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Introducing the Firehawk - Starfighter Classic [Fsc]

Discussion in 'Community Creations' started by Virus, Oct 31, 2013.

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  1. Virus Trainee Engineer

    This legendary first edition Firehawk Starfighter Classic is the ultimate tool for conquering the galaxy! Harnessing 64 GW in reactor power and 34 thrusters, The Fsc is the ultimate military vessel.

    Mass: 39,837kg
    Speed: Max Speed of 104.5
    Power Usage: Always stays below 100%
    Thrusts: 34
    Gyroscopes: 6

    4/Gatling Guns, 2/Missile Launchers and 2/Reflectors.
    Hidden plating over most thrusters for a streamline look.
    Armor plating over all vital components to keep this vessel in top notch shape during heated battle.
    The 6 Gyroscopes give ultimate maneuverability when battle becomes increasingly violent, and you must doge your destroyed enemy's ship debris.

    The Fsc can reach a speed of 100 m/s in 13.5 s and has a total straight stopping speed of 6.1 s.



    Colors can be customized to your liking. Do not handle the Fsc when under the influence of Space Alcohol. Firehawk is not responsible for the theft or total annihilation of the Fsc under any circumstances. For prices and further details, please visit your local Firehawk dealership today.

    Firehawk - Fight Fire With Fire...
  2. Faeron Trainee Engineer

    Ship is eh. Loved the pitch though, this is the kind of thing I'd like to see in game.

    "Car Lot" style servers where you can use in-game currency to purchase workshop material rather than getting it for free. :)
  3. Virus Trainee Engineer

  4. Virus Trainee Engineer

    It is a very simple ship design, I tried to make it look like the ship from Galaga or any oldschool video game, thus the reason it's called the classic. I plan to build more ships that will increasingly get better in design and in performance. Have to start somewhere, Ford had the Model T, Firehawk has the Starfighter Classic.
  5. Mujik Trainee Engineer

    You know, there's a subforum for comunity creations....
    Nice design u got there :D...
    maybe you could post some screenshots from top or sideviews....
  6. MrFloppemz Trainee Engineer

    Neat fighter, I'm liking the gatling gun array.

    This topic really should have been made in the Community Creations thread as Mujik said. I would recommend re-posting this there if you get the chance.

    Also more screen shots would be awesome. Preferably from the top and bottom view.

    The Legendary Fur Hawk! Haha
  7. OMGTheMuffinMan Moderator

    Moved to Community Creations

Thread Status:
This last post in this thread was made more than 31 days old.