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Interactive Story

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Captain Snyder, Apr 2, 2014.

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  1. Captain Snyder

    Captain Snyder Apprentice Engineer

    Because I like interactive stories, I would like to work on one.

    How should we start?


    1. Pirate, argh.
    2. Lost miner.
    3. Big space battle end.
    4. Hunger-games but space and he's victim, he needs to survive against next to impossible odds.
    5. Other (Post suggestion)
  2. ChristopherSyn

    ChristopherSyn Trainee Engineer

    something completely COMPLETELY off-topic: Why is your GIF of The Doctor named 'Man in pouring rain'? He's not just anyone ol' man! ;_;
    and back on topic:
    He's a lost Miner. Working aboard the Red Ship, he and his crew heard from a slimy bartender at the local Spacestation of a large cache of ore waiting to be requisitioned for profit. It was agreed that if the Engineers could fashion the perfect tools and vessels to retrieve the wonderful cache, the bartender would reveal the location of the ore.
    Seeing this as an opportunity for some quick profit, the Engineers gladly accepted the offer and received coordinates for a small asteroid field some distance from the frequented space lanes.
    Upon arrival at the field, the Engineers began putting into place a large construct of mechanisms and wonderfully designed drilling platforms to begin mining.

    As the first drill was winched into place and fastened to the asteroid, an alarm sounded in the Bridge of the small crews' vessel. "IMPACT ALERT, IMPACT ALERT" the computer's voice screamed through the vessel. Without hesitation, the engineers dropped their tools and ran for the bridge. As they reached their positions, a warhead whisped through empty space and buried itself in to the front of the Red Ship causing the entire ship to rumble and displace as the inertial dampeners strained to keep the ironclad orientated. Another warhead silently sped towards the vessel and ripped the communication relay and forward-firing thrusters clean from the ship.
    "She won't respond to my commands!" The Captain shouted to his crew as he yanked at the controlsticks.

    "They must be EMP warheads!" the First Officer yelled back, smacking the screens at his terminal fighting for response from the computer.

    Before the team of Engineers could begin to make sense of their situation, the rear-firing thrusters activated, forcing the Red Ship forwards and throwing the Engineers back into their seats.
    The large mining vessel collided with an asteroid killing all but one of the engineers.
    OOC: I have to cut the story short there im afraid as i'm going out haha.
  3. Captain Snyder

    Captain Snyder Apprentice Engineer

    I'll be the one writing the story for consistency and making sure people are going to keep it logical, so if you could just post the number instead, you'll see. I've done this before, but. I'll presume that's a Three. I'll wait for one more reponse before choosing.
Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.