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I'm feeling really sad right now... I can't play planets

Discussion in 'General' started by LFCavalcanti, Nov 13, 2015.

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  1. DakotaShock Trainee Engineer

    Hope they optimize it more to run on our potatoes... wishful thinking lol. I have no clue where to start for building my own system (once I earn enough money and finished tech school). Guess I won't buy the game for awhile until it develops more. (and that will raise price probably)
  2. Barfbag Trainee Engineer

    well what's your budget?
  3. DakotaShock Trainee Engineer

    As of now... nada. If I were to budget...$800

    Current laptop is 500 give or take
  4. Barfbag Trainee Engineer

    You can make a rocking PC with 800. Don't have time now to give specs but it's very doable.
  5. Crazie Trainee Engineer

    I run around 20-30 FPS on planets.

    Graphics Card: AMD 7700

    Processor: Some Intel I7 thing, idk.

    RAM: 12GB

    I also have a keyboard and mouse, in case you were wondering. Also I have a motherboard, also an Xbox One. Ok im done now.
  6. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    I built the mine for about that.

    The Intel HD "GPUs" are actually just the CPU using one of its cores to do a basic implementation of a GPU, but it isn't really one. AMD has been working on a CPU/GPU hybrid that could use all of its cores for either, but the tech isn't quite ready yet last I saw. Intel baiscally did it to cut costs on their motherboards which previously had integrated basic GPUs. (They weren't any better)

    Laptops tend to suck at gaming unless they are gaming laptops. Many of them will do fine with settings turned down, but they just can't match the performance of comparably priced desktop hardware. Most of the cost of their components is tied up in miniaturization and power savings.

    Some laptops do allow their GPUs to be replaced, so while you're not likely to get PC performance out of them, it may be possible to drag their DX11 performance out of the mud.
  7. Eddek Trainee Engineer

    Welp, i7 3770K @4GHz, 16GB of DDR3 and GTX770. Running fairly smoothly, but RAM usage is about 13-15GB, CPU load ~60%/core, GPU usage ~90%. What follows are constant CTDs of freezes. This could be mod related though, however I can't imagine playing wo them :/
  8. thatguywithahammer Apprentice Engineer

    This might be something that everyone knows already, but anyone looking for a "cheap" GPU might want to consider the GTX 750 Ti. It's no powerhouse, but it gives me decent FPS for planets at medium graphics on a 1920x1080 monitor*. Other bits in my PC are all rather unexceptional. CPU is 4-core and 2.8 GHz (forgettable name, costs about $60)*, RAM is 8GB.

    You have my sympathy, OP.

    *I'm not on my gaming computer at the moment. I will edit with actual names/numbers if I don't forget.
  9. noxLP Junior Engineer

    Yes, i saw it in the other thread, and 40% is not a little, if that's somehow accurate it could be the problem, isn't it? I'm seeing now that you have 4 cores and mine have 12, but i don't think that should be a problem for the fps, more probably the ram and the GCard i think.

    Haven't you noticed a better performance with the hotfixes? I've noticed it.
  10. a2457 Senior Engineer

    just sortha wait till the new amd architecture arrives.
    that is going to be a game changer on the market, even if you plan to go with intel.
    without competition intel had been holding cpu prices up high for no good reason at all.
    that is, if you need a full upgrade on your computer.
    gpu wise.. well next year is all about finfet stuff, never mind the hype name and the gimmicks, just keep in mind if gpu segments get an update on the next node,
    witch should be around the next year, then gpu price/performance will dramatically drop.
    samsung, tsmc, global foundrys. they all have some finfet capacity, recent news is amd has the first cpus taped out.
    rather good news, just has to wait a bit longer :D
    i my self is planning to invest into zen cpu, and probably gona get a new gpu too...
    not sure if it will be from amd, i like this r9 gpu, but its a bit more powerhungry than i like.
    even now a computer with more beef than an xbox one can be purchased for.. less than an xbox one,
    in the following year i bet a 500$ ish potato will have no problems providing enough juice for a decent SE experience.
    actually i planned to purchase SE for a few friends this xmas, but it depends . if the warheads gets removed from the rotors,pistons,landing gears, then i will.
    otherwise... not quite.

    allso SE in the future will have a lot of performance fixes, it should be better week by week.
  11. LFCavalcanti Senior Engineer

    There's Physical Cores and Virtual ones, because Intel have Hyperthreading, so my i7 is a Quad Core, 4 physical cores and more 4 virtual, total of 8. You have a six core Intel, more 6 virtual.

    But hell, I play Cities Skyline, a game that uses my processor to simulate transit like a beast and I don't get bottleneck, only after 600k population.

    @DrVagax This text editor is neat, but it doesn't show the context menu of the browser, I can't switch the corrector from Portuguese to English.
  12. DrVagax Administrator

    That is indeed some bad bad bad hijacking on the editor's side. Fixing that now.
    Edit: Fixed at lightspeed! Should work now.
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  13. noxLP Junior Engineer

    Yes, as i said i don't think cores are a big deal for this.

    Btw, awesome game cities skylines... 600k population? :eek:ops: I allways get bored and change city long before that, the city have to be HUGE.
  14. GeekWere Trainee Engineer

    er, Depends on game. Space Engineers..Probably not. But my little T450s Thinkpad I use for college can do some light gaming, if you're picky. Curiously, Wolf Among Us works quite well. And some older games. Same CPU and IGP (integrated GPU). Just gotta pick your battles.

    About performance, and edited for reformating to avoid double posts..

    Adding my 2C, Same issue! 4790K i7 and a Nvidia 760, (12GB of ram), and..inexplicably slow. 15FPS usually, 40 if I'm lucky and not looking at much. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE planets and all the devs work but, something somewhere a memory leak or something chompy got through. It seems like for whatever reason a bottleneck is hit and making performance drop. Was running super well before too. :/ This is by no means a low end PC. But something is causing low resource utilization and bottlenecking.
    I've unfortunately, as much as I adore the update, put it on hold until this is fixed. It's neigh unplayable for me.
  15. yokse Trainee Engineer

    space engineers (and medieval engineers) run in 6 fps (in all maps , singleplayer and multiplayer) and 3 fps in se planets.
    PROCESSOR: Intel core i5 3.20GHz
    RAM: 8GB

    it is because of my computer? or a memory leak? (before this week it worked better)
    help me pls..
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2015
  16. DiBBz Apprentice Engineer

    i have no clue how you are managing to run the game completely fine with that.. your CPU is 1st generation and considering the game requires a crap ton of calculations that CPU should be making you stuttering... like a hole lot

    cause ive got a 1st gen CPU on my second test rig.
    (Intel i3 340 @ 3.07GHz)
    (8GB's Ram)
    (2x Nvidia GT640 OC 2x4GB's = 8Gigs in total VRam)
    (120GB SSD for OS)
    (Seagate 4TB 7200RPM)

    and yeah it does not run well like what so ever! i get game freezing every 3-4 seconds. i can load into planets fine (No crashing as of yet) but very optimized IMHO. if its 1 thing ive never ever been happy about in SE is that its terrible un-optimzied

    Main rig also has issues running the game

    Specs >
    Intel i5 3570k @ 3.4GHz [Turbo boost also gives same performance]
    Kingston DDR3 2x4 [8GB's] @ 1600MHz Ram
    Nvidia GTX 750ti
    Samsung 850 Evo 1TB (OS + Games) Plenty of overhand btw. like 870GB's Worth of overhang. so storage is not the issue!

    i was extremely hyped for planets.. but now ive been pretty much pushed away from SE until stability and performance is improved upon..

    cause god knows why this game aint optimized well yet when in their polls its clearly either the #1 thing thats demanded or a close second!
  17. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    The question was specific to Space Engineers though.

    What sort of issues? Your system is very similar to mine and I've got a steady playable 15FPS with absolutely everything maxed at 1920x1080 on planets.
  18. PsicoPato Senior Engineer

    Well my post only shows what is my rig spek, and my configs for playing, but i usually leave almost zero programs running on the background, like really, usually i play only with Avast, Teamspeak and SpaceEngineers running. I maintain my computer clean from crap programs that like to start with windows. And other stuff to maintain my computer as optmized as possible.
  19. DiBBz Apprentice Engineer

    well i described the issues with my backup rig.. my main tho gets a somewhat stable 26-ish FPS (on all low or off in settings) flora = off and density is the lowest it can be

    view distance is at 5km & playing at 1680x1050

    main rig still experiences alot of freezing as well. just not as prevalent as my other rig. id say hiccups and freezing every 27-30 seconds-ish and moving 100m will cause hiccups

    oh and running windows 10
  20. DiBBz Apprentice Engineer

    yeah same.. the only things i have open at any given time on windows 10 is Steam (constantly) + maybe teamspeak and chrome depending on the game (certainly not for playing SE thats for sure)

    and essentials i have open are task manager and volume mixer.

    besides that malwarebytes is running most of the time.. gets turned of if its causing interference with games etc
  21. DakotaShock Trainee Engineer

    I feel like I caused a lot of negativity to this issue, I apologize. No doubt Keen is aware of these issues and are in the process of improving things for all recent and future customers
  22. LFCavalcanti Senior Engineer

    People, try to post only reports, if you want to debate the performance, better create a MEGATHREAD for it, so this one don't get polluted.

    @DrVagax Thanks for the quicker than light fix. :carlton:
  23. chemicalscum Apprentice Engineer

    It's sad for many indeed. My 30 fps and minutes of freezing aren't fun either.
  24. DoubleCouponDay Apprentice Engineer

    How can you tell a gpu's dx11 support? I could find no information on AMD. Not the card series wiki, not amd website not Google...

    6700M hd here, 8 fps constant in SMP
  25. Devon_v Senior Engineer

    Bring up the command prompt and type "dxdiag" and it should give you the complete stats for your system.

    Edit: Actually, found your problem. "M". Mobile GPUs suck at rendering SE.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2015
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  26. bruce420x419 Trainee Engineer

    don't feel bad i have direct x 11 , and it keeps saying my system doesnt support it when i try to change it in the in game graphics settings, so it wont even let me load planets at all.

    geforce 650 ti graphics card
    4.3 ghz processor amdfx 8350
    sabbortooth 990fx r 2.0 military grade mother board
    8 gigs of ram
    running on win 7
  27. EmperorDragon Apprentice Engineer

    It doesn't seem like the game is that heavy on the GPU on my side, I have a fairly lower-end graphics card and I get a solid 20-30 FPS all the time on a solar system map with medium asteroid density, normal flora density and 15km view distance. I have a fairly large colony on the earth-like planet with two small ships, two land vehicles, two small miners and two large ships (one in orbit). I did a bit of ice mining as well without problems and I had no issue driving a truck to and from the colony for unloading whilst a miner was busy mining.

    I also traveled to the alien world for some on-foot combat with sabiroids (and to salvage the parts they drop) and noticed that my FPS upped to around 40-50 on their planet. In space I get my usual 60.

    Graphics settings set to medium overall, low shadow detail, tonemapping on, 1920x1080 resolution.

    System specs:
    Intel i7 4770 3.6GHz 8-core
    nVidia GTX660 1.5GB
    16GB RAM
    2x basic 1TB HDDs, chock-full and in need of defrag.
    Win 8.1 with only system critical background tasks running (and Steam), playing offline with antivirus set to game mode and in-house security software disabled.
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This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.