.
    That's why I would implement a proper network system.
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  18. Dwarf-Lord Pangolin Senior Engineer

    Not really any point in actually optimizing anything right now, TBH, since everything'll get changed further down the road.

    However, if we're talking about getting stuff out of the way now before it becomes a horrible problem further down the road, then I'd have to go with the netcode as well. Ship movement being calculated clientside is just asking for abuse.
  19. GotLag Senior Engineer

    Performance while near large asteroids. But that'd going to have to be optimised anyway.
  20. AtlantisThief Apprentice Engineer

    In order of things:
    1. Netcode (SimSpeed, rubberbanding ships)
    2. UI interface (that transparent design, customizable colors, a tree instead of list for)
    3. Rotors/Pistons fix for MP (opens up more designs to be useable on populated MP server)
  21. Petard Trainee Engineer

    Not sure if it counts as optimization but I want more armor block shapes, different angles etc.
  22. eldarstorm Junior Engineer

    Netcode. I agree with Gooplux6, fixing this would potentially fix or help fix many other issues.
    Considering alot of issues with rotors/pistons are only in MP, fixing netcode would seem to help.

    Problem is, its alot easier to say "fix netcode" than acually fixing netcode. I do not envy them in that. [cool]
  23. Cronos988 Junior Engineer

    The code that checks for entities in an area/line of sight, so that the range of turrets/sensors can be increased without performance issues.
  24. DocMop Junior Engineer

    Netcode -> User Interface -> Physics
  25. Greyson_XMG Apprentice Engineer

    Multi threading / multi-core support. this is WAY overdue and needed in the worst possible way.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.