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Inconsistent behaviour of <AvailableInSurvival>

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Tharatan, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Tharatan Trainee Engineer

    I have recently been trying to lock several blocks away from players in Survival for an upcoming map, by adding the <AvailableInSurvival>False</AvailableInSurvival> line to the block definitions in a cubeblocks.sbc file.

    When I have used this on blocks like the Large-grid Large Hydrogen Thruster, the expected behaviour occurs - only that one block that had the <AvailableInSurvival> tag added is unavailable in the build menu on a survival map.

    When applied to the Large-grid Drill and Large-grid Grinder, however, the small-grid versions of these blocks become unavailable in the game even though they weren't specified in the altered cubeblocks file.

    I have gone to the extent of trying to add the <AvailableInSurvival>True</AvailableInSurvival> to a small-grid entry for the ship drill and ship grinder in the cubeblocks file, but the blocks remain unavailable.

    Does anyone have any insight on why the ship tool blocks are behaving this way, when other blocks with multiple variants like the hydrogen thrusters do not?